10 Best Free and Paid Tutorials to learn Ruby on Rails

Do you want to learn Ruby, prototype your ideas, and bring them to life? Well then keep reading..

Ruby on Rails is known as one of the most popular tools for building applications for both startups and established enterprises. Some of the top websites that are made using Ruby on Rails are Twitter, Basecamp, Groupon, Github, Hulu, Yellow Pages, Shopify, and more.

Now, when it comes to finding the best Ruby rails tutorial online, you will found countless of them, but not all are free and even if it’s free doesnt mean it will go over everything you need to know. There are hundreds of both free and paid Ruby on Rails resources that will take you through its basics and its development.

However, if you want to start with the language, you can go for the free versions and to enhance your skills on Ruby; you can turn to the paid versions. Here is a list of both free and paid Ruby on Rails online resources that will help you to get started today-

Ruby on Rails by TutorialsPoint

Ruby on Rails online tutorials by TutorialsPoint is designed for the beginners who prefer to use this language for making database-backed web applications. This tutorial will teach you installation, framework, directory structure, and the complete database setup.

As you are learning, you can always turn to the resources section for quick guides and discussion.

Before you start learning through this tutorial, make sure you have a general understanding of computer programs and programming languages.

What you’ll learn

      • Ruby on Rails basics.
      • Installation and Framework of the language.
      • Complete database setup.
      • Routes, migrations and controllers.
      • Views and layouts
      • Scaffolding.
      • File uploading
      • Sending Emails.

Price: Free


Udemy offers you a complete Ruby on Rails developer course that will unleash your creativity and let you make innovative apps with this language. With 30 hours of 290+ engaging video lectures and text follow up lectures, this course is for the developers who have experience with this language and want to take their skills to the next level. Apart from the video lectures, Udemy also provides you text lectures that provide you with reference materials after each video.

The best part about Udemy’s Ruby on Rails developer course is that it is the only course where you will learn to build everything, from simple to deployable and complex web applications.

Recommended Courses
      • Professional Ruby on Rails Developer: This course provides you with an introduction to the web application development using the Ruby on Rails framework. It takes you from a Ruby on Rails beginner level to expert in 8 weeks. A big focus of this course is to help you practice the basics and understand the fundamentals. No prior experience is required for this course.

Some web development basics like HTML and CSS will be helpful but are not necessary.

      • Professional Rails Code Along This Udemy’s course will take you through a step by step guide to developing real-world Ruby on Rails applications. Although there are hundreds of courses which will help you do the same, one thing that makes it different is that you will build the application like a professional developer. Moreover, every feature in this course is created by a test-driven development process.

The ideal candidate for this course is who is already equipped with the basics of this language.

Price: Some Ruby on Rails courses are completely free, while some are paid and are available with discounts of up to 95%.

Udemy also provides you with a 30-day money back guarantee that protects your investment on the course.


This Ruby on Rails tutorial by JavaTpoint equips you with all the basic and the advanced concepts. From basic features to MVC, RVM, router, basic syntax, example, scaffolding and views, this tutorial will walk you through every aspect of the language.

Before learning from this tutorial, you must have basic knowledge of Ruby.

What you’ll learn

      • Features and Installation of Ruby on Rails.
      • Scripts, directory structure, and basic example.
      • Active records, router, migrations, and bundler.
      • File upload, layout, caching, and testing.

Price: Free


Upcase is one of the leading online tutorial providers that take you through the building blocks of a development language. It enhances your skills through various courses and gives you a chance to be a part of the entire product development through their Upcase GitHub team.

You can also go for weekly iterations and learn to write better code in less than 30 minutes.

Recommended Courses

Intermediate Ruby on Rails: It is a 3 hour 31 minutes course that will help you upgrade your skills from the basic ones. As you are done with it, you will have a better understanding of the language and Ruby’s app development process.

Price: Free trial for 30 days and then you can access the trails, weekly courses, and videos at $29/month.


Coursera offers you a wide range of Ruby on Rails courses. Each course is made up of interactive video lectures, discussion forums, and various assignments. The introductory course will teach you how to build “Rails” application and deploy it using a cloud. The courses are available in three languages-English; Spanish, Portuguese, and the subtitles languages include Korean, English, French, Japanese, Spanish, and Portuguese.

Recommended Courses
      • Ruby on Rails Web Development Specialization: It is a set of 6 courses that will take you through all the basics of Ruby on Rails web development. With this intermediate level specialization, you also learn everything you need to develop your own application.
      • Ruby on Rails Web Services and Integration MongoDB: It is an advanced level course that will let you explore MongoDB, web service concepts and allow you to integrate it with Ruby on Rails. It is ideal for the candidates who have prior experience in databases and programming.

Price: 7-day full access free trial, but you will get some course and video lectures for free. A paid certification is available for this course.

Team Treehouse

Team Treehouse is an online school that offers both beginner and advanced courses in web design, development, and various technologies, including Ruby on Rails. With more than 200 available courses, candidates at any level are sure to learn something on Ruby on Rails.

Every course on this platform is designed by the industry experts to provide you with the best on knowledge on this language. At Treehouse, you will find introductory courses on Ruby, Ruby objects and classes, Ruby 2.0 walkthrough, and upgrading of Ruby applications. If you pair a few offline coding books along with Treehouse coursework, it would greatly compliment what you learn within their modules with a physical book.

Recommended Courses

Ruby Basics: It is a 169-minute course that will let you learn Ruby syntax, methods, defining methods, strings, objects, conditionals, and more. You can sign up on the platform to download the course videos.

Rail Routes and Resources: With this 198-minute Ruby course, you will learn creation of routes, controllers and resources in this language. It will let you create a resource by hand and will also teach you to put them together.

Price: To start, you can take a 14-day free trial. After this, you can upgrade your skills with a basic plan at $25/month or a pro plan at $49/month.


Pluralsight is another online education company that provides you with a variance of video courses on Ruby on Rails. With their professional courses, you will learn everything about this language, from installation to updating, deployment, and utilizing its MVC pattern.

Every course brings you the real world experiences and is crafted by the expert authors.

Recommended Courses

Ruby on Rails 4-Getting Started: It is a beginner level course that will show how you can implement Rails latest features. With this course, you will also learn about controllers, views, models, how to deploy the application to the cloud.

Ruby on Rails- A Jumpstart for .NET Developers: It is an intermediate level course for the .NET developers who want to start working with Ruby on Rails. It will walk you through what Ruby on Rails is and how it can be used with the languages like C# and VB.net.

Price: You can start with a 10-day free trial and then upgrade to the annual membership.


The LearnRuby tutorial is made for every developer who intends to learn Ruby on Rails programming language. To learn from this tutorial, you don’t have to download. Instead, just choose a chapter and start learning.

It is equipped with an online coder from where you can start by choosing your chapter and then write your code in the window. At the same time, you can execute that code and check the output on the right side.

What you’ll learn

      • Hello, World in Ruby on Rails.
      • Strings, arrays, Hashes.
      • Conditional statements.
      • Methods
      • Methods with Parameters.

Price: Free

Ruby on Rails Tutorial by Tuts+

Ruby on Rails by Tuts+ provides you with video tutorials and written courses that teach you basics and other features of this language. If you are new to this language, you can go for the beginner’s courses. If you are done with the basics, you can go for the Ruby on Rails advanced course.

The best part about this Ruby on Rails tutorial as it guides you step by step through every course. Moreover, no prior experience is required to enroll for this tutorial.

What you’ll learn

      • Getting started with Ruby on Rails.
      • Creation of user accounts.
      • The building of Apps in Rails 5.
      • Linux and Ruby development.

Price: Free


Lynda comes with one of the best and extensive libraries of Ruby on Rails courses. With each tutorial in five languages, it has already helped over 1 million individuals to learn various technologies in languages.

The tutorial comes in the form of videos that are a proper combination of written transcripts, smart boards and live action. The course explores the entire framework and also lets you have a hands-on with their dynamic content management system.

You also get an option to preview the courses before enrolling for it.

Recommended Course:

Ruby on Rails 4 Essential Training: It is a beginner level course that will walk you through the installation of Ruby on Rails on various operating systems. This course will also teach you to redirect the requests, render the templates, to understand the association types, and error handling.

Ruby Essential Training: In this course, the expert instructor Kevin Skoglund teaches you the fundamentals of this language, data types, syntax structure, and return values to write proper code. With this course, you can also create a full Ruby application from start to finish.

Price: The basic plan is $25/month that offers you unlimited access to all the videos. You can also register for the premium plan $37.50/month that offers you unlimited access to the videos and also allows you download the files.

A plan is also available at $375/month that lets you download the videos for offline viewing.


Final Recommendations

There is no denying that Ruby on Rails is one of the powerful frameworks for developing web applications. So, to learn Ruby, you can refer to the both free and paid sources mentioned above.

You can go for the free tutorials like  Tutorials-Point or LearnRuby if you are a beginner. But if you want to take your development to the next level and craft high-end applications, refer to the paid courses of Udemy, Lynda, Coursera or Team Treehouse.

We suggest you try free versions of all the courses as all of them come with the different courses, and then buy the one that suits you the best. At last, make sure that you keep an eye on evolving trends of Ruby on Rails.

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