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Now that you have completed the JQuery tutorials on our site, you are prepared to hone your coding skills further. Fortunately, there are many online resources you can use to further your education. We will give you a list of resources we feel give you more comprehensive coding experience.


Team Treehouse was founded in 2011 and contains over 1,000 videos. This website makes it easy for everyone, from beginner to advanced, to learn coding, including JQuery. Through their lessons, you will learn skills that can be applied directly to the job market instead of more traditional methods of learning such as university coursework. No special hardware or software needs to be purchased to take advantage of the content.

Since inception, Team Treehouse’s 1,000+ expert-created videos have garnered 172,000 students in 190 different countries. Topics include web design, coding, game design, and different programming languages (including Swift, Apple’s app-programming language, not to mention Android-based content). Each of these lessons is broken into smaller chunks (known as Stages), which serves to make the information easier to learn for both beginning and advanced users.

Rather than being a collection of random videos by unaccredited people, each video on Team Treehouse is the product of an industry professional with experience to provide top-notch education to the learner. Other sites may have video content, but Treehouse backs that up by providing knowledge delivered from industry to future industry professionals. Many businesses use Treehouse as a technical education resource for their organization.

Unlike some online services, Team Treehouse is not free. However, Treehouse can help you develop your JQuery or other coding skills in around a month. This equates to 45 hours of lesson time on Treehouse. A full-time elective at a college teaching the same skill would take sixteen weeks on average. Everything is self-contained, so no books, hardware, or software need be purchased. The only caveat is that learning iOS coding requires access to a Mac, but for JQuery there are no tech roadblocks. You can code directly in the browser instead of having to set up a development environment on your computer.

There are two plans available, with no long term contracts, that provide monthly access. The basic plan provides access to all of the videos and lessons, and the Pro plan provides access to bonus content and the ability to download videos for offline viewing. All of the video content can be accessed from mobile devices.

Overall, the cost-benefit ratio of Treehouse is very favorable compared to a traditional university education. Besides the low cost compared to university tuition, you can learn at an accelerated pace and have access to content from multiple professionals, giving you a very comprehensive education at a very attractive price. Check out Team Treehouse here.


Udemy is unique as it allows each user to act as either learner or instructor. The call for instructors has allowed Udemy to create a massive course catalog, and approximately 33% of the content is available at no cost. Users may choose which courses offer the best benefit and fit their coding goals.

The courses at Udemy are self-paced. They are ideal for a person who is short on time, as many of the offerings are not too lengthy, and are ideal for people who are self-motivated to get things done and don’t need a lot of individual coaching. However, for those that do, some instructors offer office hours and respond to discussion posts.

A typical Udemy course is divided into sections and lectures. Lectures can be videos, audio, text, or presentation slides in traditional PowerPoint fashion. There is a sidebar on the page where users can access related materials, forum posts about the lesson, and a notepad specific to the lesson. Every course comes with a landing page with description, user reviews, and many have a video introduction.

Udemy courses are open to anyone interested in taking the course, and unlike a traditional university education where a degree is the end goal, Udemy provides real-world job skills. Udemy and sites like it are referred to as “massively open online courses” which allows unlimited participation rather than a crammed classroom and a waitlist at a standard university.

Overall, Udemy is ideal for the coder wanting to learn JQuery or any language, who is a self-starter and is comfortable working primarily without a lot of direction although help is available through the discussion forums. 


Pluralsight is a leading web-based solution that offers tech and creative training for professional individuals. It offers video training courses for software developers, IT administrators, and creative professionals via its website.
Pluralsight offers users several options for searching their course catalog. PluralSight has a number of basic courses to help novices learn fast from scratch, as well as advanced topics for IT professionals and developers on the job. PluralSight members also get access to the content at Digital Tutors, a site strictly intended for design software, and creative professionals.

PluralSight gives comprehensive education for a monthly fee without any long-term contracts. Individuals pay only one price to receive the entire suite of educational materials. If you work or maintain a business, the system is a platform that can provide your team with expert-authored, on-demand video training and powerful learning tools. All the content is authored by professionals, so if you are seeking to learn to code, you are getting authoritative information.


Simplilearn isn’t new to the world of online learning. This professional certification company launched in 2009 and has since moved entirely online. In addition to developing its own learning management system (LMS), Simplilearn produces training content. Today it’s one of the largest providers of professional certification courses.

Simplilearn offers what it calls Flexi-Pass courses, which include both self-paced online classes and batches of live, instructor-led training (ILT) sessions. Those Flexi-Pass courses include projects, job-ready tasks taken from the industry, which learners can test and develop in maintenance-free online sandbox called CloudLabs. Finally, Simplilearn boasts a completion rate of 68%, while other online platforms have much lower rates of completion. For professionals looking to prepare for and complete certification exams, Simplilearn offers a unique online platform.

In addition to typical self-paced courses and bundles of courses, Simplilearn offers a kind of course you won’t find on other platforms: Online Classroom Flexi-Pass, which grants you three months unlimited access to live ILT sessions (available in Batches) and six months unlimited access to self-paced learning.

A “batch” is a series of (8-10) live instructor-led training sessions. At any given time, Simplilearn offers a range of sessions available at different days and times, including weekdays, weekends, mornings, and nights. At last check, there were 16 different batches available for the Big Data course. If you register for one batch, but find it’s not convenient to your schedule, you can unregister and register for a new one. You can enroll is as many batches as you wish within the 90-day window.

Simplilearn’s most unique feature is CloudLabs, a sandbox in which learners can test projects. Unlike a virtual machine, which might suffer from installation, compatibility, and configuration issues, the sandbox is a maintenance-free area in which to learn without worry.

Simplilearn may not have the same catalog depth as other competitors, and its pricing is a little higher, particularly for its self-paced offerings. However, Simplilearn is a destination for professionals seeking custom features (Batches and CloudLabs) and a highly-specialized catalog of certification programs, many of which are recognized by major accrediting bodies, a unique feature amongst online learning.

Top Recommendation for Learning Jquery

For those looking to learn JQuery, there are many options out there on the Internet waiting to provide a comprehensive online education. However, based on the benefits and costs, we recommend Team Treehouse as a first (and possibly only) place to go in order to find a course on the JQuery topics you need to become proficient in the job market.

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