7 Best Keyboards for Programming and Intense Coding (2020)

Programmers type a lot (especially more in this coming 2020 decade). So, it makes sense to invest in the best keyboard for coding that’s good for your productivity, speed and your fingers as well. If you are in the market looking for a new keyboard but aren’t sure what to invest in, you’ve just landed in the right place. From ergonomic keyboards that are designed to reduce strain injuries to the mechanical keyboards that have become a relatively new sensation among programmers, we’ve reviewed the best keyboards for programmers just to find the right fit for you. But, what makes a good keyboard for coding? Let’s first read a bit more about what exactly makes a good programming keyboard.


Since you will be typing for prolonged periods considering the ergonomics of the keyboard can help prevent wrist strains and injuries. Programming keyboards featuring adjustable height and tilt are ideal as they allow you to align your wrists at a comfortable level for typing. Furthermore, ergonomics are important because of ease of speed. If you’re in the mode of rapid software development, or if an idea comes to you, you will want to write the code for that portion of the script as quickly as possible. When you stay in a flow, is when the most valuable work gets done.


Keystrokes/ switches are another essential elements that ensure a comfortable and efficient typing experience. You will find keyboards either with a soft and sensitive feather like the feel or with keys that have a bit more resistance and require extra pressure while typing. The types of switches used in a keyboard also make a lot of differe nce in the feel of the keys. There are scissor switches, rubber dome switches, and mechanical switches, each offering a different level of sensitivity, noise, and most importantly comfort. This really just comes down to your preference and what you find most comfortable. Be sure that your keyboard has the ability to add quick keystroke shortcuts as well.


One thing that every programmer’s keyboard should have is a full-size layout without any cramped keys as it may restrict typing and efficiency. A keyboard with full number pad and lesser extra function keys like the ones for launching specific apps or controlling music player etc. is preferred.

Wired or Wireless

Wired and wireless keyboards both have their own benefits and drawbacks. Wireless keyboards may minimize the clutter at your desk as there won’t be any cord that interferes with other devices. At the same time, wireless keyboards are battery powered and are also known to lag at times. Plus, there’s the cost factor as well. If you are confused, opt for the middle way and look for keyboards that support both wired and wireless configurations. What we have found most annoying in our office are keyboards that only offer one or the other. Wireless is fine if you’re always moving around, but if you don’t want to constantly change the batteries or plug it in for charging, a wired option would be nice. With that said though, the Logitech K800 does support both :)

Other Considerations for best coding keyboards:

    • Decent built quality
    • Minimum flex
    • Excellent feedback on pressing the keys
    • Standard Layout
    • Price


Best Keyboards for Programming – 2020

Now, that you’ve learned all the key factors that should influence your buying decision, let’s take a look at some of the best keyboards for programming available in the market.


1. Logitech G513

Logitech G513 Programming Keyboard G513 is a high-performance fully-featured keyboard in a compact, minimalist and streamlined frame. Equipped with 3 different switch types, 70 M keystroke rating and detachable memory foam palm rest, this is the best keyboard for coders. The G513 features premium aluminum-magnesium alloy construction which makes it incredibly durable. The minimal design and excellent aesthetics combine with robust construction and a full suite of features makes Logitech G513 a best-in-class keyboard.


3 Distinct Mechanical Switches: Logitech 513 is equipped with 3 types of mechanical switches. You can choose from Romer-G Tactile, Romer-G Linear, and GX Blue. All the switches are rated for a lifespan of 70 million clicks.

Performance: The switches are responsive, quiet and tactile. The feel firm while typing and do not offer much resistance as each key press actuates evenly. Plus, the Romer-G Linera promises quieter and 25% faster keystrokes than many leading keyboards in the market.

USB Passthrough: 513 comes with a dedicated USB cable that connects the USB port to its own input and delivers better data speed and full power throughput. You can charge a device or even plug in a mouse. Comfort: The keyboard comes with memory foam palm rest that offers premium comfort. The comfort foam is wrapped in soft and durable waterproof and sweat-resistant leatherette. Plus, there are six bottom-mounted rubber feet to hold the keyboard in place while working. For more information, click here.


2. Razer Huntsman Elite

Razor Elite Keyboard The Razer Huntsman Elite uses the optical technology and features Razer Opto-Mechanical Switch for an unmatched speed. A key stabilizer bar makes every keystroke precise and accurate. Paired with the new switch design, it is the first click switch that resets at the exact same point for speedy performance. The keyboard has a programmable digital dial that allows a quick access to various functions. You can even personalize settings with hybrid on-board memory and cloud storage. Floating keycaps exist over a jet black anodized aluminium keyboard deck.


Frameless design: Elite key is Razer’s first keyword with a frameless and much simpler design than the previous keyboards. Multi-function Digital Dial: The keyboard has three simple media buttons for play/rewind and fast forward. A volume wheel on the keyword features a mute button on the centre. Ergonomic wrist rest: An ergonomic wrist rest provides long-lasting comfort to intensive coders.

Faster Inputs: Razer Optomechanical switch fires commands swiftly and use a beam of light to do so, making it inherently faster because of the speed of light being 186,000 miles-per-second. For more information and price, click here.


3. Das Keyboard 4 Professional

Das Keyboard 4 for coding Das Keyboard 4 Professional has everything you expect from best keyboards for programmers. High-quality switches, a super-smooth volume knob, the best set of media control hotkeys, two USB 3.0 ports and much more! The anodizedaluminium top panel feels and looks professional-grade. If you are a programmer and looking for an ultimate all-around keyboard, look no further Das Keyboard 4 Professional.


Best-in-Class Cherry MX Mechanical key Switches: The Cherry MX Brown switches on the keyboard have a soft, tactile bump nearly halfway through the key press. It uses Soft Pressure Point switch technology that makes the keyboard less clickly while delivering a superb tactile experience.

Two-Port USB 3.0 SuperSpeed Hub: The blazing fast two-port USB 3.0 hub lets you transfer high-resolution photos, music and large videos at the speed of 5GB per second. It’s compatible with all USB 2.0/1.1 devices and hosts.

Laser Etched Key Inscriptions: The Das Keyboard 4 Professional uses laser etched key inscriptions to avoid fading. A custom keycap font provides ease of reading.

Full N-Key Rollover: Das Keyboard 4 Professional supports full n-key rollover (NKRO) over USB. No need to use a PS2 adapter anymore. Toggle NKRO by pressing shift + mute. For more information and price, click here.


4. Kinesis Advantage 2

Kinesis Intense Coding Keyboard Kinesis is known for designing premium-grade ergonomic keyboards for decades. The new Advantage2 features Kinesis’ patented Contoured keyboard design and low force mechanical key switches to provide maximum comfort and productivity with keyboarding. It features SmartSet Programming Engine and powerful programming tools that let programmers customize the keyboard to improve their productivity.


Separate Concave keywells for each hand: Separate keywalls position wrists straight and perpendicular to the home row. Typing with straight hands reduces abduction and ulnar deviation that leads to pain and injury.The concave shape of key-walls makes hands rest in a natural position.

Vertical key layout: The keys are arranged in orthogonality to reflect the natural motion of your fingers. Vertical keys reduce finger extension and also increase speed, accuracy, and overall comfort.

Very programmable: The keyboard offers many programmable options, such as key remapping and Macro recording. You can change the keyboard from QWERTY to Dvorak with a button touch.

No thumb-spacebar conflict: On ordinary keyboards, both thumbs often rest over the spacebar, which causes both of them to know against each other. On Advantage2 keyboard, only one thumb can press the keyboard, resolving the conflict. For more information and price, click here.


5. Das Keyboard 4 Ultimate

The Das Keyboard 4 Ultimate thoughtfully combines a tactile feel, incredible craftsmanship, and the psycho-acoustic experience to deliver an unmatched keyboarding experience. It’s a completely dark keyboard for badass typists, gaming enthusiasts, and intensive programmers. It features gold-plated mechanical key switches that last up to 50 million keystrokes. Typing with this keyboard feels so good that you won’t want to stop.


Cherry MX switches for high performance: Cherry MX brown switches let the keyboard deliver a tactile experience and accurate audio feedback. You execute every keystroke with a lightning-fast experience.

USB 3.0 SuperSpeed hub: Transfer heavy video, audio or image files at a staggering speed of up to 5GB per second. It supports all USB 2.0/1.1 devices and hosts.

Footbar = ruler: It has magnetically detachable footbar that raises the keyboard to 4-degrees. It appears sharp, and you can use it as a precise ruler when you’re not using it as a footbar.

Extra Long Cable: Das Keyboard 4 comes with a 2-meter cable that goes through your desk grommet and keeps your workspace organized. For more information and price, click here.


6. CM Storm Quickfire Rapid

Storm Rapid Fire Keyboard CM Storm Quickfire Rapid is an exceptional combination of comfortable typing and flawless performance. Equipped with Cherry MX switches, CM Strom offers best mechanical hardware with the ability to respond promptly, recover instantly (even from furious button presses) and zero lag. Also, there are many options for the switches including Cherry MX Red, Brown, Green, Blue. If you have a compact desk space, the CM Storm Is an ideal ten keyless keyboard combining a great mix of features in a compact package.


Cherry MX Switches: For a more durable and unique typing experience, CM Storm utilizes Cherry MX Blue switches that have an actuation force of 50g. The switches deliver both a tactile bump and an audible click that lets you know that the key has registered. The keyboard also comes in Cherry MX red, brown and green switches.

N-Key Rollover: The feature ensures that each key is independently scanned and registered correctly even if multiple keys are pressed accidentally at the same time.

Braided USB Cable: The keyboard features an incredibly clean and simple design. It is equipped with a braided USB cable with cable routing. You can easily route the USB to the back right or left, as you want. For more information, click here.


7. Corsair K63 Wireless Keyboard

Corsair Wireless Programming Keyboard Corsair is one of the best wireless keyboards for programmers. It features tenkeyless design and is equipped with Cherry Red MX switches that have 1ms response time in 2.4GHz mode. It is a well-constructed keyboard without any traces of flex. Connecting the keyboard to your system is incredibly simple. All you need is a single USB 3.0 port for the dongle. At 15 hours, the keyboard has an excellent battery life as well. You can extend the battery life to up to 25 hours by lowering the brightness, which is amazing. Plus, the battery supports for 75 long hours if the keyboard is turned off altogether. The keypress register instantly and you will never encounter lag, latency or cut-outs. Additionally, the Corsair’s CUE software allows you to make adjustments to the functionality, enabling you to assign keys and launch applications.


Tenkeyless Design: Corsair K63 is an ultimate wireless mechanical gaming keyboard featuring Cherry MX switches packed into a compact and portable tenkeyless design.

Super Fast Wireless and wired modes: The keyboard gives you the best of both worlds. It connects using a simple USB if you plan on using the wired mode, while the Bluetooth feature helps you go wireless without compromising the efficiency.

Long-lasting battery: Corsair K63 is powered with 15 hours rechargeable battery. For more information, click here.


Final Thoughts

Intense coders should go for Logitech G513 Keyboard or Razer Huntsman Elite Keyboard. If you spend 6-8 hours coding every day, opt for Corsair K63 Wireless, Das Keyboard 4 Ultimate or Kinesis Advantage2 Keyboard. CM Storm Quickfire Rapid Keyboard and Das Keyboard 4 Professional are perfect for beginners as well as intense programmers. The search for the best keyboard for programming can be an incredibly daunting task with dozens of amazing options available on the market. That’s when the above-mentioned short-listed options will come to your rescue. Use this to your advantage and make a wise buying decision.

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