What are Programming and Web Developer Salaries in 2020?

Coder’s, Web developers and Computer programmers have among the highest paying salaries in 2020 for the amount of experience they require. Companies are in a large shortage of computer science related majors to fill their current positions. With apps, mobile development and AR/AI taking over this century it should be a industry that taken more seriously for job opportunity. Developers are now in 2020, some of the highest paying entry careers right out of college!

We are living in a digital world where everything is being revolutionized. A number of people using the internet are increasing every day giving a significant rise to a number of businesses moving online. From coffee shop to multinational enterprises, everyone pays as much attention to their website as to their retail stores. Print and electronic media are being replaced by the digital media. Over the past few years, more and more people are learning web development and adopting it as their career.

With that being said, different technologies for web development are introduced every day making websites more dynamic, creative and user-friendly. With so many people learning web development, this field is one of the most competitive in the world. There is a different kind of web programming languages and frameworks. The salaries of web developers do not only depend on the frameworks and programming language they use but also on additional skills such as design and quality assurance. It also depends on educational background and ability to take on the challenging situations.

If you are looking to become a web developer thinking they get higher salaries, you need to understand few things that count towards their salary. Here are some of the factors that you should consider when estimating your web development salary.

Three types of Web Development

Front end, back-end and full stack

Developers are most commonly categorize in three different sections. Once you get working though, people get called all sorts of things; like mobile IOS integration engineer, embedded java app lead, oracles database technician, and the list goes on.

For the purpose of this study for developer salaries we are classifying the three main level almost any job can be put into. The three types of programmers are Front end developers, back-end developers and full stack developers.

Front End Developers

A front-end designer or developer creates sites and applications utilizing web technologies such as HTML, CSS, and JavaScript which run locally in a web browser. They are responsible for ensuring best user experience through easy and modern user interface. If you become a front-end developer, you will only be concerned about how the website looks like in different browsers and screens. Usually, the design files for layout and structure is provided by the graphic designer, however, expert front end engineers can code without the design file as well.

Apart from HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, front-end developers also learn Bootstrap, Jquery, and frameworks like WordPress, Drupal and Magento to add more to their market value. Front end programming languages are easier and client side only. Front end developers do not have to work on server side scripts and functionalities.

Last year, the average salaries of front end developers demonstrate that they are earning quite well and can improve further as long as they keep learning the latest technologies and frameworks. Here are some statistics from the previous year.

overall average wage of web developers of this year

Credit : Payscale.com (2018)

Back-end Developers

Backend Developers are responsible for working with database and ensuring the smooth and correct data handling for the website. They work with core programming languages like ASP.NET, PHP, C#, and Python etc. to develop scripts, plugins, and functionalities that involve data parsing, database connection, session handling and algorithm control. Usually, they get higher salaries than front-end developers but the risk and effort associated with their job is higher as well.

Most of the times, front end developers learn more and become back-end developers, however, you can be a stand-alone backend developer as well. If you are good with core programming, there are higher chances for you to get successful in this field. According to code mentor, here are the average salaries for backend developers for the year 2018, but continually get updated as the demand continues to go up.

Programming salaries based on years of experience

Full Stack Developers

If someone knows both, client-side programming as well as server side programming, they are called full stack developers. Since they are a combination of front end and back end developers, they are paid highest. These developers are high in demand since they know more and can work alone in place of two people.

For front-end developers, it is difficult to learn backend programming. However, most of the backend developers learn frontend and upgrade to full stack developers. Full stack developers get equal or slightly higher salaries than backend developers. They do not have a very significant edge is salaries but they definitely win the competition and get hired faster as they are more knowledgeable.

If you are one of these developers and looking forward to adding more to your market worth, you can learn more languages, frameworks and coding practices. You do not have to enroll in colleges necessarily. You can spare few hours and study everything virtually using the internet.


Educational Background

Educational background and the type of credential you hold also plays an essential role in determining your salary. People with formal degrees are paid higher than those with diplomas and certificates. Similarly, having additional certificates from designated institutes such as Microsoft, Zend etc. also add worth to your profile.

Apart from the degree, the field of study matters as well. For instance, having a web application development degree is better than having an IT or computer engineering degree if you want to work as a website developer. Here are some stats showing the average salaries based on educational background.

Programmer / web development comparison wage chart

Credit: Visual Studio Magazine


code salaries based on years of school

Credit: Visual Studio Magazine


Programming Experience

Just like in every other field, salary depends mainly on a number of experiences. In web development, fresh people are hired more frequently since they are considered to be knowledgeable about the latest trend. However, the more you are in this field, the higher you earn. Getting old as web developer only gets beneficial if you keep learning and adopting new trends with time. There is always a space for freshmen but salary keeps rising with time.

Going into 2020, one thing to keep in mind is many of the junior developer positions can be lucrative because online coding bootcamps, resources to learn code for free, and other paid resources count as creditable sources that you know what your doing. Some paid programs to look into would be pluralsight (over 1500 expert teachers), Udemy (industry experts at affordable rates), Team Treehouse, Coursera and Udacity.

Here are the average salaries based years of experience.


This is very obvious but worth mentioning that salaries also depends on the strength of your employer. If you are working in a multinational company with rich and big clients, they are definitely going to pay you more with incentives and bonuses.

Different companies offer different salaries but keep in mind, the higher is the salary, greater is the responsibility. If you are a fresh graduate and looking to work to learn and groom yourself, you can start with small companies and build your experience before moving to the bigger organizations.

Location of Job Opportunity

Working as a web developer is different for different places. A web developer in New York will have a different salary if he moves to some other state. This generally happens when due to competition. When more people become web developers in a certain city, competition among them rises. People who desperately need jobs, start working on lesser salaries impacting the average salaries for web developers in that area. On the other hand, in areas where there are more employers and fewer developers, employers try to temp good resources with higher salaries. This way, average salaries in that area raise.

Many people relocate to areas where there are higher salaries and less competition. Be sure to check out the stats before deciding about relocation.

Coding Salaries in Major Cities

Web Developer Salary Trend and Forecast

A Programmers outlook on the job market and opportunity

Studying statistics from past few years, we can easily see a rise in the graph for web developer’s salaries all over the world. Every year, the average salary raises with a significant percentage in different fields related to web development. Here is the comparison of past few years


Keeping this rate in view, we can easily predict that web developer’s salaries are going to raise in this year and coming years. If you are planning to become a website developer, you are on the right path.


Master Thy Craft Online

Training Alternatives to Computer Science College Degrees

You can find many online places to interact with in instructors as well as people like you willing to help each other to grow more. New and innovative sites like Udemy and Team Treehouse enable you to becoming a web developer in a matter of weeks, not years. You will get all the help material, lectures and training here. If you are already a programmer, you should still study few hours a week to keep yourself updated with latest trends. Online alternatives will help you stay ahead of the curve. Our friends over at best VPN ratings (read bestvpnrating.com’s Nord Review) have mastered their craft as well.


Get Certified

Whether you are studying or working, it’s always better to keep enrolling in the certification program and get certified. Certifications area a proof that you are a qualified web developer and can add a lot of value to your resume. Try Microsoft certification exams.



Web development is an amazing field and doesn’t look like getting obsolete at least in this century. If you are looking forward to becoming a website developer, you should waste no more time and start learning now. The field offers more than just a high salary. It offers unique opportunities and creative work arrangements to grow at some of the largest tech companies and startups in the world. A great future is waiting for you.

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