The Benefits of Coding and Programming

Those that know code, know the benefits of coding to do things online that everyone else cannot. You can program software, develop websites or even start a tech startup. Depending on your drive and willingness to learn, you can do anything from be a hobbyist to have a career in information technology programming for the Web or applications.

Designing Websites

Showing Advantages of code with designing websites

The W3, or WWW Consortium was founded on October 1, 1994. They create the standards for the code that the Web is comprised of, primarily HTML. But ever since the unofficial start of the Web in 1991, what was once used primarily for education and business has become an indelible part of our lives. We rely on the code to find things, pay bills, buy products, and so much more. Learning code is a key to having your own presence in this Web, and it opens the door to such things as: Learn how to write your own code on the internet, allowing you to design your own site or use robust tools such as PHP or WordPress, and maintain it without paying for a designer. Develop a portfolio or blog to show off your personal photos or artistic creations

      • Share information on a topic you are interested in
      • Create a showcase for a product you intend to sell
      • Sell a product using e-Commerce solutions

Hobbyist, artist, or small business owner, having a web presence impacts the way you are perceived and this perception needs to be a positive one. Using a one-size-fits-all quick website builder will leave you with the same formulaic web presence as the next person. Many of the tools of the Web development trade are written in code such as WordPress, which builds rich blogging sites and PhpBB, which allows you to host a forum using the PHP language. Even using these tools, an understanding of the underlying codewill allow you to write your own site, and leave your mark as you see fit.

Even more importantly, if you are an entrepreneur and have an idea for the “next big thing,” code can allow you to turn that idea into a reality. A web presence is a crucial way for you to get your product in front of people. Learning how to put a portfolio of your product ideas in front of prospective clients allows you to have global visibility instantly. Good code and design will help draw people to see what you have to offer.

Becoming a Coder as a Career

According to CompTia over 200,000 tech jobs were created in 2015. The number of jobs is increasing faster than the number of traditional students seeking jobs in this industry.

You do not need to be an undergraduate to reap the benefits of a coding education. Now more than ever, learning what code is available to the masses through online education, and an education as a coder can earn you that essential entry into the market.

The growth opportunity to learning code by 2020

Starting your Own Business with Coding

Being able to write code can be a business opportunity as well. With a strong knowledge of language, you open up several career paths that are within the realm of development and design. Coders can develop desktop or mobile apps, Web sites, and dynamic Web content. You can turn your time into a product that people want, or you can sell that time to people who need your skills. In time, if you build something great, whether it be for the desktop, Web, or mobile world,  you can potentially expand into a large business or sell the idea.

Facebook was once the dorm room dream of a group of undergraduates. Snapchat started as a final project in a college course and with continual code changes and venture capital has become a “must have” app for iOS and Android. Neither of these projects would have been a success without the code behind it.

If you already have plans for something you’d like to do, or a great idea, now is the time to learn code and turn that into a reality. You can build your program or application, and you will also know your product from the ground up so that if you want to add more features or make things better later you will understand exactly how it’s put together. You will understand what each part does and how it makes your program function.

Understanding Computers and Programming

This video explains why simply learning computers and code is essential:

 If there is one thing that you will absorb while learning code, it is the fundamentals of how computers turn code into machine language. This will apply to anyone who wants to learn code—how does my browser know how to turn a HTML document into a good looking webpage? How does my computer interpret thousands of lines of what looks like really bad grammar and punctuation into a program that the computer not only understands but at the end looks like a very polished product?


Our schools don’t really teach us to be computer masters. They teach us to be computer users. That is, we are dependent on the applications that the computer has available for us in order to get things done.  We understand what software allows us to be productive, but we don’t truly understand how the computer works, how it interprets data. Learning coding opens this world up to us.

Steve Jobs quote of the benefits of learning code

You will be able to find ways in which knowing code will allow you to be more successful in your life. This may be through developing programs, scripts and batch files to perform repetitive things in your personal life or job. Formulas in an Excel spreadsheet or making changes to a document are good examples. Understanding how software works on a machine level is valuable for anyone but most never take the step to learn how. If you are content to just be a computer user, you miss the opportunity to be a producer. As we go forward, we will show you how coding actually works. Get started here or go to our next page which talks about the most common Programming languages today.

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