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Converting WMA to MP3 on OSX or Linux

Finding this technique took more time than I thought it should, so I thought I’d share a quick and simple music transcoding tip.

Converting WMA to MP3

1) Get mplayer and lame installed. I use the accelerated and precompiled mplayer and lame for OSX. 2) Create a simple shell script: #! /bin/sh set -e F=$1 mplayer -ao pcm:file="${F%.wma}.wav" "$F" lame --preset hifi "${F%.wma}.wav" "${F%.wma}.mp3" rm -f "${F%.wma}.wav" Save as “convert_wav.sh”, make executable, and run it on your wma files. An easy way to hit all of them in a directory tree is: find . -name "*wma" -exec convert_wav.sh {} \; Thanks to the original version, found and modified from that given on Macosxhints.com.


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