Learn Mongodb – 6 Best Tutorials and Guides for Beginners

To learn Mongodb as a beginner (or any nosql driven application) can be very difficult on your own. Nosql applications can be required on the project you are working on though if the stored content need to be accessed instantaneously. The speed at which mongodb or redis (the two most commonly used) is 60-75% faster than storing in a SSD and retrieving the data when it is called that way. One thing to note before you look at the below reviews of any mongodb tutorials, is that its scalability is meant for big data driven applications.

The advantages to using Mongodb is that it is schema less driven. It will create a “collection” and hold different sorts of documents. They can vary in size, type within a collection as well. The ease of scaling is relatively simple to do as well. The platform is well supported by professionals in the industry (even though its open sourced). Over time they have been able to features of use to use it for: Mobile applications, big data hubs, Content management / delivery systems and user driven infrastructure.

For Beginners, we advise first installing mongodb on a linux or Unix based system for flexibility if things go south in your testing. Most of the tutorials will refer to examples shown on a linux OS with php. This doesn’t mean you are limited though, mongodb can be deployed on Windows, linux, debian and any php platform (like laravel or cakephp). Below are the 8 best tutorials and guides we feel can get you ready to be a Mongodb professional in your projects and career?

Top MongoDB Tutorials and Certification Training – Free & Paid Alternatives

We have searched for the most reputable places online that offer easy to offer yet professional and useful. the concept of nosql database queries can be confusing to some, so all of the following tutorials are hand picked for quality and easement for following.

Udemy’s Mongodb Beginner Tutorials – Click here for 40% off

Udemy's Mongodb Beginner Course
Udemy has grown to be one of the best and most affordable options in online learning today. They have the world’s most successful professionals come on their platform and make cheap (and sometimes FREE) courses.

The Mongodb course from Infinite skills (a highly rated instructor on Udemy) covers learning Mongodb from A to Z. The curriculum consists of 72 lectures, over 7.5 hours of rich content videos and covers the basics as well as some more advanced teachings when you are ready.

What is beneficial to Infinite Skills course on Udemy is that he demonstrates multiple examples using Mongo on JavaScript, python, Ruby, )Linux, Windows or Mac), and the basic java shell command too. This gives you the student the flexibility to maximize your options when deploying the application.

Cost: $30
Course Link: https://www.udemy.com/mongodb-training

Simplilearn – MongoDB certification Program for C100DEV

Simplilearn's Professional Certification for Mongodb
Simplilearn is a favorite among people that are a software engineer or software developer within a career. Their training counts as PDU’s and most of the time will be reimbursed by your employer. What makes them unique is the nosql training in this program leads you directly into the certification test to get your C100DEV. The pre-requisites for this certification program is that you have a  foundational knowledge of the most commonly known programming languages (like php, java and C#). An active knowledge base and experience in linux or Unix based systems is also recommended.

There is 32 hours of live recorded training covered by an instructor and over 17 hours of online learning content. After each lessons or session, live examples are giving to implement firsthand what was taught. One of the examples include “XYZ Corp”, a telecom company that has been using out of date data calls for its users. They want to build a java based interface to store their data in mongoDB. By forcing an action followed by  lesson of using Mongodb in a java or node.js application, it reinforces what was taught for your long term memory.

Cost: $299
Course Link: simplilearn.com/big-data-and-analytics/mongodb-certification-training

Mongodb University

Mongo University

Owners and managers of Mongodb have put a “university” together in just the past year. They consider this a comprehensive offering of anything you need to use mongodb for. Whether you are building the nosql database with a .NET environment, as a node.js developer or cluster management, there’s a course for every subject.

The first course they have you take is “learning how to use Mongodb Atlas”. Mongodb Atlas is a database as a service platform. Since many companies are adapting to the “cloud” concept, this is a solution some are moving to so they do not have to house the clusters themselves (especially when they don’t have someone skilled enough managing it). More advanced courses include introductions to Spark and Mongodb working together through Spark Scala and Java API’s.

The downfall with Mongodb University is that you HAVE to attend the classes on the scheduled days and times offered, no exceptions. Someone with a busy schedule or wanting to learn how to take advantage of mongo collections will find it difficult to make every online session (M123 is only run at 10AM, the middle of the workday!).

More info and Signup: https://university.mongodb.com/

Lynda’s MEAN Stack and MongoDB Development Techniques

Lynda Full MEAN Stack course with Mongodb
What makes Lynda more creditable as a company is they were acquired by LinkedIn in 2015. Many professional jumped to the platform the offer their expertise in individual course offerings.

Lynda Online has two courses available to their students regarding Mongodb teachings. The one coders eye believes is the better one is the course taught by Alexander zanfir Alexander goes over how to compile a MEAN toolset that pairs with node.js and express.js. He does focus on the purpose of Mongo in the Java specific setting. For examples, a few of the lectures are about sending and displaying posts/messages from the Mongo data collection gathered using an API service, JWT or token authentication. The lesson does however only come with 1 example file within the set so you might have to venture 3rd party resources in order to use other examples.

This is toward the end of the beginner level and would be beneficial for anyone that has used mongodb before but aren’t sure the best processes of use (how or what to store inside collections).

Price: $24.99 / month (all of Lynda courses Included)
Course Link: https://www.lynda.com/MongoDB-training-tutorials/1475-0.html


tutorialsPoint Free Mongodb Tutorial for Big Data

Tutorials point is a free alternative to some of the paid options when it comes to learning the C++ based nosql database platform. They target software professionals that are okay with step by step written instructions in how to manipulate environments, creating and modifying the databases, creating collections and querying documents.

One thing to consider is that Tutorialspoint will not cover the basics a beginner is looking for. They expect as a pre-requisite that you have a good understanding of RDBMS (relational database management system). Their tutorial gives you enough material to hit the ground running.  Because of the pre-expectations, we recommend that only developers and coders that have previous knowledge in different languages go here as a resource.

Price: Free
Tutorial Link: http://www.tutorialspoint.com/mongodb/

Intellipaat’s Mongodb Training

Intellipaat's certification training for Big Data
Intellipaat is most known for Big data and Hadoop Training online. The courses range from beginner to expert certification programs in big data. In regards to their online Mongodb training, it is a comprehensive hands on training that includes coverage of things many of the other resources reviewed don’;  This includes: Intro to JSON/BSON and how to integrate mongo within it, CRUD operations, custom data modeling (and collection modifications), Schema design and scaling your nosql operations. The more advanced topics go over indexing/aggregation framework, integrating mongo with Jaspersoft and managing unstructured data (this is if a mess was left for you from the last developer).

This course gets you prepared to take your certification test. Along with the hand held instructions for installation, they offer 24×7 lifetime support if you encounter any issues. This is something almost no company offers when learning a new programming language.

Price: $139
Course and Info link: https://intellipaat.com/mongodb-training/

The reason nosql database platforms are getting popular now is the reason for scalability. It’s the modern way of handling high loads of requests and since that is what Mongodb is meant for, it makes as a perfect solutions for both big and small organizations.

Even if it may seem hard to learn big data (or even becoming a Hadoop certified programmer), it will soon be a requirement. Many of the world’s top organizations are adopting the platform like: Craigslist, Viacom, Expedia, Google, Ebay, Adobe and Cisco just to name a few (of many more).

Whether you’re a beginner to coding, senior software developer or professional looking to broaden your skills, any of the above resources will help you further your database skills.

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