Best Free & Paid Courses to Learn Node.js as a Beginner

If you want to become a full-stack web developer, learning Node.js is the best option. There are numerous places to learn Node.js online, some of which are free while some are paid. However, for beginners, the choice is endless and often confusing. That’s why we did a little homework and came up with the following list of best websites to learn Node.js. You can use these resources to learn this technology by yourself and at your own pace.

Node.js is a powerful JavaScript environment that lets you create dynamic web pages on server-side and full-stack applications based on just one language – JavaScript.

1. NodeSchool

Node school is one of the most unique learning portals on the internet. The website has an open-source module called workshoppers, which contain all the details about node.js language. The chapters begin with the primary element like JavaScript’s and go up to advanced level chains and closures. The course also includes lessons about functional JavaScript, so that even a non-java programmer can learn node.js.

Other sections of the courses include an introduction, program installation, NPM, Elementary electrons, bug clinic, and more. The website also shares links for asking questions and answering them.

Further, Nodeschool holds free in-person workshops to assist students with real-world programming challenges and solving them.

Node Online Courses

2. Node.js for Beginners

The mastering node.js course by Eureka is an ultimate 360 type study for the people looking forward to learning node.js. The course consists of multiple text articles about the language, divided into four main sections. The first section is the introduction part. This part talks about the standard beginner’s questions like what is a node, how to install it, and what is the roadmap to learn this language.

The second section is the fundament of programming language. It contains lessons about HTTP requests, NPM, CRUD application, and several more. Then there is a section about an express.js and at last some interview question related to the study.

Apart from the free introduction course, Eureka also provides an option for a certification course in node.js. The paid course will introduce you to an in-depth study about databases, APIs, GraphQL, application building, and a lot more.

This advanced course will include live instructor class, project, assignment, and weekend classes. Eureka will also offer you lifetime access to the course and 24*7 online support for the course.

Edureka Advanced Course in Node.js

3. Node Tuts

While most of the free sites provide courses in text format, node Tuts is focusing on tutorial videos. The site has four section- Asychnoronous Programming, TCP Server, HTTP API servers, and tools tips & tricks.

Each of this section comes with a set of explanation videos about it. In these videos, the instructor will walk you through all the elements of the node.js. He will share some example, codes, and a lot more.

Apart from the tutorials, the website provides links to some outstanding books about the language. These books are available for immediate download, but you will have to pay for them.

4. The Node.js blog

The blog section of the offers the best collection of blogs about node.js and its related components. It has 36 pages with 12 blogs on each page. The post shares a diverse range of data about node.js programming and its environment. These posts come from multiple sources, including, the Nodesource and its community. They update these posts every few days.

The website also maintains a series of post by the name “Need To Node” that focuses on news and articles related to node language. It also shares the link of the website and materials that can help you with the learning. The contents are not much targeted, but it’s free, and the data is always updated.

Node to Node Course Online

5. The Node Beginner Book

The node beginner book is an offline book-based course for learning basic and intermediate level Node.js. The software architecture and testing developer, Manuel Kiebling, is the author of the book. He offers a brief version of this book is also available on node beginner official website. It presents you with the first 19 pages of the book as an introduction to the course.

These pages will introduce you to node.js and establish its relation with JavaScript. There is also the code and instruction for the hello world program. Then there are the specific parts like the node.js web application, application stacks, server work, and more.

If you like the briefing, the website also has the link for buying the complete book in eBooks format. It will cost you about $9 for purchasing it. You can also consider going forth bundle set that consist of one node beginner books and its follow up book.

Node.js software development

6. Node JS Tutorials for Absolute Beginners: Udemy

The popular online learning platform, Udemy, have also included node.js on their list. They have received 3.6 ratings for their course and have over 6362 enrolled students. Yogesh Patel, the instructor of this course, himself is a software developer with a master’s degree from Germany.

In this course, Yogesh teaches you about almost every basic and semi-advanced element of node.js. The study includes an introduction to Node.js, its concepts, additional tools, and coding. Express and core JavaScript concepts are also a part of this online course.

The course will include both theoretical aspect and real-world example for a clear understanding of the language. It consists of 5 hours of on-demand video and 11 articles to present you the detail of all the elements of node.js. It will also include some test, assignment, and project before you get the sharable certificate.

Node.js Online Platform

7. Node.js: Getting Started: Pluralsight

The developer who wants to get started with Node.js and learn about its real-world application, Pluralsights get started course is an excellent option. This Pluralsight course teaches you all that you need to know for starting node.js programming and develop applications with it.

Samer Buna, a polyglot developer with experience in developing, testing, and implementing them, is the instructor of the course. He has divided it into seven sections.

The course begins with the first section or the brief introduction of node.js. This part includes data about the language, its analogs, and the methods to install it. The next sections are Modern JavaScript, Node package management, Modulus & concurrency, web server, and operating system. Overall, it will guide you from the basic program like Hello world to tasks like using template language and debugging the programs.

Pluralsight also provides a 10-day free trial and an overview video that you can check before paying for the course.

Node.js Programming and App Development

8. Node.js Basics: Team Treehouse

By far, Treehouse is the best place to get started with Node.js and start writing programming with it. The course involves video tutorials about four different parts of node.js. The first section contains seven introduction level videos.

These video starts from an overview of the language and then teach about consoles, scripting, and finding help. It will also share the code and the process for creating the ‘Hello World’ program. The set also includes a review section with questions for testing your hold of the introductory topics.

The next three sections are about error handling and building command lines. The videos in these sections will tell you about project planning, making get request with HTTPs, parsing, and more.

The instructor of the course, Andrew Chalkley, is a Polyglot programmer and have years of experience with programming tools. He will also share some example and real-world examples of node.js applications.

online instructions for node.js


W3school is a hub for getting an in-depth knowledge of the fundamental Node.js. The study starts with the basic functionality of the programming language. The study includes an introduction of node.js, its file system, URL module, events, GTTP modules, and more. It also has a cover the Node package manager.

The next two parts of the course talks about node database in MySQL and MongoDB. They will instruct you about getting started with a database, creating tables, entering data, selecting, deleting data, upgrading, and more.

The website has also included usable codes with each part as an example for it. All the codes are free-source, and you can easily copy them from the site.

10. Guru99

For those of you who have no experience with Node.Js, Guru99 node.js is the perfect spot to start. The website provides you with data about which start from the very basic steps like downloading and installing the program. It teaches you about node.js generator & compare, file stream, unit testing, and more. The tutorials even tell you about the difference between node.js and python.

The course is available in text format with some pictures to explain commands. It is mostly an introductory course and doesn’t talk of any in-depth aspect. However, the whole class is free of most and doesn’t need any subscription or long term commitment. Moreover, it can create an understanding of basic terms which is beneficial to understand the intermediate-level course.

11. Tutorials Teacher

Tutorials teacher is yet another open-source learning source for the people who want to get started with Node.js. This particular course consists of over 22 lessons about the elements of this computer language. The tutorial is in the form of text and begins with the basic definition of node.js.

The first sections familiarize you with the language it needs and the prerequisites for it. The next few chapters teach you about debugging, express.js, frameworks, and more. The lessons go up to templates engines and also share some useful source for more advanced support.

Considering the course is totally free, it’s an excellent option for the beginners. It can help them create a strong base for further studies.

Final Words

Node.js is open platform software which has gained tremendous popularity in recent times. A lot of programmers are using this language to grow their carrier opportunities. You, too, can take advantage of this high-level language. The courses mentioned above are your gateway to this language.

So, select the course that suits your need and get ready to explore new opportunities that come with it.

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