Top Web Hosts for Modern JavaScript and Node JS Web App Developers

JavaScript is the core of modern web app development. It lets the developers define who interacts with the application on both server and client side. Moreover, it is highly scalable and allows the developers to build modern web apps.

So, are you looking to develop a JavaScript or NodeJs (event-driven JavaScript runtime environment) application and a host for a JavaScript Web App?

There are a number of web hosting solutions that host your websites seamlessly. But it is important to choose one that can give you the best speed, performance, uptime, and security.

Whether you are new to JavaScript or develop JS web apps already, here is a list of top web hosts that will let you host your website in no time.


Heroku cloud platform service supporting programming languages









Domains and Metrics

Custom Domains

Application Metrics

Preboot+ Autoscaling





Heroku is a managed and container-based cloud PaaS (platform as a service) that allows you to manage, deploy and scale modern web apps.

If you are planning to deploy Node.js applications; all you need is to run the recent version of Node.js and it will deploy it using dependency caching. It has a collection of scripts for compiling apps that are specific to the languages and frameworks used by you. It lets you create your own scripts as well.

It also allows you to manage the app environment specific configurations like credentials for backing up services and separation of source code for added security measures.

At last, it lets the developer focus on the core product while they maintain the entire app’s infrastructure. We recommend this web host solution for both novice and experienced developers.

Why Choose Heroku?

  • It takes full control for your server-side deployment. All you need is just to create the app in a web manager app.
  • Heroku makes it easy to create several environments of a single web app.
  • The deployment is quite easier from its command line.


  • Large applications have slower deployments.
  • It becomes expensive as the server resources grow.

A2 Hosting

A2 Hosting Pre-Configured Cache Product





Number of Websites




Turbo Server








A2 Hosting is a hosting solution that offers exceptional uptime and technical support. This web host was the first to offer SSD hosts and now has a Turbo hosting platform that provides you with pre-configured options including Memcached, OPcache, and a Turbo Cache product.

However, when it comes to hosting JS (JavaScript) on A2 Hosting, this web host has a Google framework that simplifies the development of Angular JS applications; a small JavaScript library, and a JS animation framework, jsMorph that adjusts all the HTML elements.

Moreover, it has JavaScript libraries including Modernizer, YUI, JSZip, Scriptaculous Flot and DHTMLX, and comes with JS compatible frameworks as well.

So, with these features, you simply can’t wrong with choosing A2 web hosting for JavaScript.

Why is Choose A2 Hosting for JavaScript?

  • A2 Hosting offers you full root access and your choice of operating system with cloud VPS, dynamic VPS, and Flex dedicated server platforms.
  • The servers are configured to support Node.JS.
  • A2 also gives any time money back guarantee.


  • Live migration is chargeable.
  • The live chat support is not always available.
  • There are feature restrictions on Swift and Lite.

Amazon Web Services

Amazon Web Service Reliable Cloud Computing

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is a cloud computing platform that offers you a blend of IaaS, SaaS, PaaS infrastructure and other resources to host your web apps. It hosts a number of programming languages, and you can either use Amazon EC2, S3, RDS, and SQS, DevPay or RDS service to host your application.

With their AWS elastic beanstalk service (a container system that makes it easy for you to push the packaged applications to AWS as PaaS), it allows you to deploy a high availability Node.js web application.

The AWS SDK also offers a JavaScript API for AWS services that the developer can use to build applications for Node.js. It also lets you access the AWS services for the JS code that is running in the browser.

However, this web hosting is only recommended for the developers who have experience in managing their own servers.

Why Choose Amazon Web Services?

  • You get full control over the server.
  • AWS lets you run multiple web apps on the server without any additional costs.
  • You get a lot of customer support in the form of plans, documents, and forums.


  • It has a steep learning curve.

Microsoft Azure






Response Time

<8 hours

<2 hours

<15 minutes

< 1 hour

Best for

Trial environment

Production environments

Multiple products







It is a cloud computing platform that lets the developers manage and deploy the web applications through the Microsoft data centers. It is available across multiple regions and gives you the flexibility of host your web app, according to your needs.

Azure has support for both Linux and Windows machines, which enables you to host your Node.js applications in real time. Along with this, it has support for automatic scalability that lets you scale your app according to traffic.

With Azure Functions, you can run your code in a reactive way and work in infrastructure that is transparent to you. Moreover, your code is executed when needed, and you’re billed on the basis of the resource you use.

However, the apps can only be deployed for Android and Windows, not Mac.

Why Choose Microsoft Azure?

  • Azure lets you host up to 10 apps in each data center.
  • It gives you single sign-on access for a number of SaaS applications including Google Apps, Dropbox, Salesforce, and more.


  • Deployments can be slow.

Digital Ocean

Digital Ocean Easy To Use Cloud Computing Platform


SSD Disk





4 TB




5 TB




6 TB




7 TB




9 TB


Digital Ocean is a cloud-based computing platform that offers one-click installation and deployment of Node.js. This web host only takes 55 seconds and deploys Node.js to the SSD cloud server. However, you can install Node.js on your own by requesting a plain droplet (according to your preferences) and then installing it.

They lack basic features like free domain, site migrations, ability to purchase a domain, but it does offer infrastructure services including cloud firewall, object storage, load balancer, and more.

Why Choose Digital Ocean?

  • You have to pay according to the size of the droplet you choose.
  • Automatic scaling is enabled, and you can scale up and down, as per the traffic.


  • It has a complex jargon and is only suitable for experienced users.
  • They have limited customer support.

Redhat OpenShift




Container Platform

Hosted Services





On Demand

Private OpenShift clusters

Both cloud and on-premise infrastructure


Read More

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Read More

OpenShift is an open hybrid cloud platform that lets you deploy your web applications on the cloud. This platform offers Node.js hosting free forever and Platform as a Service option that allows you to host your web app with minimal effort.

They are also involved with Kubernetes and Docker (open source communities) and let you focus on the web app, instead of the environment. It also has automatic scaling feature that scales your app in case of unexpected spikes in traffic.

However, this web host solution is not for beginners. It will only work the users with DevOps and professional Node.js and JavaScript developers.

Why Choose Redhat OpenShift?

  • There is minimal network latency for servers.
  • You get free access to the built-in and private databases.
  • It has a pre-built application that can be automatically deployed in minutes.


  • You are limited to hosting three web applications.


SiteGround Top Security Web Platform


Entry Server


Super Power

CPU Cores




CPU Threads












SiteGround is currently hosting more than 1,700,000 domains and provides you a fully managed cloud hosting with three data centers, daily backups, and Free Cloudflare CDN. Instead of using the traditional Virtual Private Server, they have an in-house cloud platform that is scalable and comes with additional shell access.

They offer you extra server protection with their unique server isolation system and also provide you SSH access and private DNS server setup. And, their server monitoring system checks your server every 0.5 seconds.

Moreover, SiteGround offers Node.js support across their web hosting plans including both shared Linux servers- cPanel and CentOS.

Why Choose SiteGround?

  • SiteGround has their own backup system that runs daily backups every hour.
  • Their downtime prevention mechanism yields excellent uptime rates, and SuperCacher provides four caching options during the intensive load times.


  • SiteGround offers limited storage space.

Google Cloud

  • Uptime: Guarantees 99.5% (4 hours and 23 minutes of downtime per year)
  • Website:
  • Pricing: There are no upfront costs. You have to only pay for the service on a need basis.
Google Cloud Global Networking Web Platform

Google Cloud is a web hosting solution that hosts your web application where you have your Google products. It lets you deploy on a global network, and gives you a different type of storage options.

It also has Node.js quick starts that include App Engine (deploys your web app in Google PaaS solution), Kubernetes Engine (runs Node.js on the container), Cloud Functions (builds function on the serverless platform), and Computing Engine (Cloud-based virtual machine to deploy your Node.js App.)

It does offer excellent hosting solutions but is only suitable for the developers who have experience with cloud hosting.

Why Choose Google Cloud?

  • It offers you a huge cloud server network.
  • Provides you both regional and multi-regional storage.

Storage Rates

Google Cloud Storage Rates per GB per Month








$0.02 – $0.035 per GB/mo

$0.01 – $0.02 per GB/mo

$0.007 – $0.014 per GB/mo


  • It has expensive download and support prices.




App Memory

DB Memory


App Instance






$9/month ($0.01/hr)

NodeChef Managed Container Web Platform

NodeChef is a specialized hosting platform that is based on managed containers along with Redis, MySQL, and other add-ons. To deploy your web app with NodeChef, all you need is one command to install the CLI and project folder.

It runs your code inside a Docker container and also lets you choose between NoSQL and SQL database. However, it supports all the databases. Moreover, it gives you the ability to scale your web app and the entire cluster automatically.

We recommend giving NodeChef a try as it offers you an automated SSL certificate along with both renewal and installation. It also manages your domain and provides faster page loads via load balancers.

However, this web hosting solution only works for experienced Node.js developers.

Why Choose NodeChef?

  • It offers 24*7 database and container uptime monitoring and also provides data migration with zero downtime.
  • Deployments with zero downtime.

Summing Up

There are a number of web hosting solutions, both cloud-based and traditional that has started to add support for JavaScript and Node.js applications. But we did the research and found the top web hosts that will cater all your Node.js and JavaScript hosting needs.

We hope that your search for an ideal web host for JS and Node.js will definitely end here.

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