82 Best Places to Learn to Code for Free

Most that will read this are brand spanking new, your probably here because you want to learn code for free, which is why we put together a HUGE list of the best resources on where to learn how to code for free online. We’ll hit our top 82 choices and go into a little about what each has to offer. Many will have free coding resources as well as some paid options for more in-depth lessons.

First things first! Learning a programming language can be beneficial to you in many ways. You can better manage websites. You don’t require an outside developer for your projects. Learning to code gives you the freedom to turn your imaginations into reality with ease.

Next, you don’t even need to break your bank or put yourself in debt to learn how to code, either.

Good news! The Internet has tons of resources that will teach you desired programming languages online for free. These resources include blogs, books, YouTube channels, free courses and much more.

Use these resources to learn to code for free and discover your true interest before investing heavily into a particular coding language. However, there are so many free coding resources and classes and books to choose from. How do you know which are the best places to learn coding online?

Moreover, the number of free resources to learn a programming language free is literally countless. So, how do know you which resources are the best? Well, to put you at ease, we did some homework and have come up with the 82 best places to learn coding. Use these websites to learn to code for free from interactive video tutorials, full free online coding courses, blogs and so on.

Learn to Code for Free online with the below Resources

General                                 Youtube Channels                    Blogs

The Command Line                    Git and Github                                         HTML and CSS

Javascript                                     WordPress                                                  Python

Ruby                                                Data Science & Analysis                        Machine Learning

Cyber Security                            Mobile App Development                      UI/UX Design

Use the table to jump to the relevant course category directly by clicking any of the above categories.


General Coding

1. Coursera

Learn to code with Coursera for free
Learn programming languages from the courses designed by the world’s most prestigious universities. It’s a huge online library of various coding courses covering virtually everything of computer programming.

Coursera covers coding topics such as software development, mobile and development, algorithm development, design and products, etc. Video modules and online exercises in each course complement language learning. Coursera aims to make it easy to learn programming.

2. Udemy

udemy coding homepage
Udemy is a renowned free code academy for developers. Learn coding from video tutorials and readable material created by the experts. You will get coupons and discount on various courses.

Udemy offers excellent courses in every programming language, game development, web and graphic designing, and much more. It also covers topics such as IT training, operating systems, network, and hardware, etc. Check development courses on Udemy.

3. Code.org

Code.org gives you access to countless tutorials, how-to guides, videos, and so on. You will learn to develop games for K-8 grades, JavaScipt, Android and iPhone programming languages.

Code.org also conducts many instructor-led lessons for personalized and easy learning. This website is designed to help school students learn computer science and make it an essential part of their regular curriculum.

4. edX

edX is an open source higher education learning platform with over 5 million learners from all over the world. MIT and Harvard founded edX in 2012 to deliver cutting-edge free coding programs.

edX.org offers more than 166 different free online programming courses to help people learn different programming languages at their own pace. It covers coding languages such as C#, Java, C++, Python, jQuery, R programming, SQL, mobile app design and development and so on.

5. GA Dash

General Assembly Coding Courses
GA Dash is a General Assembly’s free online learning channel. It offers a fun way to help you learn programming languages like HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript. You’ll develop your own projects, which makes it great for those who prefer practice over theoretical learning.

GA Dash is one of the few free code learning resources to offer free online programming courses on building a Tumblr theme from scratch.

6. Team Treehouse

Team Treehouse Coding
Learn code for free online from more than 1,000 interactive videos created by the experts. Team Treehouse continuously refreshes its library of lessons, tutorials, and courses to avail the latest learning material on coding. The instructors at Team Treehouse really take the time within the training to break down the basics. They do it by topic as well as profession you looking to go into. They have a free trial to see if their material is something that you really want to venture into.

Learn to code for free by taking quizzes and code challenges. It allows you to retain the information learned and successfully apply it to your future projects. Hundreds of individuals, businesses, organizations and schools use the Team Treehouse to develop valuable coding skills

7. W3Schools

Are you a complete beginner? Look no further W3Schools to learn coding for free. W2Schools is the world’s largest learning resource for web developers. You’ll learn using free and easy-to-understand tutorials, references and coding lessons for beginners.

W3Schools is the only resource to cover just about every aspect of web programming. You can test your skills using quizzes and coding exercises online

8. MIT Open Course

MIT Open Course (OCW) is a web-based publication with the entire MIT course content. Anyone around the world can access it from anywhere. Enrich your coding skills using MIT’s quality and latest learning material for programming languages.

In the Electrical Engineering and Computer Science section, you will find the course content for a wide range of coding languages and enjoy the process of learning code. Choose the desired course and start learning.

9. Udacity

Udacity coding
Udacity is a free code academy that offers access to many free development-based courses. Learn with this free code academy to fine-tune your skills as a front-end developer, Android developer, or an iOS developer. You can read our in-depth review of udacity here.

However, to get recognized as a nanodegree holder, you need to pay for the courses. The platform covers a wide range of coding topics, such as Java, SQL, React, mobile development on various platforms, and so on.

10. Microsoft Virtual Academy

Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced developer, looking to improve your existing skill level, Microsoft Virtual Academy helps.

This web-based free code academy covers coding-related topics such as cloud development, game development, web development, and database development. Also, learn Visual Studio, mobile app development, X#, XAML and much more. It’s great for beginners as well as intermediates.

11. The Code Player

The best and unique thing about this resource is that it exposes you to presentation walk-throughs or videos developed by others. Learn to use real-life codes that someone else has already implemented.

These real case studies give you a better idea of using a particular programming language. This free code academy covers programming languages such as JavaScript, jQuery, CSS3, HTML5 and many more.

12. The Odin Project

This platform aims to help aspiring web developers to learn and improve their skills online for free. Learn by working on several small projects and add those to your own work portfolio.

The Odin Project teaches the most basic programming languages such as HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, jQuery, Ruby and Ruby on Rails, required for developing websites. Join the online chat group for support from other students.


Youtube Channels

13. Codecourse

Instructors Intro at Code Course
Core course YouTube channel offers a free access to an extensive library of PHP frameworks and JavaScript tutorials. Develop a fully-functional website simply by following this YouTube channel.

The channel shares in-depth step by step PHP coding tutorials. Learn the fundamentals as well as advanced concepts of PHP and JavaScript.

Free videos on: PHP, JavaScript, Laravel, Hosting, Sass, Ajax, jQuery, CSS, HTML5, Node.js and more.

Subscribers: 305K

14. TheNewBoston

On the new boston, you will find over 4,000 interactive videos on a range of web and game development and design topics. Bucky Roberts teaches the coding lessons more simply and entertainingly. Perfect for young learners and complete beginners to computer programming.

Free videos on: ECMA, JavaScript, Django, Git, Python, CSS, Adobe Illustrator, Java, Android, iOS, C, C++, game development, MySQL and so on.

Subscribers: 2M

15. Google Developers

Free Coding Training at Google Developers
Run and managed by Google itself, this YouTube channels feature events talks, tips, the latest information, and best practices to code. It also offers an educational video series on a wide range of coding topics, Google’s products and platforms. The experts at Google handcrafts all coding lessons on this channel.

Free videos on UI/UX, machine learning, Android, and all about Google.

Subscribers: 1.6M

16. Clever Programmer

This one is an interesting and highly interactive YouTube channel to learn coding. You will find awesome programming lessons in an engaging video format. Expect to learn programming hacks, tips, tricks and techniques that will uplift your coding skills to a higher level.

Free videos on Python, SQL Programming, Command Line, C and so on.

Subscribers: 235K

17. Codearchery

Animation always adds entertainment and interest in learning. And, this is what Codearchery benefits form. If you are one of those who find classroom training and traditional teaching of programming language boring, you must try Codearchery.

This animation-based YouTube channel uses Whiteboard Animations to create awesome coding tutorials.

Free videos on Java, C, C++, algorithms and much more

Subscribers: 17K



18. Tuts+

Free and Paid coding options at Tutsplus
Tuts+ is the best place to learn to code and transform your life as a developer. The blog offers tons of free programming lessons and How-To tutorials.

It covers design & illustrations, web design, various programming languages and game development. Also learn computer skills, photo and video processing, 3D and motion graphics. Tuts+ allows self-direct learning of coding at your own pace. Subscribe to read ebooks online for free.

19. Simple Programmer

John Sonmez, a software developer, runs the Simple Programmer blog. This blog helps you become more self-confident and productive in your coding skills. Learn through articles on various coding languages.

You can enroll in free courses to grow your career as a developer. Reading this blog keeps you motivated by sharing useful tips, tricks, and techniques to address all types of coding tasks.

20. David Walsh

David Walsh's Coding Blog
David Walsh, a senior developer at Mozilla believes in knowledge sharing, runs and manages this blog. Dive into free coding how-to’s, demos, readable and video tutorials, articles, and other coding lessons.

It mainly covers JavaScript, React.js, Cache API, Node.js, jQuery tutorials, JavaScript, ES6, and fetch API. You will also learn Ajax, Media, Mobile, HTML, SEO, PHP, Shell and WordPress on this blog.

21. The Crazy Programmer

This blog focuses on programming technologies like C, C++, Java,Net, Python comparisons, PHP, SQL, Android, etc. It offers basic coding lessons, tutorials, and projects that are helpful to learn to programme in the best manner.

The Crazy Programmer blog has been featured on Forbes, FeedSpot.com, and Learntoprogram.tv as one of the top blogs for learning free programming. The blog offers many tutorials in a blog, plus sections for free eBook and downloads.

22. SitePoint

Free Code Tutorials at Sitepoint
Lots of industry experts contribute to SitePoint by sharing their knowledge on this blog. You will get access to excellently crafted coding tutorials on various topics such as React.JS, UX, Blockchain, HTML, CSS, WordPress and so on.

Learn through videos, learning paths and books. Subscribe to SitePoint to receive email courses from SitePoint directly in your inbox. You can receive paid books and courses on its child site Learnable.

23. Ray Wenderlich

Learn to code free from hundreds of industry experts, developers, and designers from all over the world. Ray Wenderlich is a global community of the best coders. Ray Really does break down and explains the basics of what code is.

You will get the highest-quality collection of video courses and written tutorials that will grow you as a developer. Get tons of tutorials on iOS and Swift, Android & Kotlin, Unity and Unreal Engine.



24. Learn Enough Command Line to Be Dangerous

If you are a complete beginner and want to learn the Unix command line, this is the best place to start with. You don’t need any technique prerequisites to learn from this resource. You just need to have the general computer knowledge.

It offers an interactive learning using a series of tutorials covering a broad audience. It covers topics such as the basics of Unix command line, manipulating and inspecting files, and managing directories.

25. Conquering the Command Line

Mark Bates wrote this free online book to impart in-depth training in using the command line. The book contains nine chapters covering all basics as well as advanced command line concepts.

This book targets new developers, seasoned coders and everyone in between who want to be an expert in using Unix and Linux commands. It showcases many useful commands a developer should know to perform daily command line errands.

26. Command Line Power User

Command Line Power Users
Wes Bos, a full stack developer, and teacher created this free code academy. Bos is passionate about workflow and tooling. He set up Command Line Power User to help people learn command line easily and quickly.

You will get access to free video series. It is a great channel for intermediate and advanced learners. Just subscribe to the course and start receiving the study material directly in your inbox.


Git and Github

27. Git Immersion

Git Immersion takes learners on a guided tour through the basics of Git. You can set preferences and learn to create your own projects.

You will learn to check status, making changes, tagging versions, retrieving old versions, undoing committed changes, etc. It also shares coding lessons on structures, moving files, creating and navigating branches, merging, hosting and many more topics.

28. GitHub Help

GitHub Help is Git’s official platform that supports learners with documentation and guides. The platform teaches learners everything about the Git version control system. It covers setting up and using Bootcamp, exploring projects on GitHub, using Git, setting up and using a GitHub user account, and so on.

You will also learn authenticating to GitHub, writing on GitHub, working with non-code files and everything related to Git.

29. Try Git

Try Git is the best place to learn online coding with Git. Learn to set up, manage and use Git by taking interactive challenges. Code School created this channel to help people learn the Git version control system by experimenting.

You get two options to learn Git on Try Git – learn by reading and learn by doing. If you choose to learn by reading, you will get a Git Handbook and a collection of cheat sheets. With Learn by Doing, you will learn through Git Branching, Visualizing Git, and Git It.



30. CSS-Tricks

Best CSS tricks for Coding Beginners
Learn tips, tricks and techniques of Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) in an interesting manner. Chris Coyier creates, manages and maintains CSS-Tricks.com. Learn all about CSS from interactive video tutorials, code snippets, forums, and comprehensive CSS guides.

CSS Almanac, a reference guide to numerous CSS features, gives deep insights into this web page styling language. Subscribe to their newsletters to receive all updates in your inbox.

31. HTML5 Dog

HTML Dog aims to ease the official specifications of HTML and its related client-side technologies and present them in the simplest language. It revises and presents official documentation in a much more readable and easy to understand way.

Find interactive, video-based HTML tutorials for beginners, intermediates and advanced learners as well. Learn through examples, references and techniques covering everything about HTML.

32. HTML5 Rocks

Now, known as Web Fundamentals, HTML5 Rocks was created by Google to help web developers learn HTML5 programming language. You will learn from a wide collection of engaging articles and coding tutorials on all aspects of HTML5.

The site targets the audience with various skills levels, from beginners to advanced coders. It’s a fast, engaging and reliable platform to learn and master HTML5.


Basic HTML introductions
HTML.com helps developers of all skill levels develop the excellent HTML and CSS skills. To keep the information organized, the website provides comprehensive and easy-to-use references filled with tricks, tips, and techniques.

In addition to ‘how-to’ tutorials, you also learn when and why you should use HTML and CSS elements. The site covers topics on HTML tags from A to Z, attributes, and hosting guides. You will learn through tutorials on a wide range of topics and read informative blogs as well.

34. Mozilla Developer Network

Get free documentation on HTML and CSS to be used as your learning resource. This website offers readable tutorials for both technologies.HTML tutorials include material on HTML fundamentals and advanced topics, like multimedia, embedding, elements, attributes, etc.

The CSS section includes interactive tutorials on styling text, layout, boxes, grid layout, and much more. Mozilla Developer Network offers coding lessons for learners of various levels from introductory to advance.

35. Learn to Code HTML & CSS

This site offers online coding tutorials to help you learn how to develop beautiful and intuitive websites using HTML and CSS. It covers a wide range of topics related to web design and development for beginners and experienced developers.

All lessons are well structured and organized to make learning easier. HTML & CSS basic section serves as a simple and comprehensive guide for beginners.

The Advanced HTML & CSS section provides a deeper insight into front-end design and development with latest HTML and CSS techniques for experienced developers.



36. JavaScript for Cats

learning javascripts with cats
JavaScript for Cats is a book published on a single webpage. It is an online tutorial that helps cats or their human companions understand and learn JavaScipt. Programmer Max Ogden broke down the entire page into sections for ease of learners. The very tongue-in-cheek writing style of this tutorial makes learning JavaScript a whole lot easier, even for beginners.

This online resource for learning JavaScript covers callbacks, synchronous and asynchronous code, and JavaScript libraries. You will learn to various ways to use variables and values.

37. Learn-JS.org

This website is the best place to learn online coding for every beginner or experienced developers who want to learn anything, from basics to advanced, of JavaScript. It offers a hands-on way to learn this programming language.

Just click on the lesson you want to learn, follow the instructions, and you’re done! It covers topics such as arrays, loops, objects, pop-up boxes, call JavaScript programming less and types, inheritance, object-oriented JavaScript, and much more.

38. JavaScript Garden

JavaScript Garden is a fastest growing collection of documentation about various parts of the JavaScript coding language. You will get experts’ advice on how to avoid common JavaScript mistakes and subtle bugs. You will learn to prevent performance issues and bad practices that non-expert or beginner JavaScript programmers often encounter.

JavaScript Garden doesn’t teach you JavaScript from scratch. You must have former knowledge of the language to understand the tutorials and guides covered on this website. JavaScript Garden mainly covers objects, functions, arrays, types, core and many other topics.

39. Eloquent JavaScript

Eloquent JavaScript is a book about JavaScript programming. If you can’t buy the book or prefer online reading, you can read it online at eloquentjavascript.net. MarijnHaverbeke is the author of this book and all codes mentioned here are licensed under MIT license.

The entire content of this tutorial is divided into three parts – Language, Browser, and Node. Learn JavaScript basics, such as values, operators, modules, bugs, functions, etc. in the Language part.

The browser part focuses on the document object model, event handling, canvas drawing, HTTP, and forms. And, the node part covers node.js and includes working on a project for the skill-sharing website.

40. Learn JavaScript for Web Development

Udemy Javascipt Course for Free
If you are interested in dynamic and interactive JavaScript-based projects, this course is perfect for you. This Udemy course starts with teaching you very basics of JavaScript the very basics of the JavaScript language and gradually takes you to the advanced learning.

You will learn through lessons well-organized by experts, quizzes and online coding assignments. This course mainly covers introduction to JavaScript, Variables with Arithmetic and assignment operators, JavaScript functions, and control structures with comparison and logical operators.

It also focuses on JavaScript data types and objects, browser object model, document object model, event handling, overlay menu project, and errors and strict mode.

41. Practical Design Patterns in JavaScript

PluralSight Java Course
Learning and coding good JavaScript projects is not too hard. This excellent course by Pluralsight represents four tried and true design patterns and help you structure and organize your JavaScript code in a more readable and maintainable manner.

This course teaches you different ways to use and manipulate objects in JavaScript. You will also learn to implement the design patterns in JavaScript and Angular JS.



42. WPBeginner

WPBeginner is a free web-based resource for those who want to learn WordPress development. It features an extensive and full WP glossary of terms, video tutorials, tips and tricks with in-depth training and consulting.

WPBeginner blog and video tutorials provide useful articles and insights on developing websites using various WordPress features. You will learn to tackle problems that often arise during WordPress development. News and Opinion sections will keep you updated with the current happenings in this domain.

This website also features plug-ins and themes that are compatible with WordPress sites. Use coupons to get discount on themes.

43. WPShout

In-Depth WordPress Tutorials for Developers
No matter whether you’re just getting started or looking to solve a particular advanced problem, WPShout covers you the best. The website offers free ideas, tools, tutorials, videos and readable content to help build and improve your skills. A dedicated WordPress News section will help you keep a tab on what’s going on in the WordPress space.

WPShout covers back-end and front-end WordPress development, editorials, courses, quick guides, and server administration. Subscribe to WPShout to receive weekly in-depth WordPress tutorials and other cool WordPress stuff in your inbox.

44. WordPress.org Codex

Hosted by wordpress.org, the WordPress Code offers documented learning support to people. It is an online manual that helps you learn the basics as well as advanced WordPress development techniques from top developers. It is a very technical and authoritative learning resource for beginners and experienced users.

WordPress Codex covers a range of topics starting from WordPress basics like installing and troubleshooting with WordPress to advanced lessons such as creating a plug-in or debugging a network. You will find very detailed sections dedicated to beginners, design, site development, and theme development.

45. Hongkiat

Hongiat Homepage Content
Hongkiat is dedicated to designing technology. It has an entire section devoted to all WordPress things. You will learn by reading so many interesting and engaging articles explaining WordPress fundamentals. There are many in-depth articles explaining things like utilizing specific functions, creating customized shortcodes and more in WordPress.

The site gets updated regularly with new content about WordPress. It’s a good place for beginners as well as experienced developers who want to expand their knowledge base.

46. DigWP.com

DigWP.com is the home to the book, Digging Into WordPress. Chris Coyier and Jeff Starr wrote this book. Although book will cost you money, the website is absolutely free.

You will find countless awesome free WordPress resources, tools, themes and techniques to improve your website. Find high-quality tricks, tips, online coding tutorials, code snippets, articles, guides and much more.

47. Siteground

Siteground is a hosting company that sponsors many open source communities including WordPress. This website offers interactive and in-depth tutorials to help people understand everything they need to know for creating a WordPress website from scratch.

You will find many valuable lessons on how to create both simple and complex websites. It also offers a vast collection of free WordPress themes. It covers basic topics such as WordPress hosting, theme customization, security, updates, administration, plugins.

You will also get lessons on advanced topics like Emailing via SMTP, disable post revisions, change the language, WordPress Adsense, WordPress SEO, etc.



48. A Byte of Python

One bit of Python code at a time
Get this free book to learn how to code using the Python programming language. Download it free as a PDF or can buy a hard copy. This book serves as a tutorial or guide for beginners who want to learn the Python language.

49. Learnpython.org

Learn from interactive Python tutorials. It’s a good option to learn Python for free whether you’re a beginner or an experienced programmer. It teaches using free, easy-to-understand and interactive Python tutorials.

Learn the Python basics such as variables, lists, operators, string operations, conditions, loops, functions, dictionaries, modules and packages, and classes and objects. It also covers advanced topics like Numpy arrays, Pandas basics, generators, regular expressions, decorators, closures, code inspections and more.

50. Learn Python The Hard Way

If you are fine to learn Python online without a book, visit Learn Python The Hard Way website. It’s free! You will access it from anywhere and anytime. This website features all chapters from the book and exercise for Linux, Windows, and MacOS.

The website teaches Python with 52 exercises and offers valuable advice from a seasoned programmer. It also lists the next steps to follow once you finish all your exercises. Each exercise lists important steps and information to perform a particular task to learn the Python programming language.

51. Google’s Python Class

It’s a free class for those with a little programming experienced and who want to learn Python. The Google’s Python Class teaches using materials, lecture videos and many code exercises in your practice.

The first exercise introduces you to the basic concepts of Python like lists and strings, while later exercise feature full programs on text files, processes and HTTP connections handling.

52. Introduction to NumPy

Learn Numerical Python at TreeHosue
NumPy (Numerical Python) is the best place to learn to code with Python. In this course by Team Treehouse, you will learn to use the N-dimensional array for organizing and reporting on data. It describes the basics of Array Programming.

You will explore the basic concepts and terminologies in this 154-minute Python course. The course teaches using readable material and interactive tutorial videos online.



53. Ruby in 20 Minutes

This official Ruby website is a great place to learn to code Ruby for beginners as well as experienced developers. Learn the basics of the Ruby programming language in 20 minutes or less as a starting point.

Learn from the documentation, libraries, communities, news, success stories, academic research and tools handcrafted by the members of the Ruby community.

54. Rails for Zombies

Codeschool Zombie for Rails
The best course for beginners who want to learn Rails! Learn Ruby on Rails basics such as views, controllers, models, routing, and more. You will learn this language through interactive coding challenges, readable material, video coding tutorials and screencasts designed by experts.

This Pluralsight course is perfect for beginners as well as those who want to refresh their basic knowledge of the language.

55. Ruby Koans

Code for free with the ninjas at Ruby Koans
The Koans help you learn the syntax, structure, common functions and libraries of the Ruby language. You will also learn to debug and test on this platform. The entire learning material is organized into areas by files.

You will find the hashes in about_hashes.RB, modules in about_modules.rb, etc. They exist in the path_to-enlightenment.rb file. You have to supply your own code to make each Koan work.

56. Rails Tutorial

This book by Michael Hartly with 12-chapter teaches you about Rails from zero to advanced concepts. You can read it free online. If you want, you can even buy the eBook and screencasts from the author. Read this book to learn how to develop and deploy industrial-strength web applications based on Ruby on Rails. The companion screencast series comes with 14 individual lessons, one for each chapter of the book.


Data Science & Analysis

57. Kaggle

Kaggle is the world’s biggest community of data scientists and data analysts. You will get valuable information and knowledge about data science and data analysis subjects from the leaders of the industry. Keep a tab on discussion and participate with your questions, doubts, and views.

Kaggle covers everything related to datasets and kernels. Read their blogs and documentation to stay updated with the latest innovations in this landscape.

58. Dataquest

Dataquest offers hands-one free online programming courses. You will develop the skills needed to become a data scientist, data analyst or data engineer. This learning platform offers an opportunity to learn by writing code, building your projects in your browsers and work on real-life data science problems.

Communicate with fellow learners for inspiration and idea exchange for your next project. Learn from blogs, tutorials, interaction with peers and experts, etc.

59. EliteDataScience

Data Science Simplified
Perfect for busy people! Learn from straightforward data science and machine learning mini-courses, guides, blogs, concept explainers, online code tutorials, tools and other resources. Download checklists, worksheets and code cheat sheets to learn data science quickly.

All their learning material is intuitive and practical, designed by the industry experienced professionals. You can also attend their Machine Learning Masterclass or get an interview prep kit.

60. The Data Science Course 2018: Udemy

This Udemy course serves as a whole toolbox to become a successful data scientist. Understand the mathematics behind Machine Learning and learn to improve ML algorithms by studying, overfitting and validation.

Learn to code in Python using statistical analysis, how to pre-process data and everything about data science. Take this course if you want to pursue a great career as a data scientist.

61. Simplilearn

Simplilearn provides customized courses tailored to your specific needs. This platform is not just about learning, but you will get assessments to test your performance as well. Choose an instructor-led online training or online self-paced training.

Simplilearn offers many courses covering an extensive range of topics related to data science and data analysis. Enroll in a free course at Simplilearn.

62. Data Science Weekly (DSW)

Data Science Weekly
Hannah Brooks, a business strategy expert and Sebastian Gutierrez, a data viz and D3.js ninja are compiling Data Science Weekly since 2013. They hand select the best articles and email them each Thursday morning.

DSW conducts amazing and informative interviews with top data scientists and analysts. Their data science learning resources include valuable books, blogs, meetups, datasets and leading data scientists on Twitter.

Each newsletter starts with Editors Picks of the best articles selected the previous week. A longer list of the current week’s data science articles and tutorials follow the Editors Picks section.


Machine Learning

63. Machine Learning Mastery

Jason Brownlee, a Ph.D. guy, and a professional machine learning practitioner developed Machine Learning Mastery. This platform offers interactive tutorials and free resources such as free machine learning crash course, and blogs to help you get started with machine learning.

It covers Applied Machine Learning Process, Linear Algebra, Machine Learning Algorithms, Weka Machine Learning, Python Machine Learning, and R Machine Learning, Deep Learning. You will get detailed training and skills on Long Short-Term Memory (LSTM), Natural Language Processing, XGBoost, and Time Series Forecasting.

64. Google AI

Develop AI skills learn to code and from ML experts at Google. Google AI covers all about AI with courses, coding tutorials and code labs, videos, exercises, documentation, sample code and free coding programs. This platform covers data collection and preparation, model construction, deployment and evaluation, and developing ideas.

Perfect for researchers, data scientists, students, software engineers, business decision makers, and who are curious about AI.

65. Machine Learning Foundations: A Case Study Approach

Coursera Free Coding Course: Machine Learning
Learn and gain hands-on experience with machine learning from practical case-studies. The University of Washington created this 6-week Coursera course at. Enroll in this course to learn to identify potential machine learning apps, differentiate analyses enabled by clustering, classification, and regression.

Learn to build end-to-end applications based on ML, implement Python techniques, selecting the right ML task for an app, etc.


Cyber Security

66. Cybrary

This free, open source platform revolutionizes the cybersecurity educational experience. You will learn basic as well as advanced concepts of cybersecurity with legible content and IT learning videos handcrafted by industry experts.

Cybrary primarily focuses on topics like cryptography, computer and forensics, and cyber threat intelligence. You will learn to begin and grow a career in the field of cybersecurity.

67. O’Reilly Security Ebooks

O’Reilly’s collection of the latest and best books of cybersecurity offers the best insights from industry insiders and subject matter experts. These free ebooks offer deep insights into the world of dark web, cybercrime, privacy, modern information security system, software security and more.

Download these ebooks to know the secrets, innovations, and happenings in the world of cybersecurity.

68. DedSec

With over 38K subscribers, this YouTube channel educates people about cybersecurity and the penetrate testing. The channel focuses on Kali Linux, WiFi attacks, IP Tracing, SQL attack, Modding, Phishing, Bruteforce, Dos/DDoS, and Spoofing. All the videos are based on offensive and defensive security. Subscribe to DedSec to receive every new video in your inbox so that you don’t miss any tutorial.


Mobile App Development

69. Android Developers

Mobile Developer coding through Andriod Developers
It’s an official site for Android app developers. Learn to develop Android apps with guides, API references, sample codes, online coding tutorials, free online programming courses and design guidelines.

This platform covers all core developer topics like UI & navigation, images & graphics, web-based content, instant apps, touch & input, Renderscript, user data & identity and more. Read blogs to keep yourself updated with the latest innovations in the Android world.

70. Google Developers Training

Whether you’re a novice programmer or a seasoned one, this platform offers a range of courses to teach you basic to advanced Android app development.

Courses for Android beginners:

  • Android Development for Beginners
  • Android Basics Nanodegree

Courses for Experienced Developers:

  • Google Developer Codelabs
  • Android Developer Fundamentals
  • Advanced Android Development
  • Developing Android Apps
  • Android Developer Nanodegree
  • Advanced Android App Development

Experts at Google and Udacity design these free and self-paced courses. Dive deeper into Android learning using training material and video-based free online programming courses.

71. Learn Android Application Development

This Udemy course is a good option for beginner Android developers who want to learn to code for the Android platform.

You will get a detailed overview of the Java coding language. You’ll learn to debug Android apps, use explicit/implicit intents, use the AsyncTask class, and install Android Studio.

This course also provides training on creating the Android Actionbar, creating signed APK files, creating a custom Toast and List View and more.

72. Start Developing for Android

PluralSight Free Coding Resource with Andriod
This course by Pluralsight will teach you how the Android operating system works. You will understand how to set up an ideal development environment and develop your first Hello World app to learn core Android concepts like double styles, menus, testing, domains and more.

This course will teach you to install and setup Android Studio and JDK. This beginner’s course concludes with a list of next steps to expand your Android knowledge.

73. Introduction to iOS 11 Development: Swift 4 and Xcode 9

This popular Udemy course covers all the basics of Swift iOS development programming. You will develop two complete iOS apps from the scratch during the course.

This course teaches all about Swift 4 Bootcamp, creating our first iOS 11 application, and tinkering with table views in 46 lectures. Ideal for any who wants to learn Swift and IOS development! To add, any swift tutorial will be preparing you for major IOS development. If you want to know more on which language to start with, we cover which programming language to learn first.

74. Apple documentation — Swift Overview

Swift is a powerful but easy-to-learn programming language for iOS app development. And, if you are beginning with app development for Apple OS, official Apple Documentation is a great place to start with.

You will get a detailed overview of Swift 4 and learn through sample codes, online video tutorials, blogs, and sample code. You will also get familiar with tools like REPL, Playgrounds and Xcode used for iOS development.


UI/UX Design

75. Hack Design

Hackdesign Design Course
Receive well-organized and digestible design lessons direct to your inbox every week. The world’s best designers handcraft each lesson using their industry experience and designing know-how.

You will get all tools for every design need, from basic image editing to advanced animation and iOS design. You will learn through articles, cheat sheets, tutorials, task lists and videos sent directly to your inbox

76. Gymnasium

This programming learning platform offers free, online courses for creative digital professionals. You will learn to create a successful user interface (UI) design systems, reusable UI components, dynamic prototypes and much more.

Join their web community for articles, blogs, webinars and coding tutorials crafted by experts at Gymnasium. Moreover, Gymnasium also serves as a meeting platform for designing talents and employers.

77. UX Design Edge

UX Design Edge is a great option for corporate professionals who need a little UX refresher. The site providers tailored UX training with on-demand courses and workshops customized to your company context.

Your team will develop skills to apply to learn to real-life challenges. It offers six design training options that focus on user-centered design principles and ways to create intuitive and effective designs.

78. UI Breakfast

UI Breakfast offers a ‘1-hour audit’ free crash course that helps improve UX design. You will identify flaws in your design and learn new ways to redesign apps with better usability and efficiency.

This quick course will brush up on the basics of UI and UX without much time investment. Besides this crash course, you’ll learn through podcasts and blogs by UI Breakfast.

79. Springboard

Code Framework Learning at Springboard
The Springboard User Experience course focuses on the methods, frameworks and tools required for you to be a better designer. You will learn computer programming by reading and video material on many subjects.

The course content includes design research methods, user-centred design techniques and UX design deliverables, and interviewing users in real world. It’s a great platform for aspiring designers, engineers, and product managers.

80. UX Beginner

Learn UX and UI with reading lists, tools, directories, communities, podcasts and free coding programs. Subscribe to UX Beginner’s free weekly UX training that is carefully crafted by industry’s leading UX designers.

Read their blogs for the latest information in the landscape of UX and UI design. UX Beginner is an ocean of free coding programs for beginners, those looking to advance their skills and for corporate professionals.

81. UXPin

Free UX Ebooks at UX Pin
UXpin is one of the best places for learning to code online free. You will get access to tons of free e-books and whitepapers at UXPin. Each book and whitepaper contains thoughtful content on wireframing, mockups, project management, mobile and web prototyping, design process and many more.

The site also features a blog and webinar sections that serve as the best and extensive free resources to learn and improve your UX and UI design skills.

82. The Complete App Design Course – UX, UI and Design Thinking

This Udemy course features practice components that help you lean UX/UL design and development in a step-by-step manner. This course is perfect for app developers and front-end developers.

In this course, you will learn to create mobile app designs from scratch, animated prototypes, and wireframe designs for digital projects. You will also learn to create mockups using Sketch and other tools. It helps develop an understanding of the difference between IOS and Android designing.



As you see, there are so many options to learn programming for free. If you seriously want to learn to code for free at your pace, pick any of these resources that best meet your needs.

Taking advantage of these free resources is the best way to kick-start your career as a coder. Once you get a good knowledge of basics, you can explore paid options to take your knowledge to a higher level. Remember, if your wanting to learn code for free, just reference back to us anytime and sort by category to find the best resource you need.

  1. This list is pretty huge, but I didn’t see Free Code Camp on it! That’s where I got my start when i wanted to learn how to code.

  2. Yes, you are absolutely correct…And it is very informative, very clear and Easy.Thanks

  3. It’s a very huge list. Usually, you expect to receive only the best recommendations from such articles, but here you simply list all possible resources.
    For newbies, I can offer the CodeGym platform. This is a free Java course.

  4. Checkout our site that goes over Python 3, linuxsystems.biz

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