The Benefits of Learning JQuery

When viewing the benefits of learning JQuery as a simple, cleaner, library-based solution for implementing JavaScript, you may ask why you shouldn’t just write in JavaScript and create your own content for the Web. The answer is simplicity and compatibility. Rather than continuously reinventing the wheel, you have access to the library commands, ability to work with the DOM easily and even implement AJAX style commands. This is a difficult thing to accomplish from scratch in JavaScript. However, similar benefits are available in any other style of framework. The true beauty of JQuery lies within. With JQuery, you don’t have to worry whether your code will work in a given browser, and your syntax is nice, separate, and easy to read. Also, because it provides a framework that allows all these features, it is becoming a very valuable language for front-end developers to know when entering the coding field.

Browser Compatibility

Detailed instruction on how what browsers JQuery are most accessible with

One of the largest headaches when writing any front-end code is the idea of being able to have one set of commands that is compatible across all browsers. In fact, larger corporations often have quality control departments that specialize in testing their web content in all browsers looking for ways that users can “break” the experience through use or settings.

Because the JQuery framework is supported by a community, these cross-browser problems have largely been solved. The JQuery language, using JavaScript, is intensively tested in different browser platforms in use. Therefore, if you write a script in JQuery, you can be assured that it will work on all browsers. The language adheres not only to the W3C HTML standards but also the nuances of the browsers. Writing in straight JavaScript, you will have to consider which browser you are planning to work to optimize for, and in some instances you may have to create multiple versions of the same page to support the different browsers that are out there beyond just having a notice for users that cannot use JavaScript. JQuery makes this worry almost obsolete.

JQuery Syntax

Nothing is harder to decipher than a mishmash of script within other code. Writing JavaScript into an HTML document can be ugly. Because of the unique way in which JQuery works by using libraries and being interpreted by the browser, your HTML code and your JQuery code remain separate and clean. A good comparison would be cascading style sheets, or CSS. The HTML code wraps the code, but doesn’t interfere with it. You can edit one or the other without having to worry about moving snippets of script around. Everything is clean and easy to read.

Market Popularity

Jquery showing it is the most popular addon tools for javascript

JQuery is a popular tool. As such, there are many employers who utilize the technology to implement JavaScript. And, because JavaScript and JQuery are community supported languages, the number of libraries available to you is seemingly endless. All of this adds up to a language that has career viability and a vast array of support.

Common jobs that require the use of JavaScript and therefore JQuery are Web Designer, Web Developer, Software Engineer, Software Designer, and anyone whose job involves front-end web interfaces or the back-end that uses the data from JQuery code. There are roles in almost any Web niche for a JQuery programmer. Major corporations such as IBM, Microsoft, Google, Netflix, and more use the technology to implement their JavaScript coding in a seamless and tidy manner. If the largest corporations on the Web are using the technology, it is a safe bet that there are other opportunities with other companies utilizing JQuery as well.

Where Do I Start?

Perhaps the best place to start would be the website itself for JQuery. is an excellent resource for the beginning coder, putting together all the tools you will need to be successful. First, they provide the downloadable software for writing the code. Secondly, they have an excellent menu of choices for resources for the beginning or advanced coder. And possibly most importantly, they have wonderful community support, resources, and a knowledge base that allows you to find solutions to the problems you may be having with your JQuery code.

Beyond that, you have the API documentation available, as well as tutorials. The documentation allows you to see what libraries exist within JQuery and how to use them inside the language. Consider them a technical manual to the language. In the tutorials, they provide you with a good starting point for working with the syntax. You can start learning and working with the actual language on their website. As we continue this series, we will delve deeper into the JQuery language and look at the best places to start as well as coding examples. We encourage you to continue with this series to see just why learning JQuery is an excellent entry point for a Web development coder.

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