Learn SQL Online: Best Beginners Guide and Tutorials (2020)

Are you looking for the best way to learn SQL? Well, if you are looking to take up your career as a database developer, database analyst or an administrator, learning SQL skills is essential.

Whether it is a small business or an established one, these days, everyone manages their database using SQL. It is a language that is designed for managing the data held in various database management systems.

But before you find the free SQL tutorials and courses (or SQLmap tutorials), you need to know all the basics about this language. This post will walk you through the basics of SQL and the best online resources to learn this language.


What is SQL (Structured Programming Language)?

SQL is a structured query language that is used to access and manipulate databases while making operations on them.

A database is a collection of tables that have data kept in rows and columns. The row represents the value of the data and column represents the data category. For example- If we are making the database of a high school, the row represents name of the course and columns shows the value and its data type.

framework query language

However, if you need to make changes in this table, there are some common SQL commands that you should familiar with.

  • If you want to create a database, use command- CREATE DATABASE.
  • To find the data, use SELECT.
  • To edit or alter the, use UPDATE.
  • For deleting the data or entire table, use DELETE.

These commands will just let you create, find and delete the data.

If you want to learn more about SQL, here is a list of online tutorials that will help you get started.


If you are new with SQL, W3Schools gives you the best and easiest tutorials to learn the language. From the introduction of SQL to syntax, commands, types of databases, and references, this site will walk you through all the main aspects of this language.

It will also teach you how to use SQL in various databases including MySQL, SQL Server, Oracle, Postgres, Informix, and more. Each tutorial will show you the code through an example and will also let you try on their online editor. However, if you want to have a quick look on what you have learnt, you can print the references and keep it with you.

Once you are done learning, you can also test your skills with the SQL Quiz in the last section.

What you will learn-

  • SQL basics and syntax
  • SQL commands.
  • Data types
  • SQL databases.
  • Using SQL in a website.
  • MySQL, SQL Server, MS Access, and Oracle functions.

Price: Free

Team Treehouse

Team Treehouse is a leading online academy that offers you a 172- minute course on the basics of SQL. The course comes in the form of a video and will teach you what databases are and how you can get information from them.

For SQL, it has a 10-hr Beginning SQL track that will introduce you to the basics of SQL language, how to read the information, how to use various commands, how to create complex queries, and perform mathematical information on the data.

This track also has five courses and one workshop with varying durations that will give you a better overview of the language.

Recommended Courses-

  • SQL Basics, that will give you a basic idea of databases and how you can retrieve the information through them;
  • Modifying Data with SQL, which will teach you to modify data using SQL.
  • Reporting with SQL that will make you learn how to generate reports and display the information on websites

Price: After a free 7-day trial, you will have to choose from basic ($25/month) or pro plan ($49/month) for a complete access to courses and videos.


SQLZoo is another free and effective tutorial that lets you learn SQL basic commands and queries. It first offers you a tutorial and then lets you work with them through their online interpreters.

With this site, you can first learn the SQL basics through a detailed tutorial. After the basics, you can learn Join operations, advanced queries like create and drop, date and time, functions, meta data, and go through the useful hacks that are published by O’Reilly.

You can also use the reference section of the website to get more information and examples on the queries. After completing each tutorial, you can take the quiz to judge your skills. Apart from the quiz, you can also go for the assessments that include 15 questions with all the difficulty levels. quizzes will range anywhere form basic database table set up all the way to how to properly use SQL GUI tools.

What you will learn-

  • Basics of SQL
  • Usage of SQL queries.
  • Use of SQL with C# in Visual Studio.
  • Introduction to the transactions.
  • Programming with SQL

Price: Free


SQLCourse is a SQL introductory tutorial that not only provides easy to understand SQL tutorials, but also lets you work through them with an on-line SQL interpreter. With this tutorial, you will learn to make tables and how to perform queries on them.

What you will learn-

  • What is SQL?
  • Basics of a Table
  • Selecting, creating, and inserting into a table.
  • Updation of records.
  • Advanced SQL queries.

Price: The resources are available without registration, but you need to sign-up to get the free access to premium contents.


Quackit is a free SQL tutorial that will acquaint you with the syntax and basic SQL commands. It will teach you how to run the queries, use SQL, and will also provide you with a basic knowledge of concepts of databases. This tutorial will benefit you the most when you start practicing on your system.

What you will learn-

Price: Free

Tutorials Point

SQL tutorial by TutorialsPoint is for the SQL beginners that teach you both basic and advanced concepts of this language. It gives you an understanding of all the basic SQL concepts, but before you start, you need to be aware of the basics like what isa database, RDBMS, and computer programming language.

What you will learn-

  • Basics of SQL
  • Concepts of RDBMS and Databases.
  • Datatypes and Operators
  • SQL queries and clauses
  • Advanced SQL

Price: Free


Though Udemy courses are paid, you will get huge discounts of up to 94% or more on almost all SQL courses. Udemy courses consist of interactive video tutorials, expert articles and downloadable resources. You will also get a course completion certificate on completing your SQL course.

Udemy is an online library that offers you in-depth courses on various technologies including SQL. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced coder, you will find many courses to suit your requirements with learning SQL. Moreover, the industry experts from the world’s leading universities craft the Udemy’s SQL courses.

Recommended SQL courses:

  • The Complete SQL Bootcamp: In this course, you will learn to work with the complex SQL queries using PostgreSQL. This course also helps you gain an understanding of performing data analysis and putting SQL and PostgreSQL on their resume. It is good for both for beginners as well as experienced coders.
  • The Complete Oracle SQL Certification Course: This course covers the database basics, working with single table queries and multi-table queries and much more. You do not require prior coding experience to learn SQL using this course. In addition to videos, you will learn through readable lectures and assignments.

Price: Some SQL courses are free, while some coursesare paid and available with discounts of up to 95%.


Pluralsight is another useful website to learn SQL online. It serves as a comprehensive and cost-effective collection of SQL courses, catering to the coders with all skill level.

You will gain SQL skills using course discussion forums, expertly designed lectures, and working with downloadable exercise files. You may also get a course completion certificate at a set price.

Recommended SQL courses:

  • SQL Server Fundamentals: This course is specially designed for C# developers who use SQL server in their web applications. This course is good for T-SQL developers and Database Administrators as well. You will learn the basics of SQL, using SSMS, using the database, working with sqlcmd and sqlqs, and much more.
  • SQL Server 2016 New Features for Developers: This demo-packed course teaches the many latest and powerful SQL features for developers, added in SQL Server 2016.

Price: Start with the free 10-day trial. Then, you can the annual subscription for the US $105 per year to get access to the advanced courses.


With SQL courses on Lynda, you will learn from compelling video use screenshots, live action, smart boards, charts, graphics, audios, etc.

Lynda is one of the most popular and best websites to learn SQL. On this website, you will find an extensive library of high-quality SQL courses. Each course on Lynda comes with a few free videos for you to preview the course and determine if it’s the right SQL course for you.

Recommended SQL courses:

  • SQL – Data Reporting and Analysis: This course covers using different SQL versions, filtering and sorting your results, grouping SQL results, identifying data types, and more.
  • Learning SQL Programming: Designed especially for beginners, this course teaches the SQL fundamentals, limiting database responses, performing math, transforming data, organizing database response to SQL commands, etc.

Price: Start with a 1-month trial and then get access to advanced video tutorials and learning material at a set price of $29.99 per month.

SQL For Beginners by Tuts+

SQL for beginners by Tuts+ offers you both written tutorials and video courses that teach you basics of SQL, working on databases, tables, keys, and other commands and functions of this language.

The best part about this SQL tutorial is that it includes step-by-step instructions that will help you to get a better hold of this language. Moreover, this tutorial comes in two parts- SQL for Beginners Part 1 that takes you through the basics of the language and SQL for Beginners Part 2, which makes you familiar with database interactions.

What you will learn-

  • Basic of SQL
  • SQL commands and queries
  • Database interactions

Price: It is free as both of the parts are available without registration.

Final Notes

We hope that with these sources, you have found the best way to learn SQL language.

SQL is also known as a standard programming language that is used to access various databases like MS Access, SQL Server, Oracle, Teradata, and more. With the above free and paid tutorials, you will learn how to use language, how to implement the queries, and how you can use it for linking it with websites.

For best results, combine different free and paid websites and take your skills to the next level in no time.

But if you are a professional who wants to brush up the SQL skills, you can turn to the paid courses on online academies like Udemy, Team Treehouse, Coursera, and Lynda.

So, if you are a beginner who is new to SQL, you can refer to the tutorials from W3Schools, Quackit, SQLZoo, and SQL course.

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