Sqlite3 made Safari Crash

Short story: upgrading SQLITE3 makes Safari crash in OSX. Using Sqlite on several systems recently, I decided to upgrade the installed Sqlite on my Macbook Pro. Otherwise I kept running into version incompatibility problems between the Linux systems and my Mac. Compiling was easy enough, but by habit before I installed the new libraries, I made a backup of the current libraries. Good move. Since upgrading, I noticed that several apps started crashing on start. Safari & Ecto were the worst offenders. This morning, I finally had enough and began digging into the root cause. Aha! Sqlite3 library errors. Seems the Safari engine needs Sqlite the way it was installed. A quick rollback and Safari and my old friend Ecto are once again happy. Annoying for my cross compatibility needs, but I’ll just have to figure out how to make the old and new ones run side-by-side.

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