Django on Rimuhosting

This is just a quick post to confirm that Django does indeed work perfectly on Rimuhosting with very little effort required to set up. It is fast, it connected to my Mysql db without a peep of a complaint, and it is making me a happy developer.

Setup details

I’m using Rimu’s “MiroVPS3″ plan. It is $39 a month, less 10% for being an open-source developer. It provides 4G hard drive space, 60G bandwidth (in and out combined), and 160 MB ram. I’m running the following “stack”:

      • Debian: I know and love Debian much more than any other Linux distro. Almost everything is installable with a simple “aptitude install whatever” command.
      • APF: firewall, set up according (mostly) to the instructions on Webhostgear. I had to tweak it for Debian, by setting “monokern=1″ and by symlinking /etc/rc.d/init.d to /etc/init.d
      • Imap/Smtp set up according to the instructions on The Perfect Rails/Debian/LightHttpd Stack article.
      • Mysql: Actually not my favorite db, but I didn’t want to convert to PostgreSQL at the moment, at least not until I’d proven my existing dev setup worked. Rimu set this up for me, since I’d requested a Django setup.
      • PIL: I need the Python imaging library, so “aptitude install python-imaging” did the trick.
      • python_mysqldb: Another simple “aptitude install python-mysqldb”
      • Apache2 with Mod_Python: Apache2 is more flexible about vhosts, and I’m going to use the heck out of them. Mod_python is the preferred deployment environment. I am not using any other mod_plugins. Rimu set this up, and I made vhosts entries based on what I read in the django documentation. The only “tricky” bit was setting up a different vhost for the media URLs. I did that one without mod_python support, to make for lighter server threads.

It is a very responsive environment. I can hardly wait to deploy some real apps on it very soon.

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