BitDegree Review : Earn While You Learn – Is it Worth it?

BitDegree is a leading online education platform, powered by the blockchain-based reward system. The platform aims to revolutionize education through gamification and rewarding learners for their progress.

BitDegree revolves around the belief that everyone in the world deserves a proper and high-quality education. However, the existing public education system is decentralized, democratized and disrupted. The company also believes that well-educated tech talent is the key to successful digital businesses, and that’s why companies should be ready to invest in excellent tech performers.

With these beliefs in mind, Andrius Putna, the CEO and top leader of the company, founded BitDegree in 2017. The platform aims to make quality education interesting and affordable for the masses, including low-income and impoverished people, looking for quality education and stable jobs. Moreover, the platform serves as a common place to connect learners and employers seeking success in the tech space.


What is BitDegree?

BitDegree is an online educational website that offers job-ready digital skills, such as data science, ecommerce, machine learning, graphic design, gamified programming courses, web development, the blockchain, and many more.

BitDegree labels itself as the world’s first digital incentivized educational platform powered by Ethereum Blockchain technology.

What does it exactly mean?

BitDegree provides students with expertly-created online courses while tracking learners’ achievements and awarding them for the same. The platform uses a technology based on Ethereum blockchain to issue token based scholarships. By taking courses with token scholarship attached, students earn BitDegree tokens. Students can exchange these tokens on learning other skills or for different currencies. Simply put, students can gain amazing tech skills and make money at the same time with BitDegree. At the same time, BitDegree allows employers to recruit technology specialists from a pool of best and well-educated students.

With BitDegree, you can learn with BitDegree at your own pace as per your convenience while keeping up with your existing schedule. You can learn while commuting to work, in your bed, or after sending your kids to school.

In the short duration after its inception, BitDegree enjoyed huge success. As of June 2018, the platform has:

• 60,000+ students
• 433+ instructors waiting to upload their courses
• 160 tutorials on blockchain and cryptocurrency
• 120 online courses

BitDegree has a huge community. They are active on a range of social media channels with over 82,000 active followers on Facebook and 18,000+ Twitter followers. The company runs an interactive YouTube channel and a discussion form on Reddit. The company already made it to TOP 7 educational EdTech companies based on web traffic and won the EdTechX Startup Super League award.


How BitDegree Works?

Companies incentivize people who are willing to participate in a training course offered by BitDegree to learn new technologies or services. By incentivizing, companies explicitly signal the demand for certain qualifications and informs about the skills required to use the newly introduced technology or service effectively. By catching these signals, learners will develop skills and knowledge to use the new in-demand technology in the industry. Job seekers participate in subsidized courses to develop advanced skills within selected technology.

All the course material and assessments are divided into small chunks to enable short-term effort in the reward cycle. The BItDegree platform tracks and records the progress of each student and rewards each progressing student with Tokens. The platform also provides ways the students can prove they overcome the challenge of developing and applying skills to solve problems.

Companies providing incentives connect with students enrolled in subsidized courses and offers jobs to good performers. Students are incentive takers while inventive creators can be a potential employer, a digital service provider, a government institution or even an ordinary citizen. Incentive creators define the maximum number of applicants, date and time of course enrollment, and how long the incentives are left available to enrolled students. The smart contract assures incentive payment.

A smart contract is a computer code running on a blockchain. It digitally facilitates and verifies the performance of a contract. You can exchange money, shares, or anything of value transparently without third parties. You can track each transaction that takes place on smart contracts.

And, when it comes to BitDegree, smart-incentive smart contract receives proof of study effort verification from BitDegree and issues payment for verification and enablement of study effort.

Look at the following image to see how BItDegree and its smart-incentive smart contract work.

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BitDegree Courses

All BitDegree courses are organized in four different categories:

CODING: Web development, game development, programming languages, interactive courses, code theory

BUSINESS: Business, ecommerce, marketing

BLOCKCHAIN: Crypto & blockchain, Guides, and tutorials, interactive courses

OTHER: Graphic design, machine learning, data science, personal development

By the end of 2020, BitDegree is expected to introduce courses on robotics, cybersecurity, and artificial intelligence.

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BitDegree Video Courses

BitDegree offers interactive video courses on game development, ecommerce, data science, gamified coding courses, information security, graphic design, programming languages, web development. In addition to digital skills, you will get access to video courses related to crypto & blockchain, business, marketing, personal development.

All their courses are designed by industry experts, including university professionals, CEOs of IT firms, and other subject matter experts. You will get great courses covering all skill levels – beginners, intermediates and advanced. Most of the video courses are free and give you lifetime access. You can access these courses anytime and from anywhere on your smartphones.


BitDegree Interactive Courses

BitDegree introduces interactive courses to make learning as fun as you feel by playing games. The company uses the Octalysis gamification framework to design these interesting and interactive courses.

Currently, the platform offers the following nine entirely free gamified courses:

Learn Solidity: The Ultimate Solidity Course To Kickstart Your Career
Space Doggos: Interactive Learning Solidity Course For Beginners
Interactive Programming for Beginners: What is CSS/HTML/Web Development
Interactive SQL Tutorial: Learn SQL Commands
Learn PHP Online: PHP Basics with Interactive PHP Tutorials
Interactive JavaScript Tutorial: Learn JavaScript The Fun Way
• Master Responsive Web Design
Bootstrap Tutorial: Learn Use Bootstrap & Introduction to Bootstrap 4
Interactive jQuery Tutorial: Effects & Events

BitDegree is currently working on creating more engaging, human-focused courses.


Code Theory

The Code Theory section focuses on the following web development languages and tools:

• JavaScript
• BootStrap
• Solidity (Ethereum smart-contract coding language)
• JQuery
• Git
• DevTools

Each course in this section features a web glossary of tips & tricks, technology-specific content, interactive tutorials, code snippets, and real-life examples to teach you how to develop your own website. Moreover, you will discover pre-made coding examples in BitDegree’s live editor and test your own code with one mouse click.


Guides & Tutorials

On this section, you will find expertly-written how-to guides, technology updates, tips, guides, and much more in one place. Each guide and tutorial packs in detailed information along with examples, screenshots and useful references to help the learners inthe best possible way. You can subscribe to this section to receive every new post in this section directly in your inbox.


BitDegree vs. Competitors

If you are looking into online education, you may have heard of other popular online educational platforms such as Udemy, Udacity, EdX, CodeAcademy, and Coursera. These are well-established names offering online education to millions of students all over the world.

Now, you might think – What makes the newcomer, BitDegree, unique from its competitors? Why should you think about this platform when considering online education?

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Human-Focused Learning Model

Most of the reputed MOOCs providers were formed years ago and are based on the old education system. Most of these providers cover their expenses by offering paid courses, getting sponsorship from universities, providing company and product branding, etc. Now, after becoming too big names in the education world, they fear to experiment with new ideas.

On the other hand, coming late to the market, BitDegree is based on the latest educational model. It studied the history and experiments with ideas and techniques to become highly-responsive to the needs, teachers, sponsors, employers, and everyone involved. Instead of old and monotonous learning approaches, the company uses a proven gamification technique to help motivate people to learn and grow.


Cheap or Free Courses

Most of the courses, guides, and tutorials on BitDegree are free and give you lifetime access to the course. Paid courses also cost you nominal without compromising with the quality of the course content. BitDegree firmly believes that everyone should have access to the high-quality education. That’s why the company follows a price model focused on affordable and quality education for people on the globe.


Earn While You Learn

Course completion rate with other platforms is very low. BitDegree increases student retention rates by incorporating gamification and a lot of small incentives with each course. Students can choose courses with attached tokenized reward and exchange it for other courses or other currencies. The number of BitDegree (BTD) tokens students receive for course completion depends on the sponsor. The amount often varies by geolocation, language, and tutors.


Getting Started with BitDegree

You can join BitDegree as a student or an instructor as well. Simply, sign up using your email, or using your existing Facebook or Google account. You can register with BitDegree for free.

Login with your details and start browsing their courses. Click here to learn and earn with BitDegree. Click here to become an instructor at BitDegree.


  • Connects students and employers
  • No cost of gaining tech skills
  • Interesting, gamified courses that motivate students to complete the course.
  • Opportunity to communicate with other students and mentors
  • Earn while learning


They are not an accredited online learning platform.



By now, you may have a pretty good understanding of what is BitDegree and how can you benefit from this online education platform. Given the use of gamification in course designs and the cost of the courses, BitDegree’s seems to be a revolution in the world of digital learning.

Statistics that gamification market will grow 500% to $11 Billion by 2020 and online education will take over the textbook learning altogether, which make it evident that BitDegree certainly is going to lead the online education industry in future.

It’s a great and affordable platform for students, businesses, employers and other parties involved. Inventive creators get the opportunity to initiate a dialogue with the best talents, reward them for their achievements and get them on board. Students get paid for training new skills that are very much in demand in the market. Learning with BitDegree is a great opportunity to land on a promising job.

BitDegree has already embarked on its journey toward success. The company still holds many plans to meet the demands of ever-evolving technology and the education system.

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