Top Web Hosting for Java Web App Developers (2020)

Java is one of the popular programming languages and is here to stay. It is object-oriented and is currently used by top-rated websites like Amazon, Facebook, and Wikipedia.

Moreover, it is the official language for Android SDK and can also be used for creating the web app for all the sectors; be it finance, health or media. Java also lets the developers create dynamic web apps with interactive features. However, every Java developer wants to take their web app to a different level, and look for the best of hosting solutions.

There are many web hosting companies that support Java, have integrated packages with Java servlets with containers on the servers, and also have the processing power for the language. However, choosing the one is tough as everyone comes with these features.

So, whether server configuration is your preference or uptime and load time, here are top web hosts for modern Java app developers.


BlueHost Web Hosting Speed


Shared Plan


Dedicated Plan

Number of Websites








Website Space

50 GB











If you are looking for a shared hosting solution with exceptional functionality and pricing, turn to Bluehost. It is currently hosting more than 2 million websites worldwide and offers you exceptional metrics, security options (hotlink protection, SSH access, IP address backlists), and an application-rich dashboard.

When it comes to hosting Java, Bluehost offers you next generation cloud hosting for Java servelet, and also enables SUDO access and Java installation on dedicated and VPS plans. The Java installation is completed just in three steps.

It also supports integrations with different services like Google Apps and CloudFlare in the cPanel.

This hosting solution is recommended for both novice and experienced Java developers.

Why Choose Bluehost?

• Bluehost has a strong online base for Java Installation help and support.

• The developer gets complete control over the web hosting for all your businesses in one place.

• Bluehost’s control panel gives you the complete root access.


• The shared plan ($2.75/mo) pricing is only valid for a 36-month plan.

AWS (Amazon Web Services)

Amazon Web Services is one of best Infrastructure as a Service solutions provider that works for all your web hosting needs. It lets you build the cloud service and offers you all the basic hosting services along with developer’s tools, Internet of Things security, and enterprise apps.

AWS Cloud Computing Platforms

It also lets you work with AWS and customer managed Java application deployment. The AWS Toolkit for Eclipse lets you deploy Java’s code into AWS, and Elastic Beanstalk supports Java’s platform configurations including multiple versions of Java with Apache Tomcat (either 7 or 8).

Moreover, it also comes with clear documentation that walks you through the deployment and hosting process. So, there is nothing that Amazon Web Services cannot do.

However, AWS web host service is not suitable for the beginner Java developers.

Why Choose Amazon Web Service?

• It works on a pay as you go approach for over 120 cloud services.

• AWS offers you top-notch customer service as you can contact them via phone, chat, and email.


• AWS has enormous traffic capacity and does not offer unlimited disk space and bandwidth.



Java Entry

Java Medium

Java Large





SSD Storage




Disk Space








Although JavaPipe works for WordPress, Java, and PHP, its best service is Java web hosting that includes ‘Tomcat-based Java Hosting’ specifically for Java code.

Their Tomcat cloud hosting is quite scalable; it hosts the Java-based web apps and works for the applications of all sizes. It’s one account offers you the access for a variety of Java frameworks including Hibernate, Struts, and Spring; dedicated JVM memory, and Oracle Sun JDK versions 7 and 8.

All the plans have a built-in SSD storage and provide faster data retrieval than the SATA storage disks. However, you get the choice of choosing between the two. Moreover, it has a support for versions 6, 7, 8, and the total installation time is no more than 30 minutes.

We recommend this Java web hosting solution as it guarantees a strong uptime and DDoS protection.

Why Choose JavaPipe?

• They have extremely fast customer support.

• Your real IP address is hidden behind the JavaPipe’s proxy, and later, you can easily manage it with their Guard panel.


• The money back period is only limited for three days.

• It does not work for the developers who are looking to build simple web apps.

InMotion Hosting

InMotion Hosting Client Uptime Speed
















Whether you are looking for scalability, shared hosting space or a good technical support, InMotion web host has it all. With automated and free data backups, this web host guarantees uptime (99.9%) and come with a 90-day money back guarantee.

It might not have a proper plan for Java, but the VPS-1000 one is compatible with Java and also allows you to install JPS/Tomcat. And, the overall setup time is just 4 minutes.

The best feature that we liked about InMotion is that they offer Java-specific support, and walks you through the initial setup, installation of servlets, and enabling of the Apache Tomcat.

Why Choose InMotion Hosting?

• InMotion offers free SSDs for 20X faster Java Hosting.

• They have zero downtime site transfers. With this, you can easily switch between their hosting plans in no time.


• The shared space is higher priced, but it offers you excellent customer support.


DailyRazor World-Class Web Hosting Services


Shared Tomcat Server

Private Tomcat

Java Cloud VPS


Tomcat Feature


Restart on Request


Restart On Demand

Tomcat, Liferay, Glassfish, TomEE, and Wildfly available

JVM Heap Size




No. Of Websites








If you are looking for shared and VPS hosting for Java web app, you cannot go wrong with choosing DailyRazor. With currently hosting over 30,000 sites, it comes with personalized hosting options for every language and has the support for all the Java frameworks including stripes, servlets, JSF, and JSP.

Regardless of the framework, you can run it on any of the web hosting plans, as long as it implements Java EE, Java ME and Java SE. However, the JavaEE features may not run on the shared servers.

What we like the best is that the developer will have the full control of the server and operating system. We recommend this web hosting solution for both beginner, experienced Java developers, and for the one who doesn’t prefer to install CMS manually.

The pricing range is affordable, but you will have to pay additional costs for a dedicated IP address, SSL certificate, ID protection, and a dedicated application pool.

Why Choose DailyRazor?

• DailyRazor offers you multiple open source and database options.

• You get free migration, consultation, and a $100 Google Adwords Coupon.

• Their uptime is guaranteed and has a 30-day money back guarantee as well.


• Their cancellation policies are a bit confusing, and hence you need to read them properly for avoiding additional billing.

• This web host only works for small and mid-sized enterprises.


Hostgator Response Time For Web App Hosting

Hostgator Server Speed


Hatchling Plan

Baby Plan

Business Plan









Email Accounts












HostGator is a Java web hosting solution that offers you a dependable solution at competitive prices. It offers you the web hosting service including shared, VPS, cloud, and dedicated servers. But the support for Java (Tomcat installation) is only available on VPS or dedicated server.

When it comes to hosting, you get a choice to choose from Linux and Windows. You can install Tomcat (5.5 or 7) on Windows for free, but for Linux, you can install only version 7.

Moreover, with HostGator, you get the full root access for your custom application and script installs. They also assure that their downtime for not more than .01% in any month. And, they only had two outages, which occurred in 2013 and 2014.

HostGator also performs automatic backups to ensure the security of your web app. So, if your web app is based on Tomcat version’s 5.5 or 7, HostGator is sure to work for you.

Why Choose HostGator?

• They offer free site migration for new users.

• HostGator provides unmetered storage on all the plans.


• There is a long waiting time for live chat support.

• The unlimited hosting plan has various feature constraints.






Weekly Backups




RAID-10 Storage








Web Hosting Solution For Java Developers

InterServer is on this list as you can manually pick up the plan to work with your Java Hosting. Irrespective of the memory, server, and bandwidth you choose, you can easily scale your choices according to your needs.

Once you select, it will take only 4 minutes to setup and no more than 15 minutes to deploy and host your web app. Java is pre-installed in its VPS, and you also get full root access along with the installation and customization of all the features and softwares.

This web hosting solution is suitable for both beginners and expert Java developers.

Why Choose InterServer?

• InterServer offers you a fast cPanel setup.

• They offer a price lock guarantee (Regardless of the price on what you sign up, you will have to pay the same price unless you upgrade the plan.

• You get 10% off if you opt for a one-year option.


• InterServer has no trial period, and no money back guarantee it is available for any plan.

• The shared hosting account users cannot use 20% of the resources in one instance.


Liquid Web Fully Managed Web Hosting

LiquidWeb Load Time

Apart from hosting, what we like the best about LiquidWeb is that it has a strong knowledgeable base, exceptional tech support, and a sonor monitoring team. Whether you are a beginner Java developer or a Java veteran, it will host your web app seamlessly with its excellent performance metrics.

Why Choose LiquidWeb?

• LiquidWeb offers both Linux and Windows-based servers.

• Their customer report responds in less than a minute.

• It offers you a 30-day money back guarantee.


• It is expensive as compared to other hosting plans.

Summing Up

But, we did comprehensive research and found the web hosts that will work for all the modern Java web app developers 2018. You can work with any of the web hosts above and can later switch, according to the deployment and scaling needs.

The usage of Java-based applications is growing with every passing day. With this, every web host offers support for Java servlets and frameworks.

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