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Pluralsight is a popular online education platform, offering courses in IT, software, creative design, and general business. Instead of traditional text-style courses, Pluralsight embraces engaging video-based training, which is a widely-accepted e-learning trend. The platform leverages the fact that the human brain processes videos 60,000 times faster than text, and hence offers a variety of video training courses. Expect interesting and engaging courses covering a wide range of industries at Pluralsight. Whether you are a beginner planning a career in the IT industry, or an expert developer interested in mastering a new IT skill, Pluralsight offers you the opportunity to learn and advance your skills.

Currently, Pluralsight offers more than 6,850 courses that are written by 1,500+ subject-matter experts, possessing vast experience and expertise in their respective fields. Millions of learners, including students and employees, from over 150 countries are using this platform to build and brush up their coding skills in their desired technology.

The list of Pluralsight clients includes many big tech giants, like Intel, Adobe, Oracle, Dell, and Microsoft, as well as some non-tech companies, like Bank of America, Disney, etc.

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What is Pluralsight?

Aaron Skonnard (CEO), Bill Williams, Fritz Onion, and Keith Brown set up Pluralsight in 2004 as a classroom training company. They embraced video-based training in 2007, which led the company to rapid growth.

Pluralsight courses cover a wide range of industries, including:

Software development
• Data professional
• IT administration
• Creative professional
• Manufacturing and design
• Business professional
• Architecture and Construction
• Information and cyber security

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More to be introduced soon!

All the courses vary in difficulty level – learn to code as a beginner, intermediate and expert. If you are unsure about the course and difficulty level you should choose, Pluralsight can help you decide what’s best suited for you.

Pluralsight helps individuals build and self-improve their skills, allows teachers to supplement the curriculum and lets the government boost productivity through expert-led training.  Although not free, Pluralsight courses are reasonably priced for almost everyone who wants premium access. The subscription cost is just $29 a month. In addition to paid courses, the platform offers free courses for children.

Coder Eye’s In-Depth Pluralsight Review

In today’s fast-evolving technological era, coders and IT professionals are high in demand. More and more people now desire to become an IT professional. Even individuals with a degree in IT and computers strive to stay on top of the current market trends by regularly updating their skill set. However, hectic schedules with jobs, kids or other responsibilities don’t allow people, especially offices goers and homemakers, to learn their desired technology. For those who have the liberty of time, expensive course fees for university education becomes a constraint.

Pluralsight is the answer!

You can enhance your skill set on Pluralsight and get ready to find a job in the tech industry without attending a college and getting a degree. All the courses feature high-quality content and are reviewed by the full-time editing team at Pluralsight. The post-course assessments help to monitor your progress level. If you pass the assessment, you can view and print your certificate of course completion. It really is an excellent choice for coding courses for beginners.

The motto of Pluralsight is to train students at their own pace and requirements, unlike the traditional classroom training that hardly focus on the unique learning ability of each student. Pluralsight outshines other online learning platforms through its intuitive and friendly UI/UX design and the courses designed by the experts.

Learning paths and mentor support are some of the best features of Pluralsight. You can keep track of previous courses through the notes that you make during each course. You can even download a number of exercise files that are related to every course on the platform. The learning paths on Pluralsight keep viewers focused on the right skills. Every lesson on the site is divided into smaller sections, which makes learning easier. Once a user completes a course, he can rate his skills through skill management tools.

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What can you learn at Pluralsight?

Pluralsight is an extensive library of 6,500+ on-demand and online video courses covering a wide range of subject areas such as mobile, cloud, data, IT, security, etc. All the video courses have been designed by Pluralsight’s world-class community of subject-matter experts and authors.

You will get expert-designed courses on the following technologies:

Software Development: Python, JavaScript, Java, C#, cloud, database, web development (like html & CSS), mobile development.
IT Ops: IT certification, IT networking, security, database administration, servers, virtualization.
Data Professional: Big data, business intelligence, SQL, Tableau, Oracle, SQL server.
Information & Cyber Security: Security certifications, penetration testing, malware analysis, security auditing, security fundamentals.
Manufacturing & Design: SolidWorks, Fusion360, Inventor, Onshape, AutoCAD and more.
Architecture, Engineering & Construction: Revit, AutoCAD, Rhino, Navisworks and more.
Creative Professional: 3D animation, game dev, VFX and graphic design and popular creative software.
• Business Professional: Project management, leadership and communication skills, career planning, and more.

You can access unlimited online video courses and even download these for offline viewing with a paid subscription. On a video course’s page, you can watch the course, view its transcript, download exercise files, and participate in discussion boards. Pluralsight offers transcript for many courses. When browsing content, courses with transcript show up with a CC after the course title. Pluralsight’s interactive courses offer an in-browser, hands-on learning experience combining videos with coding challenges and a code editor for practicing your skills. After watching the video, you can take coding challenges right in your browser. You will get guided feedback on coding challenges and see your progress level.

Pluralsight Paths

If you want to master a particular skill set, choose a Path. Pluralsight Paths are the series of content created by Pluralsight authors and experts. Paths are organized in three ways:

• Beginner
• Intermediate
• Advanced

You can choose a path to master a particular skill set. If you are not sure which path is correct for your skill level, you can take a Skill IQ test.

Pluralsight Pricing

All Pluralsight courses are arranged in two different categories –Personal and Businesses.

Personal Subscription Plans

Individual Pluralsight students get access to all Pluralsight video courses, certificates of completion, paths channels, Skill IQ, and Role IQ. Individuals fall into the ‘Personal’ category and can choose one of the following subscription plans:

Monthly Plan ($29/month) – Get access to the entire course library, evaluate your IQ and get the certificate of course completion.

Annual Plan ($299/year) – Access the downloadable exercise files, offline viewing, course discussions, and TV & mobile apps.

Premium Plan ($499/year) – Access every personal feature, interactive courses, certification practice exams, and the projects.

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You can take the 10-day free trial free trial to see if you find Pluralsight helpful. Just provide the site with your name, email address, and other required details and get started. Once you complete the trial period, you may buy a subscription plan to continue learning on Pluralsight.

Business Subscription Plans

Companies purchase Pluralsight’s business plans to train their employees and keep their skill set up-to-date. They can choose either the Professional or the Enterprise plan. Learners on business subscriptions have access to all video courses, interactive courses, projects, certification practice exam, and exclusive access to powerful analytics and user organization tools. The Professional plan costs $499/year for each user, and the Enterprise plan costs $699/year for each user. Professional subscribers can use the 14-day free trial available for ten users.


To get answers to any of your questions regarding the services of Pluralsight, you can contact them through email. The customer representatives at Pluralsight are quite responsive. They usually get your problems solved in no time. Besides, you can get support from the online community as well. Whatever the mode of assistance, you will always have your problems solved at Pluralsight.

Start with Pluralsight

First, subscribe to Pluralralsight and decide which course you want to pursue. The platform offers an overwhelming variety of courses, but thankfully, also helps you choose the right course at every step.

Browse the course libraries to find the latest and most popular courses. If you are not sure about your skill level, take the Pluralsight Skill IQ test. This 5-minute quiz contains 20 questions. Take the quiz to identify your strengths and areas that need improvements.

Pluralsight combines several relevant courses and tools in Paths to help learners excel in a particular skill. By choosing these paths, you will learn a specific skill from the beginning to the advanced level while eliminating any potential knowledge gaps. Their setup here is similar to Team Treehouse and their tech degree‘s, unlike udemy which are single option course styles.

It doesn’t offer on-demand courses but provides on-request mentoring for business. Mentoring is available in the form of live assistance from the industry experts. It enables the team to choose and discuss the topic with mentors in real-time via different modes of communication, like screen share and video chats.

Moreover, you can access your courses from anywhere and anytime; thanks to its handy mobile apps. The application works on iPhone, iPad, Tablet, Android, Windows, Mac and Smart TVs.


• 6,800+ expert-led and easy-to-learn video courses
• Serves individuals as well as businesses
• Mentoring for business available
• Certificate of course completion
• Learn using mobile apps
• Free trials available


• High subscription price
• Some subjects have sparse classes.
• Can’t access classes permanently

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You will be impressed by the number and quality of courses available in the library of Pluralsight. The user dashboard is extremely convenient for the learners as you can see the frequent updates over there. Also, the tailored learning paths on Pluralsight make you understand everything in a much better way.

The quality of the videos on Pluralsight is fantastic, and they have perfectly audible narration as well. If you can manage to study every day, $1 per day is just about free for the users.

It does not matter if you are a beginner or a professional, there’s something for everyone on the site. It is basically a great means for everyone who wants to learn to code and animate.

Instead of going through on-campus classes, you can learn it much faster and better on Pluralsight. You get the greatest flexibility to learn just about anything that it offers. Sign up with Pluralsight now to access the best courses online.

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