Best sites & Alternatives to Udemy (2020)

There is no denying that Udemy in 2020 is one of the most popular education sites to learn new practical skills and acquire knowledge. With over 55,000 courses, it is spread across 15 different categories, hundreds of subcategories, and has something for everybody, But what are good Udemy alternatives?

However, the only issue with this learning platform is that they do not offer any certification for courses. Although their courses are free, but they also cost you a small amount for some of their services. Moreover, they also don’t have the option for peer-learning as well.

But, who says that it is the only education website?

Here are the best Udemy alternatives that are sure to come to your rescue.

The Best Udemy Alternatives of 2020


Lynda is an online course provider that offers you video-based and skill oriented courses that are required by those seeking jobs. Whether you are looking to become a photographer, designer, developer, business manager, or a marketer, Lynda helps you launch your career with its foundational courses.

Further, it combines with LinkedIn Learning and offers you over 1,000 business courses so that you can learn various skills from the industry experts. However, the entire Lynda course library has 13,000+ courses.

The tutorials are in 5 languages, and most of the courses are delivered as videos with transcripts. The best part is that it also sends you recommendations based on your Linkedin profile.

Moreover, the personalized dashboard helps you to stay on track, and the courses sync seamlessly across all your devices. We recommend it as one of the best Udemy alternatives, as it also offers you a course completion certificate.

Why Choose Lynda?

  • Allows you to search the course list and create your personalized playlist.
  • You can watch the tutorial at 2X speed.
  • Some of the courses have a hands-on approach.


  • Has limited functionality on mobile apps.
  • There are no user forums due to which you have fewer chances to engage with other learners.


Treehouse is an online technology school that helps you learn to code, gain a new development skill, and get a job. They offer you beginner to advanced courses on the various niches that include web, app, and game design and development.

Treehouse also offers some ‘techdegrees’ including Front End Web Development, User Experience Techdegree, iOS development, Python web development, and Full Stack JavaScript (JS) degree. The completion time of techdegrees ranges from three to twelve months.

In total, they have more than 278 workshops and 300 courses that take yours through 20+ topics. All the courses are completely online and work according to your schedule. Further, as the course gets over, you build 9-12 projects that help you to practice, what you’ve learned.

Why Choose Treehouse?

  • Screenshares and animations provide you with an all-around learning experience.
  • New material is added frequently every month.
  • Offers 1000 videos created by Udemy industry experts


  • You can learn from anywhere, regardless of your location by using their workspaces.


  • Has a free trial, but requires a credit card to sign up.
  • You cannot skip a course, as the next class or workshop relies heavily on past examples.
  • Although they have a forum, but the questions on main niches tend to go unanswered.

Pricing: Free trial for the first 7 days, and then you can pay $25 a month to access the unlimited classes. To know the prices for other courses, click here. You can also get a student discount BY using their email support.


Coursera is another leading online learning platform as they come with 10 unique courses with which the associated university will officially issue you a certificate of completion. However, this website is only for the candidates who want to study subjects from universities including Harvard, Stanford, Duke, MIT, and more.

Their subjects range from social sciences to personal development, business, language learning, theory of music, humanities, life sciences and technology. Each course comes to you as an interactive book that features projects, quizzes, and pre-recorded videos. Moreover, they also have courses for enterprises that lets you up-skill the employees and maximize the overall ROI.

The 2700+ courses, 4+ degrees and 250+ specializations are open to everyone, let you learn the skill in 4-6 weeks, and provide you with a shareable electronic certificate. With Coursera, you can also earn an accredited masters degree with 1-3 years of study.

Why Choose Coursera?

  • The courses come with the video subtitles in over 30 languages including Spanish, English, French, Turkish, Chinese, Russian, and more.
  • Gives you a chance to audit courses for free.


  • The courses don’t have a high availability as they run on set dates.
  • You cannot take the full courses for free. Moreover, you can only audit the courses, if you are not paying. As you proceed, the submit button says ‘Upgrade to Submit.’

Pricing: Free courses are available, but some courses are priced at about $29-$99 per month; the specializationare priced at $39-$79 per month, and online degrees are available at $15,000 to $25,000.


PluralSight is a technology learning platform that helps you build the skills with 7,000+ courses, as per your requirements. The courses cover a wide range of industries including data professional, IT administration, manufacturing and design, architecture and construction, business professional, a software professional, and creative professional.

All the courses have a variation in their difficulty levels, and if you are unsure of the course you should choose, PluralSight helps you decide the course for you.

They also offer you video-based training and lets you identify your knowledge, gaps, and strengths with the various skill assessments.

Why Choose PluralSight?

  • Offers content for everyone, be it for a beginner, intermediate or advanced students.
  • Adds new material frequently.
  • Provides a learning path that lets you choose courses, according to your needs.


  • Does not offer you a hands-on experience for what you have learned.
  • Some of the courses are outdated.

Pricing: Has a 10-day free trial, but after the trial ends, you’ll have to pay $29 per month or $299 annually. You can also opt for premium courses at the US $448 annually.

The professional subscribers can use a 14-day free trial for 10users and costs $699/year for each user.


Udacity is an innovative online education provider that offers high-end courses built in the partnership with Facebook, AT&T, and Google.

Their range of courses includes machine learning, data analyst, deep learning, artificial intelligence (AI), computer vision, web and mobile development, and machine learning foundation.

When it comes to the pricing, Udacity lets you pay monthly for courses, and if you choose to leave a program before you finish, you will only have to pay for the content that you have attended. They also have free courses including ‘nano degree courses’ that offer you an entire course in small sessions.

However, the entire program takes around 10 months to complete.

Why Choose Udacity?

  • Concepts are taught through real-world case studies.
  • The leading companies certified all the Nanodegree programs. They have also partnered with the Silicon Valley firms.
  • Every course is easy to understand, and self-paced.


  • You cannot contact the instructor directly for your questions. The user has to rely on the StudentHub to find the answers.
  • There is no option to audit nano-degrees courses.
  • Udacity is quite expensive.


If you like to learn things by taking a hands-on approach, then Skillshare is definitely the best alternative to Udemy. This website provides you unlimited access to more than 26,000 classes in the various categories including design, business, illustration, technology, writing, photo & film, and entrepreneurship.

The courses are taught by the professional who are experts in their fields. Moreover, they emphasize an action based study, rather than just delivering the lectures. It also has a peer learning system that lets you collaborate with an ever-growing community of 7 million creators.

Why Choose Skillshare?

  • Offers you offline access that lets you download the classes to your mobile device or tablet.
  • Discounts are available for organizations.


Pricing: You can get started for free here for one month, but the premium membership is available at $15/month and $8.25/month if you bill annually.


edX is a massive open online course provider that lets you access 1600+ online courses from the leading institutions, including Microsoft, Harvard, Cornel, Berkeley, MIT, and more. Their courses are available in various subjects including Art, Biology, Chemistry, Communication, Data and Design, Education, Food and Nutrition, Math, Medicine, Literature, Science, and lot more.

With edX, you can also enroll for Online Master’s Degree, Professional Certificate, and MicroMasters Program as well.

If you are a paid member, you also get to interact with other users and get the feedback on your assignment from the professor.

Why Choose edX?

  • Provides a large variety of courses, especially for computer science.
  • Offers certifications for some courses.
  • The courses are available in many languages including English, Russian, French, Japanse, Spanish, Italian, and Chinese.


  • The forums are quite challenging to navigate.
  • The courses are self-paced, due to which the availability remains low, at times.

Pricing: All the courses are free, but if you want to earn a verified course, the fee ranges between $50 and $300.

Khan Academy

Khan Academy offers you the miniature lessons in the form of YouTube videos across different fields including Computer Programming, Economics and Finance, Art, Music, and more. It is the best alternative to Udemy as it supports peer learning. After every video, there is a question and answer section that lets you ask the question, and let other users answer them.

Moreover, it tracks your progress and also adjusts the difficulty of the courses, based on your skill level.

Why Choose Khan Academy?

  • The courses are available in more than 20 languages.
  • The lessons are short and specific so that you can focus on the topics that you want to learn.
  • Leverages gamification and keeps the user motivated through offering badges, adding comments, and more.


  • The courses do not have in-depth resources, which only leaves you with a basic knowledge of programming.
  • The language and course choices are limited.

Pricing: 100% free


Codecademy is a platform for learning various skills that are related to technology and coding including coding languages, and ways to improve your existing programs. It follows Udemy’s gamification approach and ensures that you have fun and develop competitive zeal, while learning.

They provide courses in many programming languages including Ruby, Python, and PHP. Right from the beginning, the users start to code in a small environment that has constant feedback, and from there, the user gradually progresses towards more complex concepts.

Moreover, it offers bite-sized information so that a beginner can finish the task in minimum time, and get to the next one.

Its subscription offers you with multiple benefits including access to forums, other enrolled students, and certification, at the end of course.

Why Choose Codecademy?

  • Has a beginner friendly Integrated Development Environment.
  • Comes with community forums, which can be used to discuss concepts with other learners.


  • The courses are only ideal for beginners.
  • It does provide a hands-onapproach but does not teach how to code independently.

Pricing: You can start for free, but the pro version is billed at $15.99/month.

Final Thoughts

Although Udemy offers an extensive library to help you learn and improve skills, the above mentioned best Udemy Alternatives will provide you free course options, along with a certification. Some of them also learn you from anywhere, regardless of the location, and also offer you offline access to the courses.

We hope your search for the Udemy alternatives ends here. You can give a try to each one of them, and choose the one that meets your learning needs, the best.

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