Top Web Hosts for Modern Ruby Web App Developers (2020)

There is no denying that Ruby on Rails is the first preference of developers. Whether you are developing an accommodation web app, media or a product management one, it works for all your modern web app solutions.

Even, some of the popular startups, be it Hulu, Slideshare, Airbnb, Golden Pages or Bloomberg are built using this programming language.

Well, Ruby on Rails is an open web framework that gives developers an easy method to build and deploy online web applications. However, after the development, how do you host your web app?

While most of the web hosts offer basic support for Ruby on Rails apps, there are some that specialize in it. Here is the top web host that will host your web application seamlessly.


HostGator's Managed WordPress Web Hosting Service


Hatchling Plan

Baby Plan

Business Plan













HostGator is one of the reliable shared hosting providers and offers a decent VPS and dedicated plans. Their plan comes with an easy to use control panel, free website templates, unlimited disk space, and more.

Their standard uptime, 99.9% will cover all your Ruby hosting needs, but a proper 100% will cost you a bit. Moreover, the thing that we like the most is that they use the latest cPanel that works for tasks like organizing and launching of eCommerce shopping carts seamlessly.

So, if you are looking to host with HostGator, you will get SSH, root access, and excellent support for Ruby language. It also has Ruby integrated into their services and a customized cPanel that controls which applications you want to run on the web interface. However, this web hosting solution is only recommended for the developers who have experience in this field.

Why Choose Hostgator?

  • It can install over 75 source scripts in just one click.
  • Provides you 45-days money back guarantee.
  • With every hosting plan, you get 52 free scripts, marketing credits, and SSL certification.


  • The load time is not satisfactory.


DreamHost Top Quality Web Hosting Provider

DreamHost is here since 1996 and is currently hosting 1.5 million websites. Known for providing some of the best hosting solutions, it gives you reliable standard VPS configurations along with the scalable memory and storage. They also offer you hostings with two options that are tailored to specific custom installations and the speed of MySQL databases. We do miss the usability of traditional cPanel, but you will easy adapt to the DreamHost’s sleek and modern panel. Moreover, Ruby is installed on all the DreamHost servers. As of May 2018, all the servers of DreamHost are running version 1.9.3. However, do not use Ruby on Shared Hosting as it may hit the shared server’s memory limits. We recommend running it on a dedicated or VPS server as then; you will able to install the version, according to your preferences. Moreover, you can also a Ruby Version Manager and add your own version of Ruby to it. They offer a 97-day money back guarantee as well.

Why Choose DreamHost?

  • DreamHost has an excellent uptime and offers an extra day of service if you experience even a single hour with downtime.
  • Irrespective of the plan you choose, all the VPS plans will come with a dedicated address, SSDs, 100% network uptime, and round the clock support.


  • They have no cPanel. Instead, they have created their own control panel, which works for both beginners and experts alike.

Digital Ocean

Digital Ocean Easy-to-use Cloud Computing Platform



SSD Disk






















Digital Ocean offers its cloud service solution mainly for developers. It offers you both Linux and Unix servers, and gives you a range of configuration options that range from SSDs, 32 virtual CPUs, and load balancers (Costs you a $20 per month).

Moreover, it has an easy droplet creation and lets you have complete control over your servers.

However, for Ruby, Digital Ocean Ruby on Rails one-click application offers a convenient way to get your Ruby web app running on the Ubuntu server. It also creates a Rail application that helps you to deploy the application seamlessly.

With Postgres, Nginx, and Puma pre-installed, it has everything that a developer needs to host a Ruby App. However, you’ll need DevOps and sysadmin experience to work with it.

Why Choose Digital Ocean?

  • It has one-click install and deploys Ruby to an SSD cloud server in just 55 seconds.


  • It does not support Microsoft Windows or any Microsoft products.
  • It has no free starter account and comes with bandwidth limits as well.

Amazon Web Services

Amazon Web Services is a leading Infrastructure as a Service provider and was first to enter the cloud web hosting space. They are comparatively new to the hosting services, but they offer you scalable storage and bandwidth. If you are looking to host a Ruby Web App, the most common AWS components that can be used are EC2 (Elastic compute cloud- It can also be used through AWS console directly), SES (Simple Email service), and S3 (Simple Storage Service). These elements will give you a virtual server, email services, and permanent cloud storage.

Amazon Web Services Inexpensive Cloud Computing Services

When it comes to setup, all you need is to ‘Select’ the plan, and you are good to go. The advantage of using AWS for Ruby is that it is a scale and will offer you great community support. The gems are relevant to Ruby developer’s are-

ü  Aws-SDK-railsFor Ruby integrations on AWS SDK.

ü  Aws-recordOffers data mapping for Amazon DynamoDB.

But use AWS, if you have experience managing cloud systems and Amazon AWS DevOps.

Why Choose Amazon Web Services For Ruby?

  • As you sign up, you get an automated backup, full redundancy, high uptime, and server cloning.


  • AWS does not offer unlimited space or bandwidth.
  • The initial setup is easy, but optimizing it for performance comes as a bit of tricky task.











Custom Domains

Application Metrics

Preboot+ Autoscaling





Whether you are hosting a basic prototype or a business-oriented product, Heroku works for all your web hosting needs. It is a PaaS (platform as a service) that automates the infrastructure and elements required for hosting a web app. When you deploy a Rails application with Heroku, you can facilitate it by pushing the app Git repository. The code then gets transformed into a slug, a package that runs the code in the specified web threads. The entire process is completed less than 5 minutes. However, deploying a Ruby app on Heroku takes only 30 seconds. It might take a bit longer for the first time as Heroku is getting installed on all your dependencies. Moreover, it works on a per-thread basis, and you will only have to pay for the amount of resource you use. There are no limitations for bandwidth, and you can scale it anytime, according to your needs. This platform is best for the developers who do not prefer to manage their servers or infrastructure.

Why Choose Heroku?

  • The deployment time for Heroku is 30 seconds.
  • It was purposely built for Ruby on Rails and has a developer-friendly command line interface.


  • Heroku works for almost all the applications, but it will not support the uncommon (NodeSJ with Ruby) configurations.
  • It is expensive.

Engine Yard

Engine Yard Open Source Technologies

Engine Yard started as Ruby hosting platform and now has a decade of experience working with full stack Ruby. Not only it hosts your web app, but monitors it consistently and also automates a cloud platform for you. They facilitate with both command line tool and engine_yard gem and help you optimize your code. Moreover, it offers DevOps and sysadmin support, and all of these features come at $80. The price tag may look expensive to you, but they monitor your web app 24X7. Further, it is quite cheaper than hiring an in-house developer. Engine Yard is recommended for the developers who have a DevOps experience.

Why Choose Engine Yard?

  • EngineYard has the best deployment tools and also offers excellent cloud hosting management solutions.
  • They have the best Ruby DevOps team to help you with the Ruby Web App hosting.
  • It has one subscription plan worth $80 that gives you endless possibilities.


  • They have an extensive dashboard and also have hidden environment variables.
  • There is a limit for Bandwidth.
  • It is expensive, and might not work for a startup’s web app on Ruby.


InterServer Leading Managed Cloud VPS hosting





Unlimited Storage Space




Weekly Backups




RAID-10 Storage








InterServer is a web hosting service provider that comes with 16 sets of pre-configured VPS plans and on-site data centres. The virtual servers come with latest versions of Ruby pre-installed in it and offer you full root access. They have a web-based control panel and also offer one-click installs for Ruby hosting.

16 Sets VPS Plans And On-Site Data Centers

However, one thing that makes it an ideal choice is that it uses three Tier 1 IP backbone providers including Zayo, Cogent, and NTT Communications. Moreover, there are more than 400 one-click installation scripts are already available to get you started. The money back guarantees only apply to the shared hosting plans within 30 days. There is no money back assurance for dedicated and VPS hosting plans. However, they give you a price lock guarantee (hosting rate you book now will never cost more in the future.)

Why Choose InterServer?

  • It makes it fast and easy for developers to add support for specific frameworks, according to their needs.
  • The infrastructure upgrades are transparent.
  • InterServer has excellent customer support for Ruby on Rails.


  • No shared hosting can use more than 20% of the server resources at one time.
  • If you use unlimited SSD feature, you will be moved down to a lower slab.
  • Domain and hosting accounts have separate approvals.

Summing Up

There is no denying that working with Ruby on Rails and running a web app on it requires considerable effort and know-how. Whether you are just learning to code, or a skilled php engineer coding with a dell monitor, a fast ruby web host is super important.

It is a resource-intensive language, and all also requires best of the web hosting solutions. Moreover, with the release of Rails 5.1, this community also has a relationship with the JavaScript community as well. And, according to 2018 Ruby on Rails Developer Community Survey, the developers now can write es6 and integrate it with npm and yarn tools.

So, we researched the best and reliable web hosts for Python, and have found the top web hosts for you.

You can start with any of the above web hosts, and then scale up, according to your Ruby web hosting needs. But if you are looking for complete scalability and flexibility, we recommend going with the web host that has a VPS Hosting Plan.

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