Best Coding Tools for Beginners

Learning new skills is overwhelming.

With hundreds of scattered online courses, it also might seem impossible to figure out where to begin. Some of them make learning easier, while others simply slow you down or make your learning curve a bit tough.

Well, learning does not have to be daunting, when it comes to ‘coding.’  There are a variety of online coding tools and resources that only work for beginners.

So, whether you want to learn to code in Java, HTML, CSS, PHP or Python, here is a list of top beginner coding tools and resources that are sure to help.

[mkdf_section_title title_tag=”h3″ title=”Udacity”]

Whether you want to master an in-demand skill or build a project, Udacity is a learning platform that comes with the most extensive program options. Their course catalog includes machine learning, deep learning, data analyst, data scientist, artificial intelligence, mobile and web development, digital marketing, and autonomous systems.

It also offers learner courses that one can take at their own pace, and they also have timed degrees knows as nanodegrees. In case, if you are a complete coding beginner, you can start with ‘Intro to Programming’ Nanodegree that will equip you with basic skills you need to get started in the coding world.

Udacity is free to use, but have to pay for the nanodegree certification. However, the teaching methodology remains same in both cases.

One thing that makes it tops our list is that it has best content built by Silicon Valley leaders such as Kaggle, AT&T, and Google.

Why Choose Udacity?

·  Personalized feedback on projects.

·  Industry-based projects to help build the portfolio and skills.

· You receive a verified nanodegree credential on the completion of program.

[mkdf_section_title title_tag=”h3″ title=”Udemy”]

With over 100,000 online courses, Udemy offers a large selection of courses to an aspiring programmer. Whether you want to learn Python, Java, Javascript, PHP, CSS, C# or Node.Js and Angular, its development courses are sure to help you. In each language, there are three categories including top, new and beginner favorites, and you can choose the one for you.

Along with the courses, there are a number of instructors that work for your specific learning needs.

Udemy also works as a platform where anyone can develop and upload courses.

Why Choose Udemy?

·  Instructors update the materials inside their courses regularly.

· Courses are self-paced, and you can re-play the modules, as per your needs.

·  Every course comes with a 30-day money back guarantee.

·  Although Udemy does not offer a completion certificate, it has courses that prepare you for various certifications.

Pricing: Varies according to each course. Each instructor charges a different amount on the basis of offered courses. However, you have to only pay for courses that you opt for.

[mkdf_section_title title_tag=”h3″ title=”freeCodeCamp”]

freeCodeCamp is an interactive learning web platform that makes learning web development accessible for everyone. The languages that are taught on this platform include CSS3, JavaScript, HTML5, Node.Js, Git, and MongoDB.

It works on a self-paced curriculum involving 1,200 hours of interactive coding and web development projects, along with the 800 hours of contributing to open source projects. However, the curriculum is divided into front-end, back-end, full stack development, and data visualization.

If you are completely new to coding, we’d recommend you to start from the beginning. The course will introduce to HTML, CSS, JavaScript (JS), and will then let you progress on the assignment you need to complete.

The feature that makes is different from other resources is that FCC is browser-based and comes with a simple learning environment.

Why Choose FreeCodeCamp?

·  Have chat rooms and an online community forum for discussions.

· Emphasizes on pair programming that fosters a culture of shared-learning

·  Lets you build projects and earn free certifications.

Pricing: Free

[mkdf_section_title title_tag=”h3″ title=”CodeCademy”]

CodeCademy is one of the most popular and free resources for aspiring programmers. This platform lets you build skills in markup languages such as CSS and HTML, and programming languages like C++, SaSS, Ruby, SQL, JavaScript, Java, and Python.

Each track is beginner friendly as it begins with ‘Hello World’ example and then moves on to the other concepts. Further, instead of offering video lectures, they offer you interactive learning, in which you type the lessons, and get results instantly.

These offerings are free, but it also offers a ‘pro’ option that unlocks more courses and lets you practice in the CodeCademy App.

In case, if you are not sure from where to begin, they give you the chance to view all the free courses, so that you can make the best decision.

Why Choose CodeCademy?

·  CodeCademy starts each track with the basic examples and equip you with the skills for the advanced courses.

·  Keeps you motivated throughout the learning journey.

·  Comes with a Q&A forum that lets you work on the coding projects with other learners.

 ·  Lets you adjust the learning schedule according to your needs.

Pricing: All the courses are free. Cost of Pro is a monthly subscription at $19.99/mo; 6-month subscription is at $17.99/mo, and a 12-month subscription is at $15.99/mo.

[mkdf_section_title title_tag=”h3″ title=”Treehouse”]

Treehouse is one of the leading online technology school that has 300+ courses and 278 workshops on 23 tech topics. Not only this, but it also offers 1000 videos created by industry experts.

So, whether you want to learn in-demand coding skills or build amazing projects, Treehouse provides you techdegrees in the areas including Front End Web Development (CSS, HTML, and JavaScript), Python, Android, iOS, Django, and Java.

The courses are completely online, and with the courses of each program, you will make 9-12 projects that let you practice what you have learned. Designed for complete beginners, the trainers walk you through the basic concepts of coding through coding, code challenges, and help to build your portfolio.

This platform offers you access to the community of students and experts, where you can share tips, resources, and get feedback on what you do.

So, with Treehouse, you learn at your speed and become job ready within a few months.

Why Choose Treehouse?

·  Provides in-browser text editor for leaning and coding simultaneously.

·  Comes with customizable learning paths for 20+ tech topics.

·  Releases new content every week.

 ·  The courses are equipped with code challenges and interactive quizzes.

Pricing: Offers a 14-day free trial. The basic plan starts at $25 a month (Treehouse’s full library, access to member forums, and Code Challenge Engine), and a pro plan is available at $49 a month (Everything from basic plan along with content including offline availability of courses and talks from industry leaders.

However, the tech-degrees have 7-day free trial and are then available at $199/month.

[mkdf_section_title title_tag=”h3″ title=”Coursera”]

Coursera is a beginner coding resource that provides you 100% online learning from the world’s best universities, for free. With 2,700 courses, 150+ university partners, 250+ specializations, and four accredited degrees, it works as an ideal learning platform for the beginner coders.

For example, if you want to build your skill set with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, you can start with the course offered by Duke University, University of London or John Hopkins University.

These courses take you through basic web development as you build web pages using HTML and CSS. Moreover, you will also be equipped with the necessary JS skills including onChange, alert, onClick, and other input features.

After the course completion, you are awarded a certification that you can share on your resume or Linkedin.

Why Choose Coursera?

·  Provides you a forum participation opportunity that lets you share ideas and interact with the peers across the world.

·   The courses are free to audit.

·  You can reset the deadlines according to your schedule.

 ·  Learn according to your time-schedule through Coursera’s iOS app or Android app.

Pricing: Courses are free, but if you want to earn a course certificate, it is paid. You have to click on Enroll Now button to check the price, but usually, the prices for courses run between $29-$99/month.

The specializations are priced at $39-$79 per month, and online degrees are priced at $15-$25,000.

[mkdf_section_title title_tag=”h3″ title=”Lynda”]

Lynda is an open online course website for aspiring programmers with a wide array programming training and tutorials. These courses are available in five different languages and will help you start by exploring the basics, learning on how to code, and then create an application. The tutorials are also available for various programming languages including C, C++, Python, C#, Java, Visual Basic, and more. All Lynda courses are available on Linkedin Learning so that you can learn from various industry experts seamlessly.

They deliver the courses through video content and let the students learn at their own pace. One feature that makes it best for the beginners is that for just ‘one subscription free,’ the students have unrestricted access to content for a month.

It also offers certificates of completion for courses that have been finished.

Why Choose Lynda?

·  Provides your limitless learning possibilities through the Android and iOS App.

·  Sends you personalized course recommendations.

· Lets you practice with additional quizzes, worksheets, and other instruction material.

Pricing: You get a free one month trial. Basic membership starts at $25 per month (unlimited access to all the videos on the website), and premium membership is $37.50 per month (offline access to coursework).

[mkdf_section_title title_tag=”h3″ title=”edX”]

edX is an online course provider, which offers you around 1900 online courses from 100+ leading institutions including MIT, Harvard, Microsoft, and more. When it comes to coding, they have 47 programs with 107 courses that train you in C, C++, HTML5, CSS, JavaScript, Python, ReactJS, and Java.

It comes with five courses for $499 and lets you develop the websites using latest web standards.

Why Choose edX?

·  The courses are self-paced, and lets you learn on your own convenience

·  The courses are available in many languages including English, Russian, French, Japanse, Spanish, Italian, and Chinese.

Pricing: You get a free one month trial. Basic membership starts at $25 per month (unlimited access to all the videos on the website), and premium membership is $37.50 per month (offline access to coursework).

[mkdf_section_title title_tag=”h3″ title=”Final Words”]

Learning to code is not just for aspiring programmers. You can also go for the beginner courses to brush up your skills or improve your current skill set. As you learn, VPN’s are important to browse with, and Coderseye’s choice is Nord. Read the Full NordVPN review here.

With this list of beginner coding tools and resources, we hope you know which one will best serve your learning requirements. You can choose any of the beginner coding resources mentioned above, or perhaps, try all, and then select the one that suits your learning curve.

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