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Team Treehouse Techdegree Review (2018) – Is it worth it?

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The creators of Team Treehouse have put together a new program and certification. The Treehouse techdegree certification is for people who want to go on to have a career in the tech industry after finishing their education. It is a certifiable piece of resume material for those who don’t have the time, money, or resources to complete an on-ground education. Let’s explore this new certification in depth: what it is, who it’s for, and a review of the program.

What is a Treehouse Techdegree?

Techdegree is an alternative to other traditional certification programs. Completing a Treehouse Techdegree gives you a certificate that you can use to authenticate your training for an employer. This can help you land a career, and gives a prospective company some authoritative insight into your education and skills.

It is an educational program that encompasses subject coursework as well as mentoring and exams. Once you have completed a Tech degree in a subject, you are ready to enter the career field in that area. The instructors go further in detail for each topic that you are trying to master.

How do I obtain a Techdegree?

Right now, Techdegree is in its early stages. Spots are limited, and are open to current Team Treehouse students only. Therefore, it is important to take advantage of the offerings of Team Treehouse if you want to be part of the Techdegree program. Treehouse states that they only have a limited number of seats available in the program, and current subscribing Treehouse members get first priority when it comes to getting into the Techdegree program.

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TopicsTreehouse techdegree topics and languages

As of right now, Treehouse is offering Techdegrees in the following areas:

This list will grow as the Techdegree program does. However, these are their initial offerings.

Completing a Tech degree

The length of time it takes to complete a Techdegree depends on the topic. Certain languages require more time to master. Generally, it is based on grading cycles. Students submit projects on a two-week basis for review. You can move on to the next area unless there are things you did not master in the previous two weeks.

In the other case, you stay until you have mastered. Complete mastery on the first try would make the complete Techdegree program take approximately six months. Because you could run into difficult concepts, you should plan on the program taking longer than six months.

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Time estimates to Completion

For each course, here’s a rundown of how long in hours each course takes to complete, not including repetition and further mentoring:

  • Front End Web Development: 150-190 Hours
  • Full Stack JavaScript: 240-280 Hours
  • Android: 150-190 Hours
  • iOS: 220-260 Hours
  • Java: 200-240 Hours
  • Python: 190-230 Hours

Treehouse Content VS Treehouse TechdegreeDifference between treehouse and their Tech Degree

Simply put, not much. Techdegree courses are the same as the courses you would take while attending Treehouse with your subscription. There are additions and differences that make the Techdegree program unique. It is targeted at aspiring developers, and unlike Treehouse courses, each course has a final formal examination. These exams are two hours in length and are comprehensive for the entire course. If you pass, you earn the Techdegree certificate. This can be used on your resume and is a way to show employers your level of education. Standard Treehouse courses do not offer certificates.

Techdegree courses also have projects that must be completed during the coursework. These projects are similar to challenges you will encounter during your career as a software developer or coder. They make great additions to your professional portfolio. Employers look for experience, and having this requisite experience can make the prospect of landing a job after completing a course of education less onerous.

In addition to the certification, other things separate Treehouse content from a Techdegree. Students enrolled in the program have a one-on-one mentoring program available to them. They will be given a total of 12 projects to complete which help complete the portfolio, which receive reviews and feedback from instructors. There is an exclusive Slack channel for support from the community during the coursework. At the end, there is the proctored final examination. Techdegree provides a tangible certification to those who pass, and teaches you to code with real-world tools.

As a benefit, if you have already completed a Treehouse course that is part of your Techdegree, you need not repeat it. You can skip ahead to the material you need and can possibly advance through the program faster if you are already a Team Treehouse learner.

What is the Cost?Degree Cost Overview

Techdegrees vary depending on the course and topic. Android is $599 per month, compared to front-end development at $399 per month. You need only pay per month and not have to pay the entire tuition all at once. Once you have completed your Techdegree, you are done, and there will be no further payments. The full schedule of costs is:

  • Front End Web Development: $399 a month
  • Full Stack Javascript: $499 a month
  • Android: $599 a month
  • Apple iOS: $599 a month
  • Java: $599 a month
  • Python: $499 a month

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Since Techdegree is so new, there’s not a lot of information on the back end. However, this is a new development that is unique in the world of online electronic education. To learn more about Treehouse Techdegrees, head over to Team Treehouse and learn.

Remember that to be considered for the Techdegree program, you must be a current subscribed member of Treehouse. Sign up now for your best opportunity to get into the Techdegree program as it develops.


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