8 Best Monitors for Programming and Intense Coding

The job of a computer programmer demands rigorous coding and constant focus on the screen for several hours on a daily basis. The quality of the monitor can significantly impact your productivity and eyes health. This is why choosing the perfect monitor for your coding needs is crucial. That’s why a good monitor is a must-have item for optimum efficiency, productivity and your wellness. But, choosing the best monitor for programming is challenging, with countless options to choose from.

It brings up many questions, like:  What should be the screen resolution? Should it shape rectangular or curved? What’s the worth of a monitor stand?

Here is a quick summary of our top choices for the top programming monitors:

  • Resolution: 2560×1440
  • Response Time: 6ms
  • 4K Display: no
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  • Resolution: 2560 x 1080
  • Response Time: 5ms
  • 4k Display: No
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  • Resolution: 1920 x 1080
  • Response Time: 4ms
  • 4k Display: No
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  • Resolution: 3840 x 2160
  • Response Time: 5ms
  • 4k Display: Yes
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  • Resolution: 1920×1080
  • Response Time: 7ms
  • 4k Display: No
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  • Resolution: 3440×1440
  • Response Time: 4ms
  • 4k Display: Yes
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  • Resolution: 8
  • Response Time: 2
  • 4k Display: Yes
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  • Resolution: 1600 x 900
  • Response Time: 5ms
  • 4k Display: No
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So, before jumping into the best programming monitors, let’s go through some important considerations to make when purchasing a monitor.

Choosing a Monitor for Coding: What to Consider?

Monitor Setup

Having a dual monitor setting is an absolute must for intensive programmers. It provides needed extra flexibility and increases productivity.

Give one full monitor to code and another for any specifications, chat windows, documentation, etc.

Some programmers even require a third monitor to have a dedicated screen for testing, which is very important for web and app development.

Screen Size

High screen resolution will avoid eye strain even after hours of coding. Though monitor manufacturers now set up a high resolution on smaller screens, the bigger your screen, the better it will be to set up an optimum resolution and easier it will be work.


How to properly size a monitor for coding efficiency

The majority of new monitors comes with the standard HD pixel density of 1920 X 1080 pixels. Don’t set up for anything less than at least 1080p.

Very recently, 4K monitors, billed as Ultra HD (UDH) have come into existence. These monitors are 3840 X 2160 pixels and can display four times the content on your screen at once. That’s why 4K monitors are the best monitor for programmers as they can display code or documentation at once.

But, 4K monitors are much more expensive than 1080p monitors. Also, you’ve to ensure that your computer can handle a 4K display.

Monitor Orientation

Even if programmers ideally work with a stable screen, you should still be able to rotate your monitor. Some programmers may have to rotate their screens to have a Vertical Computer Monitor when coding long lines.

Similarly, if you plan a multi-monitor setting, you can achieve it have by rotating each monitor for optimum positioning. So, your monitor should support rotation and orientation.


Best Monitor for Programmers in 2018:


1. DELL Ultrasharp U2715H 27″ LED Monitor

For a truly adjustable monitor, this one is the winner. It comes with a stand that can hold the screen in both horizontal and vertical orientations. You can tilt it or swivel it as needed.

Top of that, this best monitor for programming comes with a sharp QHD resolution and extensive connectivity options delivering outstanding usability.


Award-winning performance
The Dell Ultrasharp monitor offers viewing at virtually any angle without compromising the striking colors. Offers multiple ways to connect: connect, charge and project handheld devices and more with extensive ports.

Reliable and eco-efficient
Designed to be pixel perfect, the Dell Ultrasharp monitor is made with eco-conscious materials. It’s free from PVC, BFR and has an arsenic-free glass and a mercury-free LEF panel. Use the Dell Display Manager to dim the monitor to the minimum brightness and put it into sleep mode when idle.

You can mount the monitor on a wall or attach it to the optional Dell Single Monitor Arm.

For more details and price, click here.

2. LG 34″ 21:9 UltraWide Monitor

LG’s UltraWide Monitor is another coding monitor, popular among programmers. It’s a technically advanced 34” monitor features an ultra-wide widescreen aspect ratio for greater readability and usability even with multi-monitor setting.

It features LG’s patented FreeSync and blur reduction technologies, ensuring a high resolution, which is important for intensive coders.


1ms Motion Blur Reduction
The Full HD UltraWide 21:9 aspect ratio and 1ms Motion Blur Reduction make coding even enjoyable by providing accurate precision. The response time of 1ms reduces blurring and ghosting to make coding smoother.

AMD FreeSync Technology
FreeSync reduces the shuttering and tearing between the frame rate of a graphics card and refresh rate of the monitor. With FreeSync, coders, as well as gamers, experience seamless movement without upgrading a graphics card.

V-Line Stand
The accents of red color of the V-shape stand beautify the sleek design of the monitor.

For more details and price, click here.

3. Samsung C32F391FWN 32″ Screen Samsungs 4k Extra Wide Monitor

The Samsung C32F monitor packs numerous features that you will hardly see in any other monitor in this price range. The astounding 1800R curvature of the screen delivers an immersive viewing experience without causing eye fatigue.

High in performance, the 32-inch Samsung C32F boasts an ultra-slim design with a glossy white silver frame. The sharp edges and circular stand complement the look when placed on a desk. You can mount it on a wall as well. The small joystick allows quick access and easy navigation through the control menu.


Ultra-slim Design
The Samsung CF391 monitor measures less than 0.5 inches thick. It is stylish as well as stays productive with its 32-inch curved screen. The simple, adjustable circular stand lends a modern look to your space.

Samsung’s Active Crystal Color Technology
You will experience stunningly vibrant colors with the excellent 5000:1 contrast ratio. The monitor delivers deep black and bright whites so that you can clearly see and enjoy even the darkest and brightest scenes.

For more details and price, click here.


If you own a graphics card that supports a 4K display, this model from ASUS makes a great investment. The monitor boasts an exquisite ultra-slim, frameless design that is highly practical. Its circular base looks great on any desk.

ASUS DESIGNO MX27UC 27″ 4K Monitor comes with a broad range of features, such as built-in speakers and HDMI ports. It also features a Type C port for power and data transmission.

Its frameless design makes it suitable for multi-monitor setups. This ASUS model is great for both intensive coding and gaming.


Large Display
The monitor has a large, 4K display of 27” on the diagonal. It comes with a circular stand that can be fitted as per your comfort.

ASUS Eye Care technology
This technology paired with TUV Rheinland-certified flicker-free backlighting and blue light filter reduces eye fatigue.

See Better with 4K UHD Resolution
Delivering 4K UHD (3840 × 2160 resolution) visuals, Designo monitor offers stunning levels of detail. A pixel density of 163 pixels/inch, you get sharper images/videos and efficiency for multitasking. This would work well if your switching quickly between code editors and sublime text while editing javascript or php.

Powerful, immersive audio
 The designo combines advanced audio hardware and professional audio processing with built-in 3-Watt dual stereo speakers to amplify fully-immersive sound.

For more details and price, click here.

5. HP Pavilion 22cwa 21.5″ IPS

The HP Pavilion 22cwa monitor is a 21.5” Full HD monitor. It comes with an anti-glare screen, so your eyes can rest easy even with long hours of coding. It is designed in such a way that you can achieve multi-monitor setups quickly and effortlessly.

The ports are positioned on the monitor thoughtfully so that you can easily access them. The stand that comes with it opens up to tuck away any wires that you may connect to the monitor.


Best Angles
This reasonably priced 21.5-inch diagonal panel features IPS technology, making it deliver high, color wide viewing angles.

Clean, Contemporary Design
You can easily access the ports and quickly connect and tuck away those cords because of the convenient open wedge stand.

Environmental features
it features a mercury-free LED backlighting and an arsenic-free monitor glass. The low halogen design encourages energy efficiency.

For more details and price, click here.


6. VIOTEK 34″ Curved

Viotek is known for making high-tech monitors for intensive coding and gaming. This VIOTEK 34 monitor, with a beautifully curved 34” screen, is both very large and highly energy efficient.

Not only does it minimizes eye strain among coders who spend 10-15 hours a day coding, it also features a very fast refresh rate to allow the quickest code writing capabilities possible. The amazing gaming capabilities of this monitor let coders have a fun time in their much-needed breaks from coding.


AMD FreeSync& FPS/RTS Technology
This VIOTEK 34” monitor offers full optimization for RTS and FPS favorites and other demanding games.

Multiple Connectivity Options
This PC monitor comes with a wide range of connectivity options like dual-link DVI, HDMI, DP1 ports and more, making it ideal for any setup.

For more details and price, click here.


7. BenQ PD3200U 32” 4K


The BenQ PD3200U monitor offers a clear and crisp Ultra High Definition resolution on its 32” big screen. This monitor is Technicolor Color Certified, which means it ensures accurate and consistent colors for a striking color performance.

Darkroom mode lets you adjust contrast and brightness of images for better clarity and sharpness. Switch to animation mode for control every movement, and better visualize the details in dark shadows.


Revolutionary CAD/CAM Mode
CAD/CAM mode lets this monitor offer superior contrast on shapes and lines of technical illustrations. Even the tiniest details to view are assured!

Keyboard Video Mouse (KVM) Switch
KVM Switch allows coders to display and control the contents from two different PCs on one screen using just one keyboard and one mouse. Space saving and improved efficiency!

Improve your workflow and productivity by switching on DualView to showcase designs in two modes: sRGB and CAD/CAM Mode, side-by-side without requiring two screens.

For more details and price, click here.

8. Sceptre E205W-1600 20″

Got a limited budget, but still want a great monitor for programming? Catch on Sceptre E205W!

With an overall weight of 5.36 lbs and a size of around 18 X 7 X 13 inches, this monitor is just perfect for a small desk. With sharper contrasts of darks and light, the LED display of this monitor offers a vast array of rich colors.

The monitor enjoys a rating of Energy Star V7.0, which makes it best for coders who are environmental and energy conscious.


HDMI delivers superior video and audio quality. You can connect it both to the monitor and TV with only one cable. Connect it to your monitor, laptop, computer or more to your favorite variety of input options and get amazing analog video with VGA inputs.

Amazing Tilt Ability
The monitor has an ability to tilt 15 degrees back and 5 degrees forth. Achieve the optimum viewing angle so that work and browsing become super easy.

Built-in Speakers
With built-in speakers eases taking conference calls, attending internet workshops, and listening to your favorite music.

VESA Wall Mount Ready
Easily mount Sceptre LED monitor on the wall so that it looks aesthetically pleasing and is conveniently practical.

For more details and price, click here.

Final Words

If you are an intense coder who spends most of the hours of their day programming, we recommend Dell Ultrasharp U2715H or ASUS 4K monitor. You need a good budget for both these monitors for coding.

Beginners don’t need to spend thousands of dollars to get the best coding monitor. LG’s UltraWide Monitor and HP Pavilion will serve beginners with high performance without breaking your bank. You can also choose Sceptre E205W, BenQ PD3200U or VIOTEK curved monitor for your limited budget and limited coding needs.

Make sure you consider your personal preferences before selecting a coding monitor. It’s a good idea to make a list of things you need in your coding monitor to simplify the decision.

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