Top ten reasons to use Django for your web framework

Django is pulling ahead of every other web framework I’ve tried. For reference, that includes such recent heavy-hitters as: Jakarta Struts/Tiles, Spring, PHP Smarty, Zope, and Plone. I’d been thinking about why that was so, why I’ve become so fond of Django so quickly, when I ran across a post at, titled Why you should use Django. I’ll take his top ten points and add my own observations:

1. Django works right now

It really does. The example tutorial works correctly the first time. That is something hard to find in the online world. Better, there is no outstanding wart which is holding up adoption, and which will be fixed “real soon now”.

2. Deployment is a breeze

I know that I will be able to deploy on DreamHost, which is the most important part to me as a user at this time. As a developer, it was amazingly simple to set up and run my development system. This took literally hours less time than setting up an equivalent Java system.

3. Your site won’t go down

That’s one of Django’s big claims, and is part of the reason I was initially attracted to the framework. It speaks of quality to me.

4. Django is fast

It is faster by far than Kid, and Cheetah. If it beats those, then it literally blows Zope out of the water. PHP should eat its dust as well. But that is all beside the point to me at this point. I care about “fast to develop for”, and that is where it truly shines for me.

5. Django scales

Not qualified to judge.

6. Django’s admin will blow your mind

I hate writing admin interfaces. Django removes almost all the pain for me. In fact, they are almost free, which is a wonderful and deeply appreciated thing. How many times have I released a half-ass admin interface “for trained users only” to justify the fact that using it might cripple the site if the wrong button were clicked? More times than I like to think. Django won’t prevent all of that, but it gives me back so much time that I can then use to put in better logic-checking and validation.

7. You don’t need to go whole-hog

I am preparing to port Invisible Castle to Django, and I’ll report back about my progress. I expect it to be fairly easy, actually.

8. Django plays well with designers

I’m not qualified to judge, I think he’s probably right

9. Django comes from the Real World

I love the fact that they don’t add functionality just because it looks fun. The best projects/software in the world were built to solve real problems, and more importantly had real users right from the get-go. Django was built exactly that way, with immediate feedback and guidance from their sponsor, and it has clearly benefited from that.

10. We’re here to help

My post about logging in frameworks which referenced Django was picked-up and responded to within a day. That’s amazing. What’s more, the result is that they may very well adopt what I am suggesting. It wasn’t a flame-fest, despite my initial harsh tone. The professionalism and openness both surprised and pleased me.

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