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2020 Honest Skillcrush Online Review – Is it Worth it?

Choosing a career or switching it, either one of them comes as a challenging task. There is a lot to learn and very less time to process it all. One quick way to simplify this task and ensure speedy leaning is going for a ‘Career blueprint’ course.

These courses teach you the basic of the work field and provide step-by-step resources for thriving in it. They not only enhance your skills but also prepare you for the latest challenges of the forever developing tech world.  These courses also allow you to build a high-value portfolio and open doors for job opportunities.

Therefore, Skillcrush brings forward a series of online carrier blueprint courses at your disposal. The following is an in-depth detail of their carrier courses and the elements related to them.

What Are Skillcrush’s Basic values?

Skillcrush company values

Adda Birnir, a former project manager of a digital agency, came up with the idea of Skillcrush. With her experience, she realized that a lot of people don’t have proper access to resources for enhancing their skills and loss carrier opportunity due to it. So, in 2012, Adda came up with a team and started Skillcrush online courses.

Presently, she has developed two companies and a large team of skilled people to accomplish the goal of her agency. The firm believed that “technology doesn’t have to be hard; it’s a tool that anyone can use” and is doing everything to ensure this target.

Anyone interested in learning new skills or enhancing can join skill crush, in spite of gender, color, nationality, education level, or social status. The courses are also open specially-abled and LGBTQ people.

At the time, Skillcrush deal with all the following course topics.

• Web Designs • Web Development • Mobile Web Designs • WordPress Development • Ruby on Rails

Further, Skill crush has not limited their courses to just job seekers; they also have courses for freelancing. Moreover, the firm is also geared for freelancing and other similar works. In fact, a majority of the team members of Skillcrush team are self-taught.

What is Standard The Course Structure?

The average course cycle starts with the registration of your detail and the charges. You will also need to register an email id for it. The instructors will have this email address and will send your daily schedule on it.

This schedule will tell you about the material, videos, articles, and other content that you will be studying for that particular day. It will also assign you the time for each section where you will be interacting with fellow student and discuss the topics. The instructor will also conduct Google hangout interactions to resolve your doubts and questions. There will be two of these sessions in a month.

What Makes Skillcrush Better Than Other Online Courses?

The site was born due to Adda’s understanding that the only people that are safe from being laid off are the ones with actual programming skills. Since then, Skillcrush had been providing a flexible option for everyone around the world. Some of the things that made it an ideal platform for everyone are as follows:

Ease of Usage

The web developers of this site have developed it for simplicity. There are no unnecessary popups, bombarded color schemes, banners, or any other distraction. It is simple to navigate and provide a direct option for every section. Upon entering the website, the first thing you will see is a small prompt for a quick quiz. This quiz has some question that will help you to find your scope in the technical line. Moving further on the website you will find all the details that you may want to know like “why choose Skillcrush,” customer testimonials, partner list and more. There are also some blogs, contact details, details of the team, and more. The best part is that Skillcrush uses separate for all their individual courses not by blueprints. In simple words, everything on this website is direct and cleanly placed.

Content Quality

Usually, websites focus more expensive courses and less on the cheaper short term courses, Skillcrush never does that. Whether you check the content of small courses, blueprint or even the free trial, everything has consistent quality. Skillcrush has attained a high reputation in this section, and that’s clearly visible in their testimonials.


When you take online courses from the website, they usually give you a set of files or videos to read. Some of them also provide trainer, but that too at a conversational level, just to deal with your doubts. However, Skillcrush never follows these methods. The website has actively integrated video calling in their course and provide timely face to face classes with it. The website course also has a specific section that allows inter-person interaction for discussing doubts and queries. The best part is that they provide all the services at a much less price than its competitors. While all the other online websites provide courses at around $500-100 per blueprint, Skillcrush offers the same at $400 or less.

Free Trial Version Course

Skillcrush Free Trial

Skillcrush is confident about their courses and believes in providing a transparent overview of them.  They also think that before diving deep into the field, you should learn about the basic terms of the program. So, they offer a 10-day free run for new users. They call it the bootcamp. The camp is free of cost and focuses on non-complex elements of the tech courses.

The bootcamp will start with something like “The internet vs. the web,” and then move on to programming languages by the end of the session. The content of each day will be different but related to the main content. Its main motive is to introduce you to the main terminologies and set a base for the complex tasks. It will get you started with portfolio building.

Talking of the content of boot camp, it will be in mixed form. There will be videos, articles, and more. However, as the basic course, bootcamp will mostly depend on written content to explain everything. The notes will be simple, straightforward, and short, so you won’t be much difficult to digest.

Courses You Can Avail

Skillcrush provides flexible courses for every need of the learners. They have both full-scale courses that deal with the entire program and the individual courses which deal with a specific element only.

The following are the full details of both these courses.

• Skillcrush Blueprint Programs

The blueprint is an 11-week learning program that teaches about all the elements of technical programming. The blueprint courses that are currently available are as follows:

• Web Designer • Web Developer • Front End Developer • Mobile Web Designer • Freelance WordPress Developer • Ruby on Rails Developer

Each of these courses cost $149 per month, but you can avail a discount by making a one-time payment. Then the course will cost $399, that’s a discount of $50.

• Individual Courses

Learning about a whole program is necessary to enter a new line of work. However, sometimes, you may also need to learn of a specific element of the field for ensuring your growth. Therefore, Skillcrush also offers 3-4 weeks of individual courses. The courses cost you $175 and focus only on one of the following skill at a time.

• UX & Web Design • HTML & CSS • JavaScript & jQuery • Ruby, Git & The Command Line


Skillcrush team has worked on every aspect of the course and made it flexible for beginners. They can teach all the essential skills and tricks to grow and thrive in this digital world. They can help you with Ruby, WordPress, IU designs, freelancing, and a lot more. The site is not just a learning platform; Skillcrush also provides career-related guidance. They offer you the skills that increase the value of your portfolio and transform your career.

8.5 Total Score
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