October 6, 2015

Pushing toward a Satchmo Release

surgical tools Pushing toward a Satchmo Release
I’ve been enjoying being a core developer on the Satchmo e-commerce engine built on the Django framework. Finally, we’re pushing toward our first major release, tentatively numbered 0.5.

My major contribution to this release is the payment module system. The idea is to allow for flexible development of payment modules for most any style of payment backend. I converted the existing PayPal and Authorize.net modules to use the system, and I’m working on a Google checkout module as well. Also, I hope to finish the Gift Certificate module before 0.5, but that may need to wait until 0.6.

I also wrote a nice little interface module, allowing the system to manage subscriptions to a store newsletter using a Gnu Mailman backend. I think that is the best of both worlds, an excellent store, leveraging a heavily tested and feature-full mailing list manager.

On a personal note, being a core developer of an e-commerce engine is a good business move. I’ve already gotten three gigs simply by my association with the project. Nice. It certainly spurs me to remain active with the project!