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Weewar AIR Status Notifier

I’m pleased to announce the release of my first Adobe AIR application. This is a simple little desktop (not browser) app which checks your status on Weewar to see if you have any games waiting for your attention.

Revision 1.7 feature list:

  • Checks your status using the Weewar API
  • User settable interval between checks
  • You can force an update by clicking on the “x games waiting” message.
  • Semitransparent, draggable window
  • Built with HTML, not Flash.
  • (New in version 1.1) If you have waiting games and you click on the message, you’ll open a new browser window and go to your headquarters.
  • (New in version 1.2) Works on Windows.
  • (New in version 1.3) Turns red when you have games waiting. Resizes to fit contents.
  • (New in version 1.4) Lists the games waiting for your attention
  • (New in version 1.5) Added the option to have the window always stay on top
  • (New in version 1.5) Changed the last checked display to show “xx minutes ago”
  • (New in version 1.7) Compatible with AIR Beta 2
  • (New in version 1.7) The window floats to the top automatically if you have waiting games. That way it doesn’t get buried but you don’t have to have it always floating on top of the other windows.


  • Install the AIR Runtime. It is very small and fast.
  • Download Weewarify 1.7
  • Install the app by double-clicking on the downloaded installer.
  • The first time you run it, it should detect that you haven’t configured, and show you the configuration window. Put in your username and your “token” from your Weewar account page.
  • Click the icon on the top right to save and flip back to the status page.
  • That’s it, the program will now check Weewar every few minutes for you.
  • Important! If you let the installer run the app after install (which is the default), it doesn’t work. I have no idea why. Just quit and restart it. It will work when launched normally.
  • WARNING: Doesn’t work on Windows at the moment. I’ll fix very soon.

Open Source

Feel free to contribute, browse the source, report bugs, or request enhancements at Weewarify’s home on Launchpad.


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