13 Best Machine Learning And Deep Learning Courses In 2020

Artificial intelligence has been fascinating this world for quite a long time. A survey by GlobeWire revealed that 75% of the total responders who participated in their studies believe in AI technology. They think that this technology will change the market.

Even the businesses are inclining toward the AI-based systems. The study by Sloanreviews, involving 3000 executives revealed that almost 85% of executives think AI as a way of obtaining competitive advantages.

While a few users see AI as a threat to jobs, a lot of them see it as a new career that they would want to pursue. The 450% rise in the job requiring AI knowledge has further added fuel to the fire.

However, these opportunities need in-depth knowledge of machine learning and deep learning technology along with professional certification. It means you need to join a recognized course and qualify it before entering into the AI world.

So, here’s a list of 13 outstanding online courses that you can consider for machine learning and deep learning courses.

Instructor: Andrew Ng, Christopher Re, Moses Charikar

This machine learning course is, without any doubt, the most popular online course right now. More than 2,478,478 students have enrolled in this course, and it’s still adding more.

The course teaches you about the basics of ML, linear algebra operation, Matlab tutorials, logistic regressions, neural networks, and a lot more. Supervised earning, best practices, innovation in ML, and AI are also a part of this course. The website even includes numerous case studies and application for better understanding of the ML technology.

Additionally, this machine learning course also offers great flexibility with languages through subtitles. It provides subtitles in Hindi, English, Spanish, Hebrew, and Japanese.

Key USPs

·  Real-world case studies to help you understand daily life problems and the solutions used to deal with them.

·  Active ML community helps to interact with AI learners of every level.

·  Learn applications of ML algorithms for creating smart robots, understanding texts, database mining, and more.

·  The website offers 7-day free trial to take a test run on the platform before making any payment.

·  The flexibility in deadlines and view from anywhere features makes the course convenient for your daily routine.

·  Learn clustering, dimensional reactions, parametric algorithms, non-parametric algorithms, and many other elements of AI.

Duration: 56 hours, 7 hours per week Rating: 4.9/5 You Can Sign Up Here

Instructor: Various

Udacity presents nanodegree certification programs to help you gain the essential skill of machine learning. Their’ introduction to machine learning’ mostly deals with data analytics and data science. It will teach you about identifying data, extracting useful information, and then represent data in more interactive form. It will walk you through supervised learning, unsupervised learning, and deep learning, including neural networking designs and real-life applications.

However, before you enroll for this course, you will need intermediate python programming skills along with the knowledge of probability and statistics.

Key SP

·  The combination of video, video calls, texts, and other material simplify the learning trip.

·  Offers active student community that allows you to exchange ideas and clarify doubts.

·  You will get one on one video interaction sessions for clarifying doubts and gain supervision with your career.

·  The self-paced feature, of course, enables you to learn everything at your terms and convenience.

·  Go through interactive quizzes to test your skills and brush up your learned topics.

Instructors: Kirli Eremenko, Hadelin de Ponteves, SuperDataScience Team

The course came up as a joint venture of Kirill Eremenko, Hadelin De Ponteves and the team at SuperDataScience. The course is about the neural networks and the intuitions behind it. It will introduce you to artificial neural networks, recurrent neural network, self-organizing maps, auto Encoders, Boltzmann, and more.

Moreover, the program will not introduce you to the neural concept, but also tell you about their implementations for solving problems. The course also includes some exciting projects with real-life datasets that give you a better understanding of the topics.

The course has an enrollment of over 175,163 students and secures a rating of 4.5 on the internet.

Key SP

·  The lectures are open for everyone with skills of mathematics and python.

·  Get practical guidance for writing codes from scratch.

·  All the codes presented in the tutorials are available for download and implementation in your project.

·  Learn thought 187 interactive lectures along with 32 articles and also get lifetime access to the resources.

·  Get to learn about popular open-source platforms like TensorFlow, Pytorch, and more.

·  Work on more than 6 real-life challenges.

Instructor: Lazy Programmers

The Udemy academy this course for learning the basics of machine learning and deep learning reinforcement. The course teaches to yo gradient-based machine learning methods to strengthen your networks. It also introduces you to 17 different reinforcement algorithms and the ways to implement them. The course provides a complete overview of the reinforcement learning at a technical level. It even helps you to understand the relationship between reinforcement learning and psychology. The course receives 4.6 out of 5-star rating and has secured over 26,708 enrollments. However, it is a bit higher level course and will need you to know calculus, probability, object-oriented programming, python coding, numpy coding, linear regression, and gradient descent.

Key USPs

·  Content available with easy to understand subtitles in English, Portuguese, and Spanish.

·  Learn about dynamic programming, temporal difference learning, approximation method, Markov decision processes, and a lot more.

·  8.5 hours of on-demand video tutorial accessible from both mobile and other devices for a simplified learning experience.

·  Get certification of completion after completing the assessment and assignments of the course.

·  Learn through 88 lectures that include real-life examples, FAQ sessions, and more.

Instructor: John W. Paisley

Columbia University is offering you a chance to master the essentials of Machine learning and deep learning.  This online course is a part of the popular microlearning course of Columbia University. This particular program covers the fundamental elements like probabilistic and supervision that you need to know. It  offers you data about probabilistic versus non-probabilistic modeling and supervised versus unsupervised learning protocols. The ML course will also cover a few more topics, including clustering methods, sequential models, matrix factorization, topic modeling, model selection, regression, and classification. The instructor will also introduce you to the different algorithms and methods used for solving Dl related problems.

Key USPs

·  Learn about support vector machines, Map interference, EM algorithms, Markov models, and more.

·  Improve skills through real-life challenges and the application of the algorithms.

·  Get to know the basic of neural and the different ways to design or improve them.

·  Attain a verified certificate that is shareable on CV, resume, or application like LinkedIn.

Duration: 12 weeks with 8-10 hours per week Rating: 4.5/5 You Can Sign Up Here

Instructors: Carlos Guestrin, Emily Fox

The machine learning specialization program from the University of Washington is a learning program that introduces you to some high-demanded element of artificial technology. It consists of a set of courses that help you to understand the algorithms of ML and DL. Through this course, you can learn about prediction, classification, clustering, information retrievals, and the other significant topics related to AI. It will also introduce you to some aspects of data analysis and intelligent application building. The course is a full package, and you will have access to all the courses of the program, even if you sign up for one. At the end of this learning trip, you will also get a certification that you can add to your resume or upload at digital portals like LinkedIn.

Key USPs

·  Enhance your basic or intermediate level skills with a more advanced approach towards ML and DL technologies.

·  A self-paced learning system that aligns with your daily life and compliments your learning experience.

·  Check your skills with the feedback of graded assignments and quizzes.

·  Get a broader and more advanced view of the AI algorithms and learn their proper implementation in real-life situations.

·  Learn with the professional assistance of experts Amazon machine learning professors.

·  Attain advanced knowledge of clustering, data retrieval, and more with hands-on projects.

Duration: Usually take 25 weeks with 5-8 hours daily classes Rating: 4.8/5 You Can Sign Up Here

Instructors: Graeme Malcolm, Steve Elston, Cynthia Rudin

The principle of machine learning is a part of Microsoft’s Professional certification programs. The course comes under both data science and the Artificial intelligence section of the Microsoft program.  In this course, Microsoft will tell you about building insight from models using R, Python, and Azure machine learning. The course consists of many different sections about classifications, regression in ML, non-linear modeling, supervised models, and more. Microsoft professional will start with the basic approach of the topics and then go deep into it. They will also conduct some quizzes, assignments, tests, and more to evaluate your skill growth.

Key USPs

·  Learn everything only from the experienced professional of the AI fields.

·  Get a certificate of learning in for your CV and online profile in just 6 weeks.

·  Incentivize your learning session with interactive videos, graphics, text, articles, and more.

·  Learn to create models, write algorithms, and even reinforcement learning with the Microsoft courses.

·  Understand the ethical practices of AI and python based dataworks.

Duration: 6 weeks with 3-4 per week Rating: 4.5/5

You Can Sign Up Here

Instructors: Pavel Shvechikov, Anna Kozlova, Evgeny Sokolov

The advanced learning program consists of seven specialization machine learning courses. The set starts with an introduction to deep learning and then go all the way to addressing large Hadron collider challenges by ML. The in-between of the start and end will include the topic that will revolve around natural language processing, Bayesian methods, Data Science, Reinforcement learning, and deep learning in computer vision. You will need 6-8 hours of study per week for almost 35 weeks to learn about these elements of AI. Some top Kaggle machine learning practitioners and CERN scientist will also interact with you. They will share some real-life problems and fill the gap between theory and practical learning.

Key USPs

·  Get professional guidance from experienced professionals in the field and share their real-life experiences.

·  Learn all the aspect of ML from the leading professors and industry specialist.

·  Work with flexible deadlines that facilitate your daily life and provide resources at your convenience.

·  Learn through hands-on projects and also get globally valid certification upon passing the course.

Duration: 35 weeks with 6-8 hours per day Rating: Depend on the course (average rating for all 7 courses is 4.4/5) You Can Sign Up Here

Instructors: David Dye, A. Freddie Page, Samuel J.Cooper, Marc P. Deisenroth

Almost all aspects of machine learning and data analysis have to deal with mathematical algorithms. This mathematics course from the imperial college of London will familiarize you with these concepts. The online learning program consists of a series of courses which teach you about different logics and speed tricks for math. It teaches you linear algebra, dimensionality reduction, the principle of component analysis, multivariate calculus, The course set is of intermediate level, but it will need some skills in python and numpy to understand it. Some basic knowledge of math will also come in handy for it.

Key USPs

·  Learn the prerequisite math for application in data analysis, data science, and other machine learning aspects.

·  Prepare a base for the upcoming courses of Machine learning, deep learning, and other artificial intelligence algorithms.

·  Interactive lectures with references and graphics work to simplify the learning experiences.

·  Get flexible timing and learning deadlines with opportunities to gain proper specialization certification.

·  Work on real-life projects and situation to get better exposure to AI trends.

Duration: 2 months with 12 hours per week Rating: 4.4/5 (average score of all the three courses) You Can Sign Up Here

Instructor: Various 

The LinkedIn machine learning program is packaged with 48 different machine learning courses. The set covers both the basic as well as the intermediate level of machine learning and also give an idea of the advanced approach. They will introduce you to the concept of model building, deploying them, and even scaling these models. The course will also discuss machine learning algorithms, mathematics, AWS, Decision trees, mobile applications, NPL with python, and a lot more.

Key USPs

·  Check out the aspect of courses with 1 month free trial of the course.

·  Attain knowledge to step forward for ML specialization with flexible leaning, essential training, and take lessons.

·  Learn with the references of popular platforms like Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud Platform.

·  Get access to experts professional and share their experience about the innovation of ML and the problems that comes with it.

·  Gain the knowledge, support, and confidence to develop a career in ML and DL with the time flexible online courses.

Instructor: Andrew Ng, Kian Katanforoosh, Younes Bensouda Mourri

Coursera co-founder, Andrew Ng brings forward this deep learning course in association with Stanford University and the tech giant Nvidia deep learning institute. The program consists of five courses for intermediate students and deals with a bit advanced aspect of AI technology. It mostly talks about the structural and neural aspect of the DL technology. Like the other coursera courses, this deep learning course has also attained maximum positive reviews and testimonials from the students.  It has secured 4.9 out of 5 ratings on the internet. More than 234,174 students have already enrolled for this online course.

Key USPs

·  Provide subtitles in Chinese (both traditional and simplified), Arabic, French, Ukrainian, Brazilian Portuguese, Korean, Turkish, Spanish, and Japanese.

·  Learn convolution network, RNNs, BatchNorm, Dropouts, and a lot more.

·  Introduce techniques used for building models to solve real-life problems.

·  Provide experts assistance through an online community and experienced industry professionals.

·  Complete the assignments and assessment and earn specialization certification that is valid for most leading industries and institutes.

Duration: 3 months with 11 hours per week Rating: 4.9/5 You Can Sign Up Here

The Udacity nanodegree program presents you with multiple AI courses depending upon your need. This deep learning course is a part of these nano degree programs. This particular course focuses on the structural element of deep learning and teaches about it. The course includes an introduction to the DL technologies, basic neural networking, convolution neural networking, recurrent neural networks, generative adversarial networks, and even about the deployment of sentiment analysis models.

Key USPs

·  Apart from the course, you get various career services, including resume services, GitHub review, personal career coaching, and more.

·  Learn by interacting with the community of several other students from all over the globe.

·  Get one on one technical guidance and career advice from experienced professionals in the field.

·  Add skill to your resume and share it with over 500 employers.

·  Improve skills and get better exposure through real-life projects and references.

·  Attain convenient learning experience with flexible deadlines and anywhere accessible resources.

Duration: 4 months with 12 hours per day Rating: 4.6/5 You Can Sign Up Here

Instructor: Dan Becker

Datacamp learning programming is the best option for users who like to learn by doing. The program consists of 17 videos and over 50 exercises that can come in handy for acquiring knowledge about the ML technologies. This course will talk of hand on of ML, practical skills and also teach you about using Keras 2.0, the latest cutting edge deep learning library of python. It will cover everything from the basics of DL neural to optimizing neural and from creating Keras models to fine-tuning them.

Key USPs

·  Get to know the various technologies used within different industries and the principles behind them.

·  Learn to use the various methods like backward propagation that can help you to build better DL neural.

·  Attain a complete up to end knowledge of neural network and prediction algorithms.

·  Get complete guidance for the latest tools required to build DL neural and models.

Final Words

There are a lot of other online courses that you can avail on the internet. Even the institutes in the above list provided with numerous other courses. However, the courses mentioned in the list are the all-time best, both in terms of reviews and knowledge. Each course has received mostly positive reviews from their users and has attained more than 4/5 stars on the internet. Not only you will gather knowledge, but you will also get to know a lot of other technology interested people like you from around the world. The community that you get from these courses will help you in more than one situation, even after course completion. It will also open doors to new opportunities like freelancing, startups, and more. The opportunity that you need for a better future lies in these courses. Therefore, don’t waste time, just check your option, and get down with the work.

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