Best Free & Paid Courses to Learn JavaScript (2020)

(Updated 2020) JavaScript is one of the most demanding programming languages in the world of web development. JS is one of the easiest and interesting programming languages to learn and work with. When it comes to finding the best javascript tutorials and courses, you have so many resources on the internet.

There are so many free and paid websites that cater to the coders of all skill levels. If you are a self-disciplined beginner to the JS language, you can choose free sites. The paid resources are suitable for intermediate and experienced programmers who want to broaden their skill set. Where to learn JavaScript, from free or paid resources, entirely depends on your expectations and whether you want a course completion certificate.

In either case, options for the best places to learn JavaScript are endless. Choosing the best course can be challenging. That’s why we dug deep into the internet and found the most recommended resources to learn JavaScript free or paid. These include videos, books, podcasts, and interactive courses for beginners, intermediate or advanced JavaScript learners.

Why Learn JavaScript?

JavaScript is the language of the web. When wanting to learn code for free, Javascript is probably the most practical language to start with. The language has grown to be even more popularthan it already is, due to its benefits in web development. Most importantly, it enables users to interact withthe web in ways that HTML and CSS do not. JavaScript allows browsers to gather user input, load new content without refreshing a page, and improve the user experience.

And, that’s a good indication for those planning a web-related career. Digital marketers, content strategies, web developers,  designers, data analysts and many other IT professionalscan benefit by adding JavaScript to level up their skill sets.


Founded in 2012, Coursera has fast grown into a world-popular virtual university of educational courses. All the courses are taught by the real professors from the world’s leading universities. You can access all courses for free.

Coursera offers a wide selection of JavaScript courses, suitable for coders of all levels. All the courses consist of video tutorials, readable material, progamming exercises, and quizzes.

Recommended Courses:

Price: Free; get a certificate of course completion at a small fee, from $30 to $100.


PluralSight is a well-recognized online education platform that offers a large selection of JavaScript courses delivering video lectures. In addition to video tutorials, you will learn from downloadable JavaScript exercises authored by the industry experts.

Depending on your existing skill set, you can choose from the JS courses that vary in difficulty, ranging from beginner to experienced learners. Take the PluralSight Skill IQ quiz to discover your existing skills in JavaScript. PluralSight will suggest you the most suitable JS course, according to the result of the IQ Quiz.

Recommended JavaScript Courses:

  • Advanced JavaScript: This course gives you an advanced understanding of the core concepts of JavaScript functions, such as compiling, optimization and code execution in the browser.
  • React.js: Getting Started: This course covers the fundamentals of React.js and teaches how to develop web applications with the library. You will also learn how to work with data in JavaScript. Moreover, the course covers building the game interface and numbers selection.
  • Node.js -Introduction to Node.js, Events, and Streams: Learn how to write server-side code for developing lightweight and scalable network applications using the Node framework.

Price: Free 10-day trial. You can also join the annual subscription for the US $105 per year. You can pay for the yearly subscription in instalments of $35 after every three months. This membership will give you access to the complete and advanced courses.

Team Treehouse

Team Treehouse offers affordable education on various technologies, including JavaScript. You will find their expertly crafted videos that are accessible on your desktop as well as mobile devices. You can choose between individual JavaScript framework classes or tracks made up of several classes.

Team Treehouse JavaScript tutorials cater to both beginners and seasoned coders. You can take JS code challenges and quizzes to test your knowledge and progress in learning JavaScript.

Recommended JavaScript Courses:

  • Beginning JavaScript: This 19-hour JavaScript track covers JavaScript fundamentals, jQuery, JavaScript framework and the ins/outs of adding interactivity in the browser. You will also learn the JavaScript basics, DOM scripting and ES2015 in this beginner-friendly course.
  • Full Stack JavaScript: With this 53-hour JavaScript track, in addition to the JS basics, you will learn the Ajax basics, object-oriented JavaScript, Node.js, NPM, and the Express basics. It also covers the basics of Mongo, Gulp and JavaScript unit testing.

Price: Take the 14-day free trial, and then switch to the Basic plan (costs $25 per month) or Pro Plan (costs $49 per month). The Basic and Pro plans give you the flexibility to learn and access to the advanced content that is unavailable for the free trial period.

Eloquent JavaScript

If you prefer textbox-style JavaScript tutorials, Eloquent JavaScript is a great place to go. Eloquent JavaScript is a digital book written by MarijnHaverbeke, a programming language enthusiast and polyglot.

Each lesson in the book is explained in detailsusing an easy-to-understand language and with lots of examples and scripts. You will also work on five projects that will give you a deep insight into the advanced JavaScript concepts while using Eloquent JavaScript as your JS learning resource.

Eloquent JavaScript eBook is ideal for coders of any level. The book is available online for free. You can also purchase the paperback copy of the book for a set price.

You’ll learn:

  • Values, types, and operators
  • Functions
  • Data structures
  • Asynchronous programming
  • Event handling
  • Node.js
  • HTTP and forms

Price: Free; a paid paperback copy is available here.


Udemy offers an extensive library of community-created JavaScript courses to help you improve or learn your skills. While most of the coursesare paid, there are plenty of free JavaScript programming courses available on Udemy.

Also, Udemy offers huge discounts on many JavaScript courses. All the courses comprise of expertly designed video tutorials and exercises. Apart from video tutorials, you will get articles and downloadable resources with each course.

The best part is that you can access all Udemy JavaScript courses on mobile as well as on TV. You will also get a certification of completion to attest to your knowledge of the JavaScript language.

A 30-day money-back guarantee protects your investment in a JavaScript course with Udemy.

Recommended Courses:

  • The Complete JavaScript Course 2020: Build Real Projects: Build Real Projects: No coding experience is required to take this course. It’s great for beginners as well as advanced JS developers. This course covers the JS basics and asynchronous JavaScript. You will take coding challenges and work on real-world apps with ES5 and ES6+. You will get downloadable lectures, code and design assets for all projects included in this course.
  • JavaScript: Understanding the Weird Parts: This course covers advanced JS concepts like closures, prototypal inheritance, IIFEs, and much more. You will learn to avoid common mistakes often made by JavaScript coders. It is a great course for intermediate JS learners.
Mozilla’s JavaScript Guide

The Mozilla JavaScript Guide is one of the most comprehensive JavaScript guides available online. The entire guide is divided into several chapters. Each chapter consists of exhaustive information on a JS concept, explained with scripts and examples.

Mozilla’s JavaScript Guide is suitable for coders with any skill level. It covers a wide variety of topics from the JS fundamentals to advanced functions. If you are at the beginning of the JavaScript learning curve or pretty new at coding, this guide offers a beginner’s JavaScript course to teach you the basics of the language. Subsequent lessons increase in complexity from beginner to intermediate and advanced tutorials.

You’ll learn:

  • Classes and so on.
  • Functions
  • Expression and operators
  • Array
  • Built-in objects
  • JavaScript basics

Price: Free


30 videos and 30 days! Take the JavaScript30 challenge and kick-start your career with JavaScript. Wes Bos, a full stack developer, speaker and teacher from Canada, created all 30 videos of this challenge.

Suitable for beginner to intermediate designers and developers, the JavaScript30 challenge is a collection of 30 interactive video tutorials. Each tutorial consists of completed HTML, CSS and JS solutions for each day.

Take the JavaScript30 challenge to become comfortable with JavaScript fundamentals as well as learn working on the DOM without a library. You should already have some knowledge of JS to take this challenge.

Subscribe to JavaScript30 challenge and get access to expertly-created video tutorials and starter files. If you like Bos’ teaching style, you can sign up for his premium courses.

You’ll learn:

  • CSS + JS clock
  • HTML5 Canvas
  • Local storage and event delegation
  • Speech synthesis
  • Dev tool tricks and so on.

Price: Free

Frontend Masters

Frontend Masters offers a series of “JavaScript and the Web” video classes authored by Douglas Crockford. In this tutorial, you will learn the history as well as basic and advanced concepts of JavaScript in more than 11 hours of videos.

The JavaScript and the Web series is perfect for the coders with any skill level. In addition to the basics of JS, the series focuses on functions, browsers, servers and security with JS development.

You’ll learn:

Price: Free, and Premium Starts at $39 per month

JavaScript Garden

JavaScript Garden is ideal for advanced coders and people with a good understanding of JavaScript basics. It’s an ever-growing library of in-depth documentation that focus on the most quirky parts of the JS language. It mainly talks about the ways to avoid common mistakes coders make while writing JS.

Aside from addressing the common mistakes, JavaScript Garden also covers performance issues and bad practices that non-expert JS coders often encounter while learning the JavaScript programming language.

You’ll learn:

  • Core
  • Types
  • Arrays
  • Functions
  • Objects

JavaScript Garden doesn’t teach you JavaScript from scratch. Former knowledge of the language is essential to understand the topics covered in this tutorial. Beginners can combine this guide with other best websites to learn JavaScript.

Price: Free

Github JavaScript Koans

GitHub JavaScript Koans is a depository of finished JS codes. However, it is set up with the aim to help people learn JavaScript by identifying and fixing errors in the JS codes written by other coders.

Learning from GitHub JavaScript Koans requires knowledge and experience coding in the JavaScript programming language. This tutorial is perfect for advanced JS programmers. You can also set up the tutorial by registering for a GitHub account.

You’ll learn:

  • Arrays
  • Functions
  • Inheritance
  • Objects
  • Mutability and so on.

Price: Free

JavaScript Jabber

Do you find listening more effective than reading? Then, the JavaScript Jabber tutorial is for you.

JavaScript Jabber is a weekly podcast that shares valuable online audio and video content related to JavaScript. The hosts at JavaScript Jabber offer great guides and tips on JavaScript that you can implement in your projects. Though a prior knowledge of JS is ideal for this tutorial, JavaScript Jabber is useful for beginners as well.

Subscribe to JavaScript Jabber to receive weekly podcasts direct in your inbox.

You’ll learn:

JavaScript Jabber randomly picks the JS topics and crafts a detailed podcast of the same. You can expect podcasts on basics to advanced JS functionalities on this website.

Price: Free

W3Schools JavaScript Tutorials is a free online library of JavaScript tutorials. It is an excellent place to start learning the JavaScript language for a beginner to intermediate coders. Experienced coders can skip the basics and directly jump to the advanced tutorials. You will learn through definitions, examples and try-it-yourself workspaces on W3Schools.

You will get a JavaScript Developer Certificate at the cost of $95. This certificate attests to your knowledge of fundamental web development using JavaScript and the HTML DOM. You can also take quizzes and then an online exam to test your skills, you have developed so far using W3Schools JavaScript tutorials.


You’ll learn:

  • JS Fundamentals
  • JS Forms
  • JS Objects
  • JS Functions
  • JS Browser BOM
  • JS Ajax

Price: Free; JavaScript Developer Certificate costs $95

Lynda (From Linkedin) has the most extensive online library of JavaScript courses, trusted by over 1 million individuals to learn JavaScript and other technologies. Each course on is a series of bite-sizes video tutorials. Each video is a combination of live action, smart boards and the combination of screencasts. In addition to the videos, you will also get free sample files and a transcript, in case you want to refer back to a course later.

Each course has a selection of free videos for you to preview the course before you sign up. The JavaScript courses on Lynda are authored by professionals who practice the JS programming language.

Recommended JavaScript courses:

  • Code Clinic – JavaScript: Designed for intermediate programmers, this course involves exploring solutions to the common challenges involved in the JavaScript programming. It covers accessing MySQL using JavaScript codes, controlling the interface, plotting multiple graphs and so on.
  • Organizing JavaScript Functionality: This course covers topics such as callbacks, AJAX, app.js, server.js, debugging, refactoring, middle-end architecture, routing functions, events and so on. All intermediate, as well as advanced JS developers, will find this program useful.

Price: 1-month free trial, and then pay $29.99/month to access expert-led courses and earn a course completion certificate.


Final words

Whether you want to learn Javascript from scratch or just looking to enhance your skills, we have compiled both free and paid sources that will come to your help.

If you want to learn the basics of this language, go for free Javascript Jabber, Javascript Garden or Javascript 30. However, if you want to enhance your skills, you can turn to online academies like Team Treehouse, Lynda, Coursera, and Udemy. They first give a free trial and then charge you according to your chosen options.

We hope your search for the best place to learn JavaScript ends here. For the best results, combine a few best websites to learn JavaScript and practice hard. Don’t hesitate to spend a small amount of money, if required, to learn this existing web technology.

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